New Shores


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Chapter one

The past never forgets


Report Ranma Saotome:

I sat in my command chair in the COMMAND called bridge, of the TOM CLANCY. My view went to a Hologram that showed the fleetharbour nearer the TOM CLANCY. My ship dwafted all spaceships on the fleetharbour. Even the 2.5 kilometres diameter sphere museum reproduction CREST IV was surpassed by 1.8 kilometre.

Next to that hologram, a Hologram showed the image of the TOM CLANCY. This ship of the new GUARDIAN-class was bursting with power.

But why the ship and all sister ships named after famous authors, I don't know. But if I the rumours are correct, they are all the authors of the favourite books of the Minister of Defence.

But not only the ship at itself was new, but also the type of command leadership. The reduction of the command center, how it was begun with the DISCOVERER-class, had been continued. The command center was only about as large as the bridge on the ENTERPRISE, if I use the comparison to a Sci-Fi- series of my home universe. And the crew of the COMMAND called command center was reduced from twenty to seven. The commander, the first officer, the pilot and navigator, the tactic officer, with weapons control and the orientation systems, the operations officer, in which radio and ship supervision functions, the science officer, that summarized all scientific sections and sensors, and the dinghy-operations officer, that combined all dinghy and hangar operations. Everything was supported with hybrid computers.

Now I wait that the TOM CLANCY gets start permission and we fly to Fornax so that the protection of the terran colonies in the little galaxy were certain. I liked such missions. These protection missions went with my life motto. ‚Protect everyone who can't protect himself.'

But like all in life, it should not be. So like sixty years in my past.

The chief scientist showed a serious face.

"Ranma, I measure increased SHF-Hyper energies," said my daughter," I could pinpoint the location. It is exact twenty kilometre over the residence park."

Suddenly I got a bad feeling. In the SHF-Hyper spectrum, magic was established, like Para psychological phenomena in the UHF-Hyper spectrum. No matter what happened there, it had a magical origin. And here one had not believed in magic until my appearance sixty years ago. Since than scientists began to deal with magic, however I remained the only example.

Nevertheless was my daughter Aki the biggest authority on this field. She had also become one of the best scientists in the field of the UHF-Hyperphysic, builded several simple Para-generators and combined the largest with the Maxim sensor phalanx of the CLANCY.

"A portal?" I asked.
"I think yes. After these readings, it opens in two minutes."

I turned to May-Lin' Hay. The Terra-Kartanin was the operations officer of this COMMAND shift.

"May-Lin, I need a connection to the Resident. As quickly as possible!"

The feline nodded. She came from ‚Little Hargey' a Kartanin-colony' on Terra near Atlanta. I don't panic in present of a cat, thanks to the Neko-Ken, thanks to an intensive psychotherapy. But I still don't like cats. A feline did service on the OPS, because I know her.

I turned again to Aki. She watched a Holo and played nervously with her head band. Actually it was not a normal head band, but rather a SERT-band, that permitted direct contact with a computer, without the detour over systems like Hologram's, keyboards and the like.

She looked flattened similarly to her mother. She had inherited her figure, only the red hairs she had from me. She looked at me. In her red eyes, I was able to recognize worry.

"Keep me informed," I said and nodded.
"Rhodan in the line," said May-Lin behind me.

A hologram constructed itself and showed the solar Resident Perry Rhodan. I knew the immortal relatively good, since we to a certain extent fate comrades if it concerns our mortality. He smiled.

"I hadn't expected, that you call me before your start."
"t has nothing to do with the start, Perry."

He raised an eyebrow.

"Aki one has measured increased SHF-Hyperenergy over the solar residence. Her opinion is, that it is some type of portal."

He suddenly became serious.


I rubbed the right temple with a hand.

"I don't know. But I believe, my past just found me."

He blinked once.

"You know what I told you once about my so-called friends?"

He nodded.

"I believe it has to do something with it."
"You have all freedoms you need," said Rhodan.

I nodded and interrupted the connection.

"Start. Take course to the portal."

With that gigantic Antigravengines started and made the TOM CLANCY weightless. Gravojet-engines awoken for life and lifted the spaceship of the ground of the fleetharbour, five kilometres above ground they moved the ship over fifty kilometre to the solar residence.

"The portal opens," said May-Lin," a ship comes through."

