After a busy and hard day on his agency Brian seems to be out of himself, every employee can recognize that there is something wrong with him but no one dares to ask him even Cynthia and Theodor. Ted decided to call Brian's old and dearest best friend Michael and ask him to come over and talk to Brian. "He looks like shit! I think he really needs to talk to someone." Ted tells to Michael. "Okay, I'll be there" Michael replied. After 30 minutes Michael arrived at the agency and went to Brian's office "hey!" Michael's greeting to Brian. "Hey! What brings you here?" Brian asks. "Nothing I just wanted to see if you're okay" Michael replied. Brian replied with his favorite facial expression "I'm perfectly fine, I'm fabulous." "Okay then let's go out to Babylon after work. It's has been a long time since we hang out together. I just miss the old times" Michael uttered. Brian knew that he cannot say no to Michael, he can't say anything that can excuse him from his best-friend's invitation so he just replied "okay! I'll see you then."

(At the Babylon)

As usual Babylon is the best place to be. Everyone can see hot guys dancing at making out at the dance floor. Everyone was having a really good time except for one. Brian just standing in a corner he might never admit it but it seems like something really important is missing; it seems that everything has totally changed. Then Michael came to ask Brian for them to dance.

"Ben and I are having some issues right now!" Michael's opened up.

"What is it all about? Are you going to have a divorce?" Brian asked.

Michael answer with a sad face "no it's just we have to settle things on our own, but we cannot do that if we live together. So I have decided to look for a place to stay for some time."

"You've been together for years and now you're telling me that you want to move out just because you have to settle some issues regarding your relationship. Where you going to stay now? To your mother's house?" Brian seems so disappointed with Michael decisions.

"That's why I wanted to ask if it is okay for me to stay on your place, just for a couple of days"

Brian was about to say no when he saw sadness on Michael's face so he answered "okay fine but just for a week okay?"

Michael's showed a smile and thanks Brian.

Brian and Michael got really drunk and high with drugs. And they called Ted to bring them to Brian's loft.

(Brian's loft)

"This is the best night of my fucking, pathetic life. Well of course after my wedding with Ben. Can I use your shower? I really stink" Michael uttered.

Brian just gave him a smile and say "well you're living here for now so do whatever you wanted to do just make sure to keep the toilet and shower clean after you use it or I'll kick your ass out!"

After Michael had a shower he heard Brian talking. "You know I loved you, I always have, and I always will!" Michael was about to say something "I already know that…." Then he saw Brian looking at Justin's drawing of him, the first drawing he made for Brian where he was lying on his bed naked.

"You say something Mickey?" Brian asks.

"When is Justin coming back?" Michael look at Brian he feels some kind of jealous because those are the things that Brian used to say to him but now he's saying it to Justin. He can feel that Brian really mean those words now more than before.

Brian just gave him a smile and lay down on bed. Michael sits on the corner of the bed looking at Brian. He knows that there is something wrong but as usual Brian doesn't want anybody to know how he really feels. So he gave Brian a kiss and hugs him then Brian opened up what he really feels.

"It had been exactly seven fucking years!" Michael got confused on what Brian is talking about but he decided to keep his mouth shut and just listen to Brian. "Seven years after he decided to go to New York and have a great career." Michael then realized he was talking about Justin and the reason that he seems out of nowhere this day is because that is exactly the same day when Justin left him.

"For years I've been waiting for him to come back and be with me again but I think he's already having the best time of his life there. I stop calling him and cut off all the communications we have had, thinking that one day I might forget how that little twat change me and how much I really love him. I have decided to forget about him five years ago but I think I don't have my luck."

Brian showed him his drawers and Michael was so surprised to see plenty of plane tickets that Brian bought to go to New York. Brian continues talking "I was planning to give him a visit but then I realized that when I do that I might never have the courage and strength to let him go again."

Michael cannot find the words that can make his best friend feel better so he just told Brian to go to sleep and that everything is going to be fine. While lying on Brian's bed Michael feels really jealous, he never thought that Brian really love Justin this much that it can make Brian Kinney really miserable. Then they both fell asleep. At the middle of the night Brian woke up and realized that Michael is there he always thought that every time he has someone on his bed it could have been Justin. So he decided to give Michael a hug. When he was about to close his eyes he saw Justin standing outside his bedroom looking at him and giving him a smile. He closed his eyes and Justin disappeared that might be the effect of having too much alcohol and drugs so he decided to go back to sleep.