WARNING: This story will contain content not safe for children. Lemons, forced gender change, furry, chemically enhanced monster, Rape, gore! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

Sakura winced as she was tossed on the ground, not set; tossed like a ragdoll. She rubbed her sore arms that were now both bandaged. She had tried fighting as best she could but to no avail. The bandits had snuck into her team's campsite and literally destroyed them.

Sasuke tried his best but the bandits had used some kind of chakra absorbing seal that had sucked him dry in mere seconds. She watched as her long time crush had been reduced to nothing and was thrown on the ground across from her.

She watched as he struggled to get into and upright position, clearly flinching from the bruises that had developed with the beating he had just received. She heard some grunts come from her side and looked over to see her other teammate still trying his best to fight the bandits.

She sighed as Naruto once again punched a muscular man in the face. His clothing had been ripped to shreds, leaving him only in his orange jumpsuit pants and sandals. She watched as every muscle in his body strained themselves to dodge out of the way as the man threw a hard right hook towards his face.

Naruto had always been on the short side, and even at age 13 he was only 5 feet tall, but if you called him scrawny you had to of been blind. Sakura didn't like to admit it but Naruto had certainly developed a better body than Sasuke. His six pack was stunning and she would secretly steal glances at it from time to time.

She watched as his muscled body fell next to her and she quietly whispered, "Naruto…just please; stay down!" Her words were ignored as he jumped right back up and ran towards the man; who simply gave a low chuckle.

"Man!" he said catching Naruto's fist and bringing him into a headlock, "This kid may be small but he's got a lot of fight in him" he looked at the whisker marks on Naruto's face and continued with a smirk, "Kinda like a wild animal".

The other bandits gave a laugh as Naruto let out a scream and bit the man restraining him. "FUCK YOU" Naruto screamed bringing his fist across the muscular bandits face; causing a loud crack to sound.

Sakura was surprised to see the large man fall as Naruto huffed and wiped some blood away from his mouth. "You like that bitch" Naruto said with a crazed smile as he stepped forward and grasped the bandit's shirt.

He brought his fist up to lay another strike before a loud shriek sounded erupted from his throat. Sakura watched as the electric collar around Naruto's neck shocked the poor blonde; bringing him to his knees.

She noticed Sasuke jerk forward almost jumping to the blonde's aid, only to be stopped by a bandit who said, "Who buddy, calm down. We can't rough you up anymore, otherwise you won't sell well". Sakura's head shot towards the bandit at that and asked, "Sell? What do you mean sell?"

The bandit looked at the pink haired girl with a cruel smile and said, "Well ya see, you're all under age and without a sensei which is great. Kids like you sell almost immediately at the local slave auctions". Sakura's heart almost broke at the man's cruel words as she suddenly realized what was going to happen: She was no longer a person; she was now an item that can be purchased.

She saw that Sasuke's eyes widen a bit before he shouted, "JUST YOU FUCKING WAIT, KAKASHI SHOULD BE HERE ANY TIME NOW TO MAKE SURE WE'RE OKAY!"

"Oh" the leader said, "Is this Kakashi possibly a skinny man with gravity defying hair?" When Sasuke nodded he gave a loud laugh and voiced, "Well then it's too bad he came by earlier while you were asleep and then left again. I guess it was a good idea we waited until he was fifty miles away from the area".

Sasuke looked down after he finished with a grin and mouthed a, "Gosh damn it" while Sakura finally lost it and tears began to fall down her face.

A fatter bandit smiled at the leader and said, "Hey boss, how bout before we sell them we have a little fun with her" he finished motioning towards Sakura, who gasped at his words. The leader couldn't respond fast enough as an orange and yellow blur flew at the man.

Sakura watched as Naruto attacked the man who suggested raping her. The man's face was literally broken as the young ninja's fist continuously collided with his face. Naruto growled as he brought his hand down for the finishing blow, but was once again stopped as he was tackled off the man by two other bandits.

"Gosh damn" the leader said as he watched two of his lackeys pick the blonde up, "You really got a fiery spirit. That's good; people will eat that shit up when they're looking to buy".

"D-Don't you fucking touch her" Naruto sputtered out as he was pulled away from the fat bandit. The leader gave a smile as he looked at the blonde and responded, "Awww, how sweet. The tough guy has a soft spot for the pink haired one. Don't worry, we aren't gonna do anything to her. We don't want her to be too used for the potential customers".

Sasuke shot up at the man's words and ran towards him, only to be stopped as a knee connected with his face sending him back to the ground. "Now now" the leader said helping the large man up, "let's all be good children and get going. I wanna make it to Jiao Island before next week".

"J-Jiao Island" Sakura said, "W-Where's that?" The man gave another laugh and responded, "It's a little island by Kirigakure. It's a popular slave trade route owned by a very fearsome king" he gave the girl a crazed smile as he finished, "It's not popular for ninja to go there so there's no possible way you'll be recognized. Another good thing about it is that even if you are recognized nobody can help otherwise they'll have Jiao knights to fight off".

Sakura looked down at this and squeezed her eyes shut as tears began to fall. "Sakura-chan…" a voice said making her lift her head; to see Naruto with a blood stained smile, "It's gonna be alright, trust me".

Sakura's heart waived at his words and she thought, "How can he even say that when we all know we're doomed". Her head once again shot up as she saw the leader uppercut Naruto in the stomach as he said, "Think what you want blondie, but don't fill her head with lies. As of this day forward, you're no longer people; you're all things at our disposal".

The leader looked at the muscular man that was still passed out and said, "Wake up Neon, we need to get going".