I was able to see the ship on a Hologram. A look at an other Holo showed me the data of the sensors. The solar residence, the center of the LFT-government, and the most important areas of Terrania, had activated Paradim-armour, Paratron- or HO-shields and were indestructible for most conventional weapons systems for atmospheres battle.

The ship like the ships of the Zentraedi in Macross, an Anime-series of my youth, only that this ship about four hundred meter was long.

"The ship activates shields in the SHF-spectrum."

Aki got large eyes.

"I get increased radiation in the upper SHF-spectrum."

I closed my eyes. I knew it. It was time.

"Aki, countermeasures. Try to break the shield and close the portal."

She nodded once and her eyes became glassy, when she communicated directly with the syntron of the Para generator. The SERT-band received her brain waves, interpreted them and led the Feedback of the computer on the same way into her brain. That permits a person a higher working speed with computers.

"Shit," I cursed silent and turned to the tactical console. Behind it stood Marek da Varar, a relatively arrogant arkonian, but a damn good tactical officer.

"Marek, activate Paradim-armour and weapons systems. Target on its propulsion system. May-Lin as soon as the propulsion system is destroyed, hold it in the air."

Marek looked at me, while May-Lin nodded.

"They still haven't shot," he said.
"I know, but it will. May-Lin, contact the ship."
"Not necessary, the ship blocks most normal radio frequencies with a transmission."

'That is not possible,' I thought when a Hologram constructed before me.

It showed a face, I had hoped never to see again. The face of Ryoga Hibiki, my former friend and only one of which the people that had fallen in my back. He smiled and it was a real smile. He believed in that what he said. Who would have thought that he gets a so long live for his following of Serenety.

"People of this earth. Praise, for the age of the absolute peace and happiness will come. You will receive the gift of Queen Serenity and live forever in peace and happiness."

May-Lin nodded, it showed me that she had joined the broadcast. I cleared my throat.

"You sound like Kuno. Beat it, Hibiki," I said want with as much rejection as possible in my voice," we don't want you. Go home and suck Usagi's ass."

His face showed shock, but only for a few seconds. Then he smiled again.

"Saotome, what an unfortunate surprise," he said," but you will prevent me to give this humanity the gift."
"Oh yes? Absolute obedience to this Pseudo-queen. And no more characteristic decision capacity? But gladly! We wait for it."

Sarcasm is a fine thing. I looked to Aki out of the corner of my eyes. On her forehead, I could see a fine layer of sweat that had formed itself. Hibiki shook his head smiling.

"You can do nothing against it."

He looked to the side.


Several waponturrets on Hibiki's ship began to fire. The energies of the weapons seem to diapeer 300 meters before the outer hullplating of my ship. The Paradim-armour had absorbed the energies.

"Shieldingstress 15 percent."

Hibiki's eyes bulged out of his head.

"You shuld be destroyed!" he screemed.

How Aki nodded.

"Oh yeah?" I ask and nodded myself.

On an holo that showed the upper region of my ship, I was able to see that a little white point formed itself and changed its color quickly into a red. Out of this little energy field a red ray shot toward Hibiki's ship. The ship became quickly surrounded by the red light.

"Marek, now," said I softly.

Marek pressed a button and three middle heavy MHV-turrets disintegrated the engine section of the other ship, that immediately dropped like a stone only to be held in the air by tractor beams of my ship. The red light point changed its color to blue and the target changed to the blue illuminating portal, that closed slowly.

Again I saw the face of Hibiki, that had an expression that was a mixture out of absolute terror, panic and anxiety. He looked at me with eyes like flying saucers.

"B..Bu..But you can't do this!" he screamed.

I served the connection with a quick hand motion.

"May-Lin, put a form energy bubble around the ship."

She nodded. I pressed a button and a face that reminded of mine with the same blue-grey eyes, but silberblonde hair, looked at me.

"Russel, take a couple of your teams and go onboard of the ship. I want to get it all intact, understood?"

He nodded with a smile.

"Crystal, Dad."
"Marek, target the portal. For the case, that more ships come through."

He nodded and as I had summoned it, a second ship shot out of the almost closed portal. It was smaller than the first, only around hundred meters as a maximal dimension. Of the form it was a head body with a big red center and four large sections. I recognized the ship immediately.

"Don't open fire," I said loudly and just yet on time to Marek," May-Lin, contact the ship."

