Everyone was having their breakfast on the diner including Brian, Michael, Debbie, Emmet and Ted. They are all laughing talking about what happened last night at the Babylon.

Debbie: what the fuck! How I wish I have seen Sunshine's face when you won that bet against Kurt.

Emmet: actually he was a bit disappointed. I can see it on his face.

Ted: Maybe because he wants Kurt to win so Brian will have no choice but to go to his mom's wedding.

Michael: yeah right! It is obvious that Kurt let him win, but tell me you can't be serious about that.

Brian: about what?

Michael: that you wanted to spend the whole week with Justin.

Debbie: why not? He asked for it.

Brian: yeah! Your mom was right and besides you know me I never said anything that I don't mean.

Ted: and he always gets what he wants, no one can stop him.

Brian just gave Ted a smile before he take a sip on his coffee, while Michael decided to leave the diner. While everyone was having a good time talking Justin and Kurt arrived with the wedding invitations. He greeted everyone with a smile except for Brian. He started giving everyone their invitations only to found out that Brian's invitation was missing.

Brian: Where's mine?

Justin: I don't know! I'm sure I have all your invitations together.

Kurt: Oh maybe you left it at home. I'm sure there it's not a problem if you come to Brian's place to give it. (Kurt smiles because he's the one who separates Brian's invitation for the others.)

Justin: no need Brian will never attend anyway.

Brian: I told you I'm going, but I want to see my invitation first.

Justin: oh common you're not comfortable going to a party like that and besides if you're really coming you are welcome even without an invitation.

Brian: I want to see it or I will tell your mom that you don't want me to go. I'll wait for you on my loft this evening maybe around seven.

Justin: okay fine! Bye everyone I really have to go now I have to take my mom out for a lunch later.

Brian: see you!

Everyone was smiling looking at Brian's expression. Kurt also gave him a smile and Brian knows what it means. Everyone have decided to finish their food so they can go to their work, but Debbie stopped Brian. When everyone was gone Debbie started the conversation.

Debbie: What the fuck are you doing?

Brian: what?

Debbie: That! Are you trying to play around with Sunshine again?

Brian: no!

Debbie: then what?

Brian: Nothing I just wanted to see my invitation. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Debbie: Okay then you can have a look at my invitation. It's all the same.

Brian: It's not mine.

Debbie: and what about that bet?

Brian: why do you have so many questions? You know I really have to go, I'm late for work.

Debbie: (laugh) I think you're just trying to win him back again. I knew it you still love Sunshine after all these years. Well I just want you to know you have my full support on that.

Brian just gave him a smile and decided to leave. He keeps on smiling while driving and until he arrived in his office. Everyone was so amazed seeing Brian in a good mood. They never saw him this happy. He even greeted his entire employee with a smile. When he enters his office Cynthia followed him.

Cynthia: Brian you have a dinner meeting tonight with our new client at seven.

Brian: I can't tell them I'm busy and we have to reschedule the meeting.

Cynthia: but you are the one who set the day with them last week.

Brian: I told you tell them I can't face them tonight. I have a very important meeting with my most special client. (smiles)

Cynthia: but…

Brian: no more but Cynthia. You don't want me to be in a bad mood right?

Cynthia: Okay! You're the boss.

Early that night Brian didn't waste any time in his office. He was so excited that Justin will come into his place, then he realized that Michael can come anytime to spoil his moment with Justin, so he decided to call his friend to ask what time is he coming home.

Brian: I have to know because I have a visitor coming tonight.

Michael: (laugh) another random guy to fuck? Okay you can have the whole night I will spend the evening with my mom.

Brian: okay! Bye!

Brian prepared and waited for Justin to arrive, he even took a shower to make sure that he looks fresh. Then a knocked on his door makes his heart beats faster. He opened the door only to found out that it was Ted.

Ted: you want me to come in?

Brian: what the fuck are you doing here?

Ted: well I need you to sign these papers.

Brian: Fuck you Ted! I have no that for that right now so can you please get the fuck out of here.

Ted was about to say something when Brian slams the door closed. When Brian was about to take a sit on his sofa he heard another call from his door.

Brian: I told you get the fuck out of my place. I can sign those papers tomorrow at the office.

