There is always a feeling of pain when I watch Maglor and the half-elven twins. I no longer question why I do not join. The twins do not trust me. Nor do they like me. I do not blame them. Even I do not care for myself. Not anymore. Perhaps they merely do not understand. For the sake of the innocence I was unable to keep, I truly hope they never understand. I watch from the shadows and they do not know I am there. For a moment, I am reminded of a happier brother and young twins...only those twins bore red like the the fire(1)...I outwardly snarl, trying to shove away the memories. Maglor stops suddenly and turns to meet my eyes. I cannot hold his gaze for long and blink away the first signs of weakness. Elrond and Elros have stopped now and watch Maglor. I take one step back, then another and then turn and flee. Maglor does not follow me. He must understand my need to be alone. I never again looked to the twins and though I knew they would grow up without me, I no longer cared. Maybe that way, they would not be drawn in and then perish as did another set of twins they remind me of so vividly.

A/N 1: Meaning his (and Maglor's) younger brothers Amrod and Amras. One was killed when Feanor burned the swan boats instead of sending them back and the other died in Sirion. I don't know which died when. If you know, please tell me so I stop looking stupid to people who have read everything Tolkien. I can't claim that yet sadly.