As an answer, a Holo constructed itself. It showed a young man in my biological age, with black hairs and a relatively cultivated beard. Behind Him, several feminine faces were seen. I recognized everyone. I had observed them in the Nanban-mirror, before Pluto send me here. Although she wanted to kill me.

"You must the ship destroy as quickly as possible, " said the young man.

I smiled and leaned back.

"Why? We have put the ship out of action, prevented it to carry out that ‚Cleansing', closed the portal and in the moment a commando is boarding the ship. I don't think that I have to destroy the ship. And, is that a greeting Tenchi?"

Tenchi stared at me.

"Ranma?" he asked.
"The one and only."
"B..But how..."

The words were missing, like Ryoga's before him, but out of another reason.

"Later, in the moment we have more important things to do. Trass, open a hangar for the ship."

The topsidian dinghy-operations officer looked at me asking, if an lizard like humanoid could do something like that.

"Do it."

He shrugged.

"As soon as they landed, the crew should come to COMMAND."

I leaned back and massaged my temples. My past comes to hunt me. I had hoped let this past behind me, when Setsuna had sent here with her me ‚Dead Scream'. My arrival was not very pretty. I materialised 1279
NGZ in the middle of the HQ-Hanse, that had stood at that time. The attack had vaporised the Nanban-mirror and with it my right arm and a part of my right body half. Without the advanced medo-technology, I wouldn't have survived. The Medics had replaced the destroyed parts of my body with regrown parts, but the attack still had another side-effect. It had activated a latent genetical defect, that makes me immortal, but that is only, that I do not grow older. Therefore the regrown tissue nearly was repulsed. I spent about a half year in the Rehab and in that time the secret service TLD and some government official asked me everything. They finally believed my story.

In the hospital, I had realised that this was a totally new chance for me. I went to the school and after that to the TIT, the Terrania Institute of Technology, and studied mechanical engineering, engine systems, I wanted namely unconditionally in the spaceship building or to the LFT-fleet. In the TIT, I meet Kirari da Danir, an arkonian with LFT-citizen shaft that was born and grown up on Terra. Later I found out that she was the illegitimate daughter of the Imperator of Arkon, Gaumerol Bostich da Arkon, and a impoverished minor noble, that come to Terra before Kirari's birth. We fell in love and a year after our graduation in the same field of engineering, we married and joined the LFT-fleet.

Forty years ago Aki and Russel were born, thirteen years after our marriage. And both had the same genetical defect as me, that however first noticed after their 18th year of life. So both I look and the twins like 18, while Kirari becomes older. But I we always love each other like at the first day. Today Kirari is the chief engineer of the TOM CLANCY, Russel the commanding officer of the one thousand soldiers on the ship and Aki the chief scientist.

My career in the LFT-fleet was rather linear. First engineer on light and heavy cruisers, then chief engineer on a battle cruiser. 1300 NGZ I qualified for a post in the ship command center and was transferred to a battle ship. My first command was a CERES-class light-cruiser that flew as a dinghy of the LEIF ERIKSSON
to Tradom. There I had, always the engineer, the idea for the ships of the GUARDIAN-class. Units predestines for long time missions in other galaxies and behind hostile lines. I talked Perry Rhodan personally on board of the ERIKSSON and showed the designs to him. Later in the course of the mission in Tradom, we became friends. Later the GUARDIAN-project was started, as a counterpoise to the arkonian ships of the GWALON-class, the so-called Khasurn-ships. At the end of the project 1332 NGZ, I became commander of the first of five ships of the GUARDIAN-class, the TOM CLANCY. That was two years ago.

Okay, and then there is my little secret. I am the arkonian Dagor-grandmaster Ranko Navido. When I arrived, my curse changed. Now I become an arkonian female. Somewhat more largely as normal, slimmer, very well constructed, white hairs and red eyes. Otherwise all remains the same. Although I have the control over the transformation. Not many know this secret. Only the immortals, family and the people in the main COMMAND-shift. And as Ranko each single arkonian has proper respect before me. Even Bostich has large respect before me, not that he bows to me, but he hears to my advises more than on the ones of his advisers. Although it my proterran attitude is a thorn in his mind. But as Dagor- grandmaster, I have rather many freedoms, if also some duties to the arkonians.

I never had wasted one thought to my old life. But now I have to. I in breathed deeply. On the right before me, a Holo constructed itself. It showed Russel and he had a slight green face.

