By: Vaska Slont

Prologue: Whispers

There was only darkness after he fell. Time lost all meaning for seconds felt like years. There were only whispers that echoed in the darkness. Whispers that told secrets, that held knowledge, and truths that were never meant to be repeated. This continued for what felt like eons as he floated in the darkness but then, there was one whisper, no, more like a sound.

At first he could barely hear it but as he continued to listen, it got louder and louder until all the other whispers faded and the sound only remained. The sound became a comfort for him as he continued to listen and slowly he couldunderstand what the sound was saying. It's knowledge became his, and his, its.

Then he learned of an Earth, an Earth that was not his but held powers as well. This Earth like his own had battles, wars, and humans who were swayed by darkness as well but there was hope. People who shined like beacons of light who fought through darkness and he continued listen captivated like child being told of a bed time story.

Then he knew that his time in darkness was almost to an end, not just the sound telling him but he could feel a collection of energy gathering and for what seemed long-lost, he could feel a sensation of delight course through him. Emotions long thought obsolete flowed through him and finally in the darkness, a light, a blue glow tore through the space.

Harry Potter walked out from the darkness and into the light once more.

Authors Note: Something that just came into my brain as I was watching the Avengers movie. I don't know if this will be continued but I'll try my best. So far I have no pairings in mind but I like slash so it'll either be gen or slash in the end most likely. Also I know that it's SHORT and I was not trying to make an epic long first chapter because to me this is a pilot chapter to see if I have enough ideas and interest to keep it going. Well that's all folks.