Hello again! Originally, this was a Power Rangers/Super Sentai crossover, but I realized that nobody would view it as such, and that I never actually used Himitsu Sentai Gorenger as it was in the show. Anyways, the Go-Force is an idea based on that of a friend of mine, who intends to use my name changes to dub "Himitsu Sentai Gorenger" into his own Power Rangers series.

Rex Powers=Tsuyoshi Kaijo

Wild Bill Hancock=Akira Shinmei

G.B. Gonzalez=Daita Oiwa

Chad Logan=Kenji Asuka

Penny=Peggy Matsuyama


Shadow Clan=Black Cross Army

Zordon: The Power Rangers are property of Saban, granted by Toei and Bandai, none of which have anything to do with Mr. 96

In a secret, strange, and ancient fortress on the moon….

Finster was quite worried about his new project, and with good reason. If it failed, Rita would be angry at him—and nobody could get angrier than Rita, not even Lord Zedd, her superior. Of course, Lord Zedd's punishments were always harsher than Rita's whenever he did get angry.

"Finster!" Rita cried, "How long 'till those Putty Patrollers are ready?"

"I'm not making Putties, my queen," Finster replied, finally finishing his pet project. "This is a time machine," he said, presenting the arch-like device to Rita. "It can be used to change history so that the Power Rangers never existed!"

"A-hahahaha!" Rita laughed. "Perfect! Send Goldar and some Putties through that time warp so they can cause some chaos!" "Right away, my queen!" Finster replied. He was very relieved. If that failed, who knows what could have happened? He sighed, wiping a drop of sweat from his forehead.

In the Command Center….

Buttons were flashing everywhere. "Ai-yai-yai-yai-yai!" Alpha 5 cried. "This is terrible, Zordon! What are we going to do?"

"Calm down, Alpha," Zordon replied. "I know exactly what is going on, as I am trapped in the time stream and can sense changes to it. Summon the Power Rangers immediately!"

"Right away, Zordon!" Alpha replied. He pushed the buttons for the six Power Rangers to arrive.

In Angel Grove….

"This is incredible!" said Billy. He had just looked in the library for old newspapers, and what he found was amazing.

"What's up, Billy?" his best friend, Jason, replied.

"According to this, five heroes were found several years ago battling strange monsters and ninjas! And look at them!" He showed the photos eagerly to Jason. As the Red Ranger looked them over, he was incredibly surprised. The heroes in the photos looked just like the Power Rangers! "Billy, this is incredible! Have you shown Zordon this?"

Just then, their communicators rang. "Yes, Zordon?" Jason picked up. "We need you at the Command Center right away!" Alpha replied. "I'm on it!" Jason said.

Jason and Billy teleported to the Command Center immediately. Once they were there, they discovered that Zack, Trini, Kimberly, and Tommy were already there. "Rangers, I have summoned you for a dire emergency," Zordon's voice boomed. "It seems Rita has found a way to travel through time."

"Oh no," Billy said, "with that kind of power, who knows what she'll do?"

"Precisely," Zordon replied, "And as to your question, we know exactly what she will do. Rita intends to wipe you out from the face of history by destroying your predecessors."

"Hold on," said Kimberly, "There were Power Rangers before us?"

"Yes," Zordon replied, "There have always been Power Rangers before you, Kimberly and Zack. Just as there will always be Power Rangers after you. But Rita will destroy all Power Rangers by destroying the first ever team of Power Rangers."

"Who are these guys?" Jason replied

"The first ever Power Rangers were known as the Go-Force. They were the sole surviving members of the international peace organization, E.A.G.L.E., and protected the universe from the Shadow Clan, an evil group of ninjas." As Zordon said this, images flashed of a Red Ranger, a Blue Ranger, a Green Ranger, a Yellow Ranger, and a Pink Ranger. "Hold on," said Billy, "Those are the same ones as the heroes in my newspaper!"

"Exactly," replied Zordon. "Of these, we have only identified three: Rex Powers, the Red Ranger, Wild Bill Hancock, the Blue Ranger, and G.B. Morris, the Yellow Ranger. Your mission is to find them before Rita does!"

"Roger that, Zordon. It's morphing time!"