"What happened?" I asked.

I never so had seen him like this, maybe once with the matter of the bluesian meal. That has let even me pass the appetite.

"Almost the total crew was killed."
"Some kind of poisonous gas," he said and pressed the right palm against his temple," they where bleeding to death. The only surviving are the one on the Holo and several officers. They wanted to commit just suicide, but we were faster."

I breathed in deeply. I had not calculated something like that. Hibiki has killed his crew simply. And then in such a bestial manner. Why?

"He also wanted to activate the self-destruction."

I nodded.

"Well, bring them all to the security area and place it under heavy guard. Secure the cells with Paratron- shields and scan them for hidden weapons. And activate Para traps in his cell. Who knows, maybe he tries to flee with a Ki-attack."

Russel nodded.


The Holo disappeared. I turned.

"Trass, the tugs shall bring the ship into a shipyard area of the fleetsharbour."
"Yes, commander."

A view past him showed the visitors. They were led into COMMAND by a nervous technician, accompanied by two TARA-P-UH battle robots and two wooden objects. I recognized each of the visitors. My cousin Tenchi Masaki, Ayeka, one somewhat older Sasami, Ryoko, Mihoshi, Washuu and Minagi. I rose. And went to them. The technician looked nervous at both wooden guards of Ayeka and at Ryo-oh-Ki.

"Commander, the crew the... ah.. Spaceship, that docked."

I nodded smiling. I was able to understand the reason why he was so nervous. All hangar technicians had under guarantee never seen how a spaceship of the size of an light cruiser of the CERES-class changes itself into a little animal with the size of a rabbit. A short look to Trass reveals that he didn't believe the reports from the hangar.

"You can go."

The technician nodded quickly and left COMMAND nearly stumbling. I looked at the both conical two and a half meter high battle robots.

"As long as they are on board you will accompany them."
"Yes, commander," answered both robots.

Tenchi looked at me.

"Is that necessary?"

I nodded.

"I want no risks. Aki?"

My daughter came to us.

"What is Dad?"
"Scan our visitors after SHF-radiation."

She nodded and her view became once again glassy for short time. Then she nodded.

"Nothing. The little with the blue hairs however has an remaining UHF-signature, that I was not able to interprete."

I smiled.

"Thank you, Aki. It's okay."

I looked at now Tenchi and slapped his shoulder.

"Long time not seen, cousin. What makes grandfather."

Tenchi now smiled for his part and wanted to say was something but was interrupted by a voice.

"I don't want to disturb familiereunians, but I think you owe me an explanation, Ranma."

I pointed at the speaker.

"I may introduce, the present head of the government Perry Rhodan and the minister for leagedefence, Reginald Bull."

I looked at the group around Tenchi. They looked at both immortal and Tenchi introduced his companions.

"I think we should go to a conference room," I said after the introductions.

Said, done. We went and sat down in one of the conference rooms, next to COMMAND. Tenchi looked at me.

"How is that possible that you live?" he asked.

I told him my story. I began with my kidnapping through Pluto and ended at the current day. I only left out my little secret. He and his companions nodded.

"Impressing, this ship," Washuu said and I was able to read in her face that she wanted to have the blueprints.

"Washuu, you can't hack into the computer of the ship."
"Who said that I intended it," she asked innocently.

I looked at her simply. Then I looked at Tenchi.

"I suppose, the situation in our home universe is bad."

He nodded.

"Yes. Shortly after Serenity had gotten the power, she extend herself in the galaxy. Jurai and the empire of the Oni came first. They are complete under control of crystal Tokyo. Then came the members of the GP. Today the star clusters in the Halo are has the only zones Serenity has no power, not yet. 47 Tucani at present is the center of the resistance. Serenity has already repeatedly tried to attack us, but Washuu developed more through luck a device that now protects the entire star cluster against the use of magic. And without magic, the ships of the solar empire are almost unprotected."

"Solar empire?"

Tenchi nodded.

"Yes. The solar system is the head system with crystal Tokyo as a capital."

I nodded.

"I think, " I said," that Mercury came through luck at a possibility to travel into a parallel universe?"

Tenchi nodded.

"And they have chosen this universe because they want our technology to over run the resistance."

He nodded again. I leaned back. In my head a plan began to put itself together. In order to protect the LFT and to receive secondly a little payback for me.

