A/N- just a stupid little drabble thought up durring the Countrycide episode of Torchwood. It's Ianto's musings about what went through his mind when that butcher's knife was to his neck.

I prayed for you to come.

I had no right to. Really. At the time I was still sure you hated me. Still wished I was dead too. But I prayed for you to come save me.

No one protects us. We protect everyone else and never ask for recognition, but no one protects us.

So why did I pray for a savior? Why didn't I pray to god? I used to be a god fearing man. Why did I pray for you?

I was about to be eaten damnit. About to be bled like a suckling pig and instead of wanting my mother or Lisa or god, I wanted with all my heart to see your face. There was a bloody butcher's knife pressed into my throat and all I could think about was you.

Owen and Gwen and Tosh couldn't do anything, would never be able to do anything.

But you could, you would, and you did. You ran into the room and saved us all like it was nothing more than afternoon tea.

You saved us.


You came for me.