He was a feisty one. A fairly slim boy, around the low twenties in age, an odd number compared to the rest of his comrades' thirty to forty years, most of them sporting old beards scarred by war. He, in comparison, had a clean face and a somewhat uptight attitude, marked by his obnoxiously red, rolled up shirt and gray pants with his soccer shoes as if he was playing some ball in the park.

He was named the Scout. And honestly, he would have looked like if he was playing ball, what with his trusty bat in hand. But if it wasn't for his Scattergun and Pistol, he wouldn't think he was in war.

He had been assigned to 2fort, a simple area with only a couple of entrances dotted here and there, the main three being the stairs to the sewer, the sniper fort that can be accessed only by Demomen, Soldiers and Scouts, and the main entrance, crossing the bridge with the sewer water under it.

The enemy intelligence was on the other side, the Scout predicting that the other side will be populated by BLUs. They were a lot of them, but they were complete idiots. But strong idiots.

They were called to action almost immediately. The Scout started to sweat as he ran towards the sniper fort, giving his pal 'Snipes' a high-five while he's at it. He double jumped, landing safely on the top of the roof of the bridge. A BLU Soldier came in, and predictably shot a rocket at him. But something was strangeā€¦ it was glowing blue. Those accursed crits.

Thankfully, the Scout dodged in, leaning to the left a little bit. Scattergun already out, he shot the Soldier a couple of times, the Soldier only managing to throw one more rocket (which was easily dodged thanks to him jumping in time) before he died.

He had to move quickly. The respawn time was twenty seconds, a long time but he would be back in the battlefield in no time. He rushed into the courtyard with a sentry just about being built. According to the level 3 dispenser and teleporter with no teleporter exit, the Engineer here was working on other buildings. Normally, an Engineer would build a sentry first, especially on a Capture the Flag map. He didn't. He paid for the punishment by merely seeing a flash of RED, which was the Scout dashing into the intel area.

He saw the fairly unlit area of the intel area. The intel would be here, but soon the Administrator would warn BLU that their intel was taken. As a response, the Scout would be met with Soldiers and Heavies coming to kill him and defend the intel.

Accepting that possible consequence, he dashed into the intel room, Scattergun at the ready. He took the intel and aimed for the alternate route with a tunnel that led to the respawn area for BLU and he would take off in the sniper fort, crossing the bridge and into safety.

He was in the tube when he came across a second BLU Soldier. He lured him out and back into the intel room. The Scout would have been dead if he didn't do that. A strong close-range rocket would kill him.

A RED Heavy and his Medic poured into the intel area, a completely red shine signifying that the Medic unleashed his uber, being invincible, suggesting that they took down the sentry and killed a couple of BLUs in the way. They soon turned back to normal, and began shooting at the Soldier, easily killing him within seconds.

During that, the Scout dashed out into the courtyard, again with an Engineer beginning to build a sentry. He decided to take care of that on the second run for the intel and dashed out of the entrance. He saw a BLU Sniper, but the Scout was too far to shoot at him, even with his Pistol. The Sniper, on the other hand, had a bit of an advantage. With his scope, he could take him down.

A crossing of the bridge and a loud thunk! but no deaths signified that the Scout was simply too quick for him. He dashed into his team's courtyard, into the intel area, into the intel room and placing the intel on the table.

He smiled and dashed for another one.