"What prevents them to send entire fleets here," asked Bully.
"The type of the portal," Washuu said," they need around almost 2 months to construct a portal to and then they can only send at most ten ships through."
"Why two months?"
"Because only about three mages know the suitable ritual and survive the gigantic energy quantities, that flows through them during these two months."

In the mean time my plan had supposed concrete forms.

"I an idea have," I said," however it is risky."
"What kind of idea," Rhodan asked, with clearly recognizable worry in the face.
"How we prevent them to come again and simultaneously help the resistance."
"How?" asked Ayeka.

I knew that she wanted to go home again.

"We open a portal and send a Task Force to help through."
"How do you want to open a portal?" asked Washuu surprised," How? You don't have mages."
"I bet, Aki can open a stable portal much more quickly with the Para generator."

Bully listened up.

"What ships?"

I smiled.

"Only a little Task Force. Naturally the CLANCY, then the MICHAEL CRICHTON, the STEPHEN BAXTER, the ISAAC ASSIMOV, the ARTHUR C. CLARKE and the STEPHEN KING. Therefore all ships of the GUARDIAN-class. In addition five DISCOVERERs with MX-equipment, therefore a Hawking-projector and a KN-interval turret. That ‚Shadow Force', the matrix-Tender BUCKMINSTER FULLER and the infirmary ship ALBERT SCHWEIZER."

"' Shadow Force'?" asked Bully.

I rolled my eyes.

"Don't play stupid, Bully. I mean the five new Tsunami-battle ships."
"From where you know," Rhodan asked with lifted eyebrow.
"One of the development engineers was a colleague of me an the TIT."

Bully and Rhodan nodded.

"Something else?"
"Yes, Trim Marat, Startak Schroeder, Gucky, Benjameen da Jancinta and his wife Tess. And I want that the prisoners are held on my ship. Maybe they will be usefull lateron."

Again both nodded.

"Okay," I said," however for the case that we need than two months, some ships should be equipped with Para-generators and be ready for use."
"However it is risky."
"Like the mission in Tradom."


Two days later we were ready. In order not to emerge unconditionally in the arms of a fleet of Serenity, we had chosen an edge sector of 47 Tucani for the transition. And if all went right, my contacts had distributed the information on the mission.

"I am ready to construct the portal," said Aki.
"Okay," I said," on my command. Three..."
"Several ships are materialising," Marek reported," Ten ships of the GWALON-class. And six ships of the USO. The TARJAN and five ships of the TS-CORDOBA-II-class."

I smiled, it had worked. My contacts had worked correctly. But that Bostich sends ten Khasurn-ships surprised me. Just as the five Tsunamis of the TS-CORDOBA-II-class that were developed by the USO.

But in this mission, I needed get each aid that I can. And the Khasurn-ships and the ships of the USO are the best ships in the galaxy next to the GUARDIAN-class.

A Holo constructed itself in front of me showed that the Mascant Ascari da Vivo. Like always she gave herself rather cool, like Nabiki in older times. I smiled.

"Mascant da Vivo, nice to see you once again after Tradom."

Your eyes narrow itself.

"Saotome," she said coldly," I will receive the command over this operation."

I lifted an eyebrow and pressed a button at my command chair and triggered my transformation. On the other side, there was a little interruption in the connection that I needed in order to change me, and that showed that someone else connected himself differently into the connection. When the picture became clear again for the Mascant, she saw my feminine alter-ego in an seemingly old arkonian Space armour, that was packed with modern technology. I wore it always if I was Ranko Navido and it disappeared in a hyperspacepocket, if I'm not Ranko. I stood up and the background disappeared on the Holo. The eyes of there Vivo became as large as saucers, flying saucers. I smiled.

"Lady Navido," she said low.
"Entirely right, Mascant. I am on board the TOM CLANCY and I will attend in this operation. Commander Saotome retains in command. And if you make something like in Tradom, I will talk with the Zhdopandi over you. And then Celkar will occur you like the paradise."

I pressed the key a second time and transformed back. Is definitive useful, that I am Ranko Navido. In the mean time I amused myself a bit over the face of the Mascant. She had not calculated with Ranko and was it a little pale. She remembered probably what I made with a so-called admirer at the yard of
Imperator, Zhdopandi, Bostich the first. It was not pretty, for him when he came on court planet Celkar and was executed three times. At home I had to spend the night after that a month on the sofa, because Kirari was angry with me.

