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This Glossary is necessary, because the Technology of Perry Rhodan is essential for the whole PR-universe. I try to do it as simple as possible.


Hyper physic: or 5-dimensional physic
Hp. Is essential for the understanding of most Perry Rhodan terminology.
While the conventional physic deals with the standard 4-dimensional Space-Time, the Hp. Deals with the 5-dimensional continuum.
First of all the standard Space-Time, the Einstein-continuum is embedded in Hyperspace.
All forces in the Einstein-continuum have corresponding hyperphysical forces, e.g. gravitation - hyper gravitation.
Like the electromagnetic spectrum in the Einstein-continuum, there is a hyperphysical spectrum in hyperspace. The most used units are Hef (arkonian) and Kalup (terran).
1 Kp = 0,013861497 Hef
1 Hef = 72,14228 Kp
Like the electromagnetic spectrum the hyperphysical spectrum is subdivided in spectral sectors:
ELF(extreme low frequencies), ILF (infra low frequencies), VLF (very low frequencies), LF (low frequencies), MF (medium frequencies), HF (high frequencies), VHF (very high frequencies), UHF (ultra high frequencies), SHF (super high frequencies), EHF (extremely high frequencies)
Para psychical phenomena, like telepathy or telekinetics, are located in the UHF-spectrum.
In this fic I would think that magical phenomena are something like Para psychical phenomena, only located in a higher spectral sector, the SHF-spectrum.
I also think that Ki-maipulation is some kind of parapsychical phenomena, that everybody can learn to use.
Hyper gravitation can degenerate to gravitation or matter.

A further developed engine based on today's liquid rocket engines. It uses a fusion reactor to produce high temperature gases and send them through a hyperenergyfield. In this field the normal matter is the catalyst to degenerate hyper gravitation to matter. Both, the normal an the degenerated matter is used to propulse the ship.
Because of this artificial matter the Impulse-engine consume very little fuel.

Proton beam-engines:
Further developed Impulse-engines. They use a modern NUGas-reactor to produce energy and use this energy direct to degenerate hyper gravitation to matter.
This engine are the most developed engines based on Newton's second law.

Hypercon-projectors are part of the Metagrav-engine, but they can be used separate, without the Metagrav.
The Hypercon projects a steady gravitation-field in front of a ship and the ship is driven to this gravitation-field, but doesn't reach it. The acceleration with a hypercon is available up to 1500 km/s².

Further developed hypercon-projectors. Instead of a steady gravitation-field it creates short gravitation-burst with higher gravitation and with better control over the projected field.

For most species the transition-engine is the first generation FTL(faster than light)-engine. It dematerialises a ship, transports it through hyperspace and rematerialises it in the destination.
The transportation through hyperspace is nearly instantly, in a not measurable time, called Zerotime.
It would be the perfect FTL-engine, but the stress of de- and rematerialisation for crew and ship is extremely high. And the time for the calculation for the transition and the determination of the rematerialisation point is rather lengthy.
The maximum range of a transition-engine is 30.000 light-years, but a transition of this range could kill members of the ship's crew. Normally only transition over 5000 light-years are used.

The linear-drive is one of the best and most used FTL-engines before the development of the Metagrav. It uses a area between the 4-dimensional and the 5-dimensional continuum, the so called libration-space or linear-space, to reach the destination. There is no dematerialisation involved. The flight in the linear-space is breakable at every time.
The maximal available speed of a terran linear-drive is 45 million times the speed of light.
The terran scientist Arno Kalup developed the terran linear-drive based on the druffian linear-drive. The next further development of the linear-drive was the miniaturisation from Geoffrey Abel Warringer.

The metagrav is a FTL-engine theoretical developed by the terran scientist Payne Hammiler between 3586 A.D. and 3590 A.D. But it was realised after 300 NGZ by Igor Grigoroff. IT uses the hyperspace as medium and the ship is protected against dematerialisation by a hyper field called Grigoroff-field. The hyperspace flight with a Metagrav is not breakable.
The theoretical speed of 2 billion times the speed of light, but the maximum economic speed in 1330 NGZ+ is 83 million times the speed of light. In short times the maximum speed is 90 million times the speed of light.

Turbulence effect-Metagrav:
The further developed Metagrav. It uses phase differences, variable hyper frequencies and rotating Grigoroff-field to propulse the ship in hyperspace. The problem is the extreme energy cost for the engine.
The maximum speed is 97.5 million times the speed of light for seven hours. Then you have to wait 4 hours to use it again. 1330 NGZ+ the Turbulence effect-Metagrav is a pre series model.

The NUGas is the furthest developed reactor system. It uses so called NUGas, NUclear Gas, pure protons a fuel. The energy is created based on the Schwarzschild-effect. When matter collapses beyond the Schwarzschild-horizon, and nearly creates a black hole, half of it disrupts to pure energy. The other half is transformed to antimatter and a matter-antimatter-reaction disrupts to pure energy. So the efficiency of the reactor is nearly 100 percent.

The Hypertrop is a system to draw energy directly from hyperspace. A Ship that uses the hypertrop to fill the energy reservoir, is can be discovered in some douzens of light-years. Modern internal hypertrop faucets doesn't have this problem.