Then he saw Justin standing there. His heart beats more faster seeing his Sunshine, then Justin gave him his invitation.

Brian: I'm sorry I thought it was Ted.

Justin: no worries. I just bring you your invitation just like what you want.

Brian look into Sunshine's eyes and give him a smile. He waited for so long for this moment to happen, Justin standing in front of him. He was about to say something when Justin decided to leave.

Justin: I just wanted to give it to you. I have to go now I promised Daphne to give her a visit tonight.

Brian: but you just arrived, come in let me get you something.

Justin: sorry but I really have to go now.

Brian: you want me to call Daphne and tell her that you will be late? Come on let's just talk.

Justin have decided to stay for a while after all Brian will do anything just to get what he wants. They both decided to seat on Brian's sofa. Brian get something for them to drink.

Justin: So what do you want to talk about?

Brian: anything! Tell me about you adventure in New York.

While drinking Justin tell everything that happened to him in New York. All the hardships that he went through and all the things that he needs to overcome before he was able to have a great career.

Brian: sorry I wasn't there to help you.

Justin: it's alright you don't have to. You don't have any obligations to help me.

After hearing that Brian just don't know what to say because in his mind he should've done something to help his Sunshine, after several hours talking Justin have decided to leave.

Justin: I think I really have to go now Daphne might get mad.

Brian: Okay thanks for coming,

Justin: no worries. Bye.

When Justin was about to step out of the door Brian stopped him.

Brian: wait?

Justin: What you forget something?

Brian: No… Actually yes.

Justin: What is it?

Brian: this…

Brian gave Justin a kiss on the lips. Justin was trying to push him away but Brian was so determined on what he was doing. Justin kisses him back. That kiss shows how much the missed each other. Brian closes the door and they both started to take off each other's clothes. They walk straight into the bed without letting go of each others lips. It was a very hot and passionate kiss. Then they kiss each others bodies seem like they wanted to taste the food that they have waited several years to eat. Then Justin turns around to let Brian fuck him. He reaches a condom besides Brian's bed and gave it to him.

Brian: I don't need that!

Justin: what are you talking about?

Brian: I want to take a risk. I want to feel being inside you without using that.

Justin: But Brian…

Brian: no more buts. I really wanted to do this. I have never done this before not because I am afraid that I might get a decease or what but because I haven't found anyone that I am willing to do it, but you.

Justin was so surprised on what Brian said, in his mind he wanted to say that he also waited for this moment, but he had decided to keep quiet and let Brian do what he wants. It was a very passionate sex and they both enjoyed it without letting go of each other's lips and hugging each other so tight that they don't want to let go and how they wish that this night never ends.

After the hot sex Brian fell asleep on Justin's chest. Justin look at him and run his fingers into Brian's hair. He was so happy being with him again but he remembered what Michael told him. He slowly put Brian's head out of his chest, he gets out of the bed and put on his clothes. He look at Brian again with a smile, he left a note on the table then decided to leave.

Next morning Brian woke up and tried to look for Justin then he saw the note on the table saying:

"What happened last night is a mistake. You have your new life now and I have mine. Let's just pretend that this thing didn't happened."

At the wedding of Jen and Tuck, everyone can notice that Justin was trying to avoid Brian. Every time Brian will try to talk to him he will always turn him down. During the exchange of vows Brian was staring at Justin seems like he was making his own promises on his mind. Whenever Kurt caught him doing that he always tried to look away. After the ceremony everyone went straight to the reception. It was a simple celebration but full with Jen and Tuck's friends. At the presidential table Justin stand up and give his message for the newly wed.

Justin: Mom I wish you all the best in life that you can have. Thank you for taking care of me and Molly, now you don't have worry about us anymore, we just want you to be happy because you deserved it. And for you Tuck, please take care of our mom and don't you do anything that can make her cry or I will make sure that you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Cheers to both of you, may you have a happy and best life.

Everyone was very serious listening to Justin's message. It was very simple yet a very meaningful message that shows how much he loves his mom.

Brian still tries to talk to Justin but he was not interested talking to him so Brian decided to go back into his sit beside Debbie. The old lady can figure out what's on Brian's mind without asking him, but knowing Debbie's personality he can't help but to spill out what's on her mind.