I turned the head to the side, as if I would see to another Holo.

"Thank you very much, Ranko," I said and turned again to the Holo with da Vivo," I would think the Dagor- grandmaster doesn't like you that much."

She gave me a look that would have killed lesser men and interrupted the connection. Then a connection to the TARJAN opened itself. I saw into the face of Rhodans son, Roi Danton how he named himself again, since he was in the new USO. I knew that it was to a personal for him, because he had stood more than two hundred years under the mental control of Shabazza. So far I knew he had nightmares from that time and was always a nervous wreck in extreme situations but it has grown better since the SEELENQUELL-incident. He smiled at me.

"Ranma, long time not seen."
"Yes, Roi. Do I appreciate got Monkey wind of the matter? And as more formerly concerned, you want to help."

He nodded.

"You have guessed it."
"Welcome on board."

With that I served the connection and turned around to May-Lin.

"Send the data of the course, that we use after the transition, to all new ships."

She nodded.

"Aki, open the portal."

Aki nodded and gave the signal to the Para generator to open the portal. She had the correct frequencies to open the portal relatively quickly separated out of the sensor log and found a frequency gear in the UHF-area to open a portal. A thick blue energy ray shot into space, tore itself into space-time and opened a blue rift in hundred kilometres distance, that resembled a hyperspace rift. In it, only a blue field was to see. Then the ray disappeared and the portal remained stable. The CLANCY approached the portal first and disappeared in it.

On the other side, the ship pushed itself into the free space and stopped one hundred kilometres distant to the portal. In the next minute the remaining thirty-two ships passed the portal, that was closed behind the last ship, the eight hundred meter of diameter infirmary ship ALBERT SCHWEIZER, by the

I had hoped that all would go smoothly, but shortly after the portal was closed, a little group of ten ships appeared and polluted the ether.

"In the name of her majesty Queen Serenity we confiscate your ships. You will let a force board your ship, otherwise we put you under fire."

I shook my head.

"At all ships, fire after own estimating."

With that began the first combat between the ships of the LFT, USO and Crystalempire of the arkons against the ships of the solar empire of Serenity.

The shields of our opponents were surprisingly almost as strong as our Paradim-armour, but were established in the SHF-spectrum. But the heavy KNK-turrets and the KN-interval turrets cracked the shields rather quickly. But they were able to drop a radio saying, that made confessed of our arrival.

End report Ranma Saotome


Sailor Pluto stood, like so many times at the Time Gate and supervised the future. But suddenly the previously linear future shattered in billions broke different possible time lines. That led naturally in addition that she sought the source in order to remove it.

she found the source. Thirty-three spaceships that she did not know. They had to be the reason. She tried to get more information, but something prevented her to do so. Something blocked her access to the Time Gate. She was only able to see how the ships blew a patrol out of the space and only a cloud of slowly
expanding gas was left behind. Then the ships disappeared. She tried to pursue them, but again she was blocked. It was, as if someone tried to prevent her to do so.


Somewhere in Hyperspace, a person sat before a screen and observed the events. Behind it suddenly a silver ball materialized.

"I hope your plan works ,"said the ball.
"Me to, IT. Me to."




An GUARDIAN-class Omni-Carrier-Battleship. A sphere with 4.2 kilometres diameter and two ring bulges, in 1.8 and 2.4 kilometres height from the south pole of the sphere. In these ring bulges, the Sublightdrives were located. 20 Sceer-engines from the workshops of the new USO, 8 high performance-Hypercon-engines and 32 proton beam-engines how they were also used in the DISCOVERER-class. Normally one of this engine type accelerated the ship with 700 km/s², but if all engines were used together, they achieve 1000 km/s².

The Faster-Than-Light-engines consisted of eight high-performance Tombstone-Metagrav engines with a standard flight speed of 83 million times light speed and 90 millions c for maximally eight hours. In addition that ships yet two emergancy-lineardrives of the last generation with 25 millions c and the first prototype of a FTL-engine developed by the USO, that reaches short-term up to 97,5 million c, the so-called Turbulence effect-Metagrav.

