"The Finale"

"Hey, am I the only one feeling touched here?" Tony said. "No? Fantastic."

"It is marvellous indeed that Phillip should care for us, and wish our success," Thor said, grinning, sitting on the arm of Clint's chair and swinging one leg. They had all been listening through Pepper's phone.

"Not many people believe in heroes," she said.

"I do, because of Captain America. Because of Steve."

"Go, Cap," Tony said, and he winked. Bruce kicked the billionaire.

Minutes later, Pepper and Phil arrived.


It was embarrassing how the Avengers said they admired Phil, wanted him to stay. He was pressed into accepting a bedroom temporarily, though before Pepper herded him out, Tony started planning "a place just for Agent".

Gradually, the others retired, and Steve showed Phil to the guest quarters.

"I'm sorry about—"

Steve pressed Phil up against the wall, lips clashing with too much force. Phil gasped and moved his head away, heart aching as Steve apologised.

"…shouldn't have done that, what was I think—"

"No problem, Captain," Phil said, tasting the inside of his mouth. No blood.

"I've wanted to do that for…" Steve trailed off.

"How long?"

He shuffled, avoiding eye contact. "I kind of fell in love with you before you even came back. But I didn't know whether you wanted me for me, or because of who I am."

"Of course I want you for who you are," Phil said, frowning. "You're brave, generous, and you do everything you can to help others. That's who you are, not a costume." He blushed. "But why would you want me? Is it misplaced guilt? Or because I'm a fan, and I'd do anything for you? Because," his voice dropped, "I would."

Steve tilted Phil's chin up. "I know you. I know who you were before the… amnesia, and I know who you are now. Is it so crazy that I'd be crazy about you?"

"When you put it like that," Phil muttered, staring at Steve's mouth.



"I signed those cards."

Phil laughed, then claimed his soldier's lips for their first (proper) kiss.

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