Debbie: what's wrong between the two of you?

Brian: Nothing!

Debbie: that's not what I can see, you are trying to reach out on him but he keeps on avoiding you.

Brian: well what's the point of asking if you already know what's happening.

Debbie: What did you do to him?

Brian: what? Nothing!

Debbie: Brian you can tell me what happened, you know I am always willing to listen.

Brian: Okay! Remember the time when he delivered my invitation? Something happened between us.

Debbie: That's not new, you fucked him.

Brian: that was not just a fuck we made love. Then when I woke up I see this. Just want to ask him about this.

Debbie read the note that Justin left before he leaves Brian's loft. And before she can say something Brian walked out to get something to drink. Debbie feels really sorry for him, he can't figure out what's wrong with Justin.

Everyone was dancing in pairs Jen and Tuck, Justin and Kurt, Ted and Emmet, Michael and Debbie. Everyone was having a good time except for Brian, he was just standing in one corner until Daphne approached him and ask for a dance. Brian have decided to say yes. While dancing it was so obvious that Daphne was trying to pull Brian near Justin and Kurt's place. Daphne approached them and ask to have an exchange of partner but Justin said no.

Brian: why are you scared?

Justin: no! Why should I?

Brian: well it obvious that you are trying to avoid me.

Justin: I just don't have anything to say to you, that's it.

Brian: I know! Maybe it's because you're scared that when you come close to me you might fall in love with me again.

Justin: fuck you! Don't flatter yourself too much.

Brian: then I don't see any reason for you not to dance with me.

When Justin decided to say yes Daphne went straight to the man who's in charge in playing the music.

The two were dancing when suddenly the music stops and then a very familiar song started to play. It was the same song that they have during Justin's prom night. Brian looks him into the eyes and then asks.

Brian: can you close your eyes?

Justin: what for?

Brian: I want you to feel comfortable. Just want you to go back to the time when we are happy together, even just for tonight or even just until the music stops.

Justin was so surprised on Brian's request and then he close his eyes and think of the time when they are still together. Brian never let Justin out of his sight, he hold him as if he doesn't want to let go anymore. On their mind everything and everyone started to disappear, it seems like they are the only couple there. Then they started to own the whole floor, everyone stops dancing and started to watch them. They are so happy to see both of them together again. Debbie even shed a tears due to overwhelming happiness. They started to hold each other much closer and tighter, no one wants to let go. And just before the song ends Justin open his eyes and look straight to Brian's eyes. When the song ends Justin immediately let go of Brian, he was surprised to see everyone watching them.

Brian: thank you!

Justin: shit! This is a very corny song.

Brian: I think it's romantic.

Justin: yeah right! As if you know anything about romance.

Brian: you thought me didn't you?

Justin: Can you please stop that! What do you really want from me?

Brian: I just wanted to remind you about the bet between me and Kurt.

Justin: fuck! Just forget it.

Brian: No way! A deal is a deal.

Justin: okay! What's your plan?

Brian: just wait it's a surprise. Just don't forget to bring some winter clothes.

After hearing that Justin walks out of the place and go to the toilet. Michael followed him.

Michael: what the fuck is that?

Justin: what's your problem? We were just dancing.

Michael: fuck you I know …

Justin: what do you really want?

Michael: want I want is for you to stay away from him. Stop hurting him. I saw his life fell apart after you leave and we all know that you don't have any plans to stay here for good, so don't give him false hopes. I love him so much and I am willing to sacrifice everything just to make him happy and we both know that you cannot do that. So why don't you just go back to New York where you really belong.

Justin: (laugh) you know you are just jealous because no matter how much you love him, and even if you are willing to do anything for him he will never love you the way you wanted him to. And no matter what you do we both know that I have that place in his heart that you can never have.

Michael: fuck you Justin! I am not asking you a favor I'm telling you to get the hell out of his life.

Justin: fuck you too Michael. I can do whatever I want, I don't care what you want. You can have him that is if you really can. (laugh to insult Michael)

Michael walks out. Justin feels guilty on what he said to Michael but relieved at the same time because those are the words that he wanted to say to him.