To the protection against attacks, the ship possessed to project an eightfold Paradim-armour, twelve fold Paratron-shields, twelve fold Highenergieoverload-shields and the possibility up to 1000 Paratron-Parabolic capture shields. The Paradim-armour were no armour in the actual sense, but rather like the Paratron- and HO-shield a shielding system. But unlike normal shields, the ship was not protected by a bubble of energy, but rather by a overlapping zone of the eight Paradim-armours, in whose center the ship was located. In addition Virtual Imager, that almost everyone came received spreading energies and projected into a distance of up to four light hours distance. Only very far developed sensors were able to set the incorrect sensor readings from the real ones.

In the offensive area, there was no ship in the Milky way can keep up with the GUARDIAN-class. Four heavy KN-interval turrets, code name ape poison, 10 middle heavy KN interval turrets, two ultra heavy Transformturrets with 6000 GT firecapapcity, twelve heavy Transform turrets with 4000 GT
capacity, 36 Transformturrets with 1000 GT. In addition once again 120 heavy and 100 middle heavy MHV turrets, space-ground-missiles, disturb probes and space mines. The three Hawking projectors were but the crème piece in the armament.

A totally new weapon system that is based on the Transformcannon and the Metagrav-engine. A NUGas-fuel cell, filled with to 200.000 tons compressed Protons, dematerialises and is further compressed at the target after the Materialisation by a Hyperkonprojector. So powerfull that an extremely short-lived black hole emerges. The energy development in a Proton cluster of only 100 tons lies in the area of a 2000 GT Transform bomb. 1000 tons are already 20.000 GT and 10.000 tons 200 Terratones. The largest caliber of 200.000 tons are 4300 Terratones comparisons-TNT with a lifespan of nearly 28 hours.

The energy supply system of all these systems is guaranteed by two Permanent Hyperspace faucet which were used also on the SOL. As a emergancy system, 3 Hypertrop faucets, six Gravitrav ringenergiecells, the 32 NUGas reactors of the proton beam engines and 15 HHe fusion reactors.

And then there is the dinghy fleet. Two 500 meter ODIN-class battle cruiser, 20 heavy 200 meters PROTOS-class cruiser, 60 100 meter CERES-class light cruiser, 60 100 meter VESTA-class light cruiser, 60 TUNGUSCA-class Corvettes, 100 Space Jets, 150 Micro Jets, 40 landing ships, 10 Space tugs of the recovery fleet, 500 Shifts and 600 rescue pods.

To operate the TOM CLANCY a core crew of 1000 persons in three shifts, 10.800 persons for the dinghy fleet,
1500 soldiers, 200 scientists and in addition 200 technicians.


The battle ships of the Shadow-class.

Really nasty units. They are based on the ships of the CORDOBA-class and possess Tsunami-capacity, they have their own ATG-field to hide themselves in the future, so to speak.

Spheres of 900 meters diameter with an equatorial ring bulge in that itself are all engines. 4 Tombstone-Metagravengines for the Sub-light and FTL, 12 Protonbeamengines and a emergancy-transitionengine. 950 km/s² acceleration, 90 Mio. c over five hours and 83 Mio. c standard flight speed.

Doubly Paradim-armour, six fold Paratron- and HO-shields, Virtual Imager and Standardshielding. A heavy and three middle heavy KN-interval turrets in the north pole, twelve 3000 GT Transform turrets and 20 heavy and 30 middle heavy MHV-turrets.

As an energy supply system a Hypertrop-faucet with three Gravitrav-ringenergiecells and ten heavy NUGas reactors with per 150.000 Terrawatt achievement. As dinghies serve ten Corvettes and 25 Space Jets with ATG- equipment.


The TS-CORDOBA-II-class of the USO.

Reproductions of the original TS-CORDOBA. Only more powerful.

Battle cruiser of 500 meters diameter, with a crew of 150 persons and Tsunami-capacity.

Simple Paradim-armour, fivefold Paratron- and HO-signs, maximally 100 Parabolic-capture fields, two middle heavy KN-interval turrets, eight 4000 GT
Transform turrets, 15 heavy MHV- turrets, four Metagravengines with 90 Mio. c over a hour and 84 Mio. c standard flight speed, Sceer-Sub light engines with 950 km/s², ten Protonbeamengines, a Emergencytransitionengines, a Hypertrop-faucet with three Gravitrav-ringenergiecells, eight heavy NUGas-reactors
with per 150.000 Terrawatt achievement, 5 Corvettes and 10 Space Jets.


Authors Notes:

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Edited: I've moved the Technical Discriptions from the Text to an Appendix of this Chapter. And I corrected some problems.

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