This chapter contains references from my story " A Good Man Goes to War Again."

"What?!" River asked frantically, grabbing the gun on her nightstand and following the Doctor as he leapt out of bed, still carrying Freya in his arms. "Then who?!"

She followed him down the dark corridor, still in her nightgown. "What is it?! Doctor!"

"It's them; all of them!" He yelled without turning his head, still barreling down the hallway.

"All of who?" Her gun clicked as she loaded it.

She found her answer as they reached top of the stairs in the console room. But they couldn't go any further: the lights flickered back on, revealing an entire room filled with dozens of aliens, all armed and bearing malicious smiles. Judoon, Silurian, Slitheen, Daleks, Cybermen and more; they were all there, all his enemies at once. River tensed at the sight of it, and she reflexively placed her finger over her gun's trigger. She looked up at her husband and met his gaze. His eyes contained the same terror as hers. She tried to look as calm as possible for his sake, but on the inside she was panicking.

"River." He whispered, barely moving his lips. He handed her Freya, not taking his eyes off the host of invaders. "Take her and run."

River held her daughter tightly against her body with her left hand; her gun still firmly grasped by her right.

She turned to leave, but found herself face to face with four members of the Silent.

"I'd stay right where you are if I were you, Melody Pond." A familiarly poisonous voice called from below.

River turned back around slowly, grinding her teeth. She never thought she'd hear that voice again. That voice haunted her dreams. Her breathing deepened and Freya fussed at her side. "Shhhh." She said quietly, and kissed her head.

"Now, isn't she precious?" Kovarian taunted.

River did not appreciate the subtle threat. "You're supposed to be dead."

A smile widened Kovarian's lips. "Supposed being the operative word."

"Oh you're brilliant, bravo!" The Doctor said, clapping his hands mockingly as he descended the stairs. River stayed put. She wanted to stay as far away from Kovarian as possible.

"How did you do it?" The Doctor said, "Seriously, I'm stumped." He said, clasping his hands together and plopping himself down casually in a chair. He crossed his legs and leaned back; if he was nervous, he didn't show it.

"You really should have killed me yourself, Doctor." Kovarian said, sauntering over slowly towards him, her heels clicking with each step. She ran her fingers along the console as she stopped in front of him.

"What did you do to Jack?" The Doctor said in a serious tone, his face growing grave.

"Oh, he's alright," she said nonchalantly, "his plan just backfired on him, that's all. And when I say plan, I mean gun." Her smile was the epitome of evil. "Oops." She said with a slight laugh. "Luckily, the explosion was distraction enough for some headless monks to slaughter all of your Torchwood friends. Tisk tisk. Sloppy work again, Doctor."

The Doctor glared at her.

"And as for capturing your little ship, it was all too easy to combine technological forces once we spread the news of your little bundle of joy around the galaxy. It's really quite ironic: you're the catalyst to you and your family's demise." She smirked up at River, who clung to Freya possessively.

"You can have me, just don't hurt them." The Doctor said.

Kovarian cackled malevolently. "Oh, Doctor, now why would I do that? Killing one Time Lord is magnificent, yes, but how could I pass up destroying the last three in the universe?" She looked up at her henchmen on the stairs. "Take the child and kill her."

The Doctor bolted up out of his chair and River cocked her gun defensively at the Silence surrounding her.

"You don't have to do this." The Doctor whispered harshly into Kovarian's ear.

"Oh but I do." She said in reply. The Doctor felt the cold, metal hands of the Cybermen restraining him. He tried to shake them off, but their grip was too strong.

"River. River. I'm sorry." He called up to his wife.

Freya was shrieking in her arms. Sheer fear and desperation were on River's face as the Silent closed in on her. Her gun was raised, aimed to kill.

"Now, now, Melody," Kovarian warned, "there's no point in fighting. If you fire that gun even once, hundreds more will be fired at you and your precious daughter."

River closed her eyes in despair and kissed Freya; tears streamed down her face.

"No! River! River!" The Doctor screamed. "I'm so sorry." He cried, hanging his head. His agony more than he could bear.

Kovarian rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Do you wish for me to silence him?" A Silurian officer offered.

Kovarian sighed. "No. He needs to see this." She turned to face him. "Say goodbye to your family."

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