A modified hypertrop that draws permanent energy from hyperspace, so there are no use for energy reservoirs. It can provide the systems with the most power input.

A energy storage system that stores hyper energy for large amounts of time. It is filled with the hypertrop-faucet.
Modern ships uses Gravitrav-ringcells. They can store more energy than normal Gravitrav-cells with the same volumina.

Highenergyoverload-shielding, HO-shielding:
They are normal 5-dimensional shields. If they are under fire they create a libration-overloadingzone that has got a energy balance nearly like the linear-space. The shielding is only available as long as the energy balance is available.
The shielding has a green colour.

The paratron is one of the most developed shielding systems available in the milky way. It is a strictly 5-dimensional shielding. It creates a hyperenergetical connection between hyperspace and the Einstein-continuum. The paratron directs hitting energy to hyperspace through a hyperspace rift.
The shielding has a red (low energy) or a blue (high energy) colour.

The ATG-field (Anti Temprales Gezeitenfeld, Anti Temporal Tidal field) is a shielding that drags the ship into the not specified future the so called labilezone. No normal sensor system could sense this zone and no object in this zone. Special systems enable the ship to use its weapons and sensor systems. The maximum drawing into the future is two seconds for a ship based ATG-system and up to ten minutes in case of the Maintidalsystem on Mercury for the whole Solar system in the Perry Rhodan universe.
The Maintidalsystem was destroys in the 1290ies NGZ.

A Paratron-like shielding. It was imported from Tradom in 1313 NGZ. It is a shielding system that creates multiple shields. The overlapping shields create a bubble that protects the ship.
The shielding is colourless but short time before it brakes it got a violet colour.

A weapon system based on the transition-engine. It dematerialises the loading, mostly a catalytically fusion bomb up to 4000GT, sends it through hyperspace and materialises it behind the shielding of an enemy ship. But shielding systems like the HO- shielding or the Paratron are able to block the Transform-cannon, only to remateralise the bomb in the shielding.#

The MHV-gun (Multiplex-Variable-High energetic-gun) is a weapon system that combines most conventional energetic weaponry like thermo gun (laser like), disintegrators, interval-gun, KNK-gun, paralyser.

A weapon system based on two principles. It generates faster than light a tubeenergyfield, that stresses the shielding and than fires an thermo blast (laser like) that reaches the shielding point like, without energyloss.

A weapon system that creates a 5-dimensional wave front. The wave front destroys a target only through mechanical forces. It brakes most shielding, except the Paratron or Paradim-armour.

A new weapon system based on the KNK-gun and the interval-gun. Instead of a Thermo-gun it uses an interval-gun.

A weapon system based on the Hypercon-projector, the NUGas-reactor, the Transform-gun and black hole physics. A NUGas fuel sphere is fired with a Transform gun. In the target the NUGas sphere is compressed by the hypercon and creates a short lived black hole. The energy of the collapsing black hole brakes most shielding.
It can destroy whole suns and planets.

High developed computer system. It uses positrons instead of electrons. The architecture has a large base.

Extremely high developed computer system. It uses an own dimensional pocket to work faster than light. A special virus the KorraVir can destroy a syntron.

Space Jet:
A Space Jet is the most comman type of small space ships in the LFT. The base design is of terran origin. The basic form is that of a saucer. The smallest space jet is the micro jet, with a diameter of 15 metres and a hight of 5 metres. The biggest space jet is the recovary space jet, with sixty metres diameter and a hight of 30 metres. The space jet is manufactured by many companies in the galaxie in more than 10.000 types.

LFT, Leage of Free Terrans:
The LFT is one of the three main players in the galaxy. It has a democratic government. The LFT is the sucsessor of interest of the Solar Empire, with an equaly democratic government. The head of gouvernment is the Solar Resident. The Prestident or First Terran has only representative duties. Over 3000 systems are territory, with over 1500 dependent systems. The capital system is the Sol-system with Terrania as capital city.

Cristall Empire:
The arkonian Cristall Empite or Hunhay'Tussan, arkonian for Divine Empire, is the second of the three main players in the galaxy. The Cristall Empire is kind of a parlamentary monarchy. The head of the gouvernment is the emperor. All habitalble of the starcluster M13 and nearly 1000 systems in the halo and the main body of the galaxy are territory, with far more than 8000 dependent systems. The capital system is the Arkon-System in the exact center of M-13, with Arkon I as capital planet.

Forum Ranglund:
The Forum Ranglund is the third main player in the galaxy. It is a lose confederation, named after the founding and parlamentary planet Ranglund. All members of the Forum Ranglund are independent. The Forum Ranglund was foundet as counterwight to the LFT and the Cristall Empire and the members are in permanent internal conflict. More than 6000 systems and nearly 2000 races are members of the Forum Ranglund.

NGZ, New Galactic Timetable (Zeitrechnung):
Introduced with the founding of the Kosmic Hanse 3588 A.D. (Anno Domini). The year 1330 NGZ is the year 4918 A.D.

If nessasary it will be updated.