5 days later

"Gosh damn it; fucking walk you moron" a bandit said kicking Naruto forward. Sasuke and Sakura both sighed at their teammate's stubbornness, and his ability to get up and fight back. "FUCK YOU" Naruto screamed slowly standing.

"Come now" the leader said with his crazed smile, "We're almost there". Naruto turned around towards the ocean to see the boat that had brought them there was leaving. He growled internally as he looked at his teammates, who had both given up hope.

"Don't worry blondie" the leader once again spoken drawing Naruto's attention, "We'll arrive in Fayport in an hour. There you'll be cleaned and auctioned off to the highest bidder". Naruto glared at the man but bite his tongue; arguing would do nothing to help them at this point.

Naruto took his place back by Sakura and began thinking of a way out. He was brought out of his thought when an elbow met his side. He looked over at his female teammate who was giving him a sad smile. For the past five days they had been made to walk with barley any sleep, the little bit of food they were allowed.

Naruto already knew he looked like hell, along with both his teammates. Sakura's hair had gotten messy and was sweaty with dirt in it. She had a large bruise on her left cheek, along with a scratch going down her neck. Naruto had seen her on better days but he had to admit, she still looked sexy as hell.

"Naruto" she said looking at him, "I want you to stop. I don't want you to hurt yourself anymore. Me and Sasuke…we've accepted it; and we all know what gonna happen to us in a little while" Naruto's shocked expression increased as her smile did, "I'm just glad I got to know you! I know I wasn't the nicest to you but…you're probably my best friend and the best teammate anyone could ask for!"

Naruto could feel the tears finally allowing themselves to run down his face as Sakura quickly looked around to make sure no bandits were looking. As quick as she could she pecked the now stunned blond on the cheek before walking forward, leaving Naruto by himself.

The blond went over everything that just went down over and over, until a bandit behind him once again kicked him forward. He slowly walked behind Sakura and Sasuke considering every plan that came to mind, and every outcome. He couldn't just simply run away with this collar and the multiply seals they had put on him.

Not to mention he'd never leave his teammates behind. He was brought from his thoughts as the leader gave a deep breath and said, "We're here!" Naruto looked up to see a giant city, with humongous building; some even taller that the Hokage mountain. There were literally thousands of people walking around.

"I-It's so big" Sakura said in awe as the bandit smiled and motioned for them to begin walking. Had it been different circumstances, she would have loved to take a look around. "Alright kiddies" the leader said walking ahead of them, "Here's what's gonna happen; we're gonna take you a brothel for the night. You will be fed, bathed, and given new clothing. After my men are done relieving themselves with the workers of the brothel, in the morning we'll bring you to the market where you will be sold and we'll leave" he gave a grin and asked, "Sounds good doesn't it?"

Sasuke, who had not talked in day scoffed at this and said, "You fucking prick, once we get out of this I'm gonna hunt you down and make you suffer". Sasuke words only gained a laugh from the leader who started walking faster and demanded, "Faster I wanna cum as quick as I can".

Sakura was disgusted by the man and turned her head away as he rubbed his crotch as he began to run; truly this man was disgusting.

It didn't take long for them all to reach town and eventually the brothel. "We're gonna need two rooms, the kids can share one" the leader said to the man behind the counter. The man looked up after coming with a price and asked, "And finally sir, would you like any…entertainment to come in tonight?"

The leader ginned and said, "Send about 10 girls in and…I guess send one for the kids; might as well let them have some fun before tomorrow!" Naruto growled at the man and was about to jump him but Sakura stopped him by placing her hand across his chest. "Calm down Naruto" she said with her eyes closed, calmly taking breaths.

Naruto nodded as Sakura lowered her arm and they followed the bandits to their room. Once they arrived they were pushed inside and told by the leader, "Now, I don't wanna her too much noise otherwise we'll have to rough you all up. I'll be putting some seals around the room, and since you can't use chakra you won't be able to escape. Tomorrow I will bring in some fresh clothing and we'll be on our marry way".

The leader finally smiled as he said; "Now you two boys enjoy yourselves with the girl that's coming later. Pinkie, you'll just have to get yourself off if you want to cause I'm afraid there are no men here".

With that the leader shut and locked the door, leaving the three alone. "GOSH DAMN IT" Naruto said running at the door and punching the concrete wall as hard as he could. "Shut the hell up you idiot" Sasuke muttered, his head still pointed at the ground.

"What the fuck did you just say to me?" Naruto snapped looking over at his friend, "How can you just give up? We can't let them just sell us!" Naruto would've continued but he was stopped when he heard a sop; and not from Sakura.


Naruto watched as Sasuke fell to his knees, shocking both him and Sakura as he banged his fists against the ground. Naruto couldn't say anything as Sasuke sniffed and said calmly, "Just stop Naruto…there's nothing left we can do. Just except that by this time tomorrow we'll be some body's slaves".

Naruto looked at his friend and realized; he's finally broken…he's given up. Naruto let himself drop and looked at his friends. Sakura had basically told him to just give up and Sasuke had finally done it. Naruto just sat down and asked, "What…what's happened?"

"Sakura" Sasuke said gaining both his teammates attention, "I'll probably never see you or Naruto after tomorrow…I just wanted you to know that even though I never liked you the way you did me; I still thought you were a nice person, and wouldn't change you for anything" he then looked at the blond, "Naruto, I know we've fought a lot and that we've never really been on the best terms, but you are my best friend and no matter what I'm gonna miss you".

They both watched as Sasuke stood up and said, "I'm gonna go take a shower so I'll see you guys in a bit". Naruto and Sakura watched as he walked towards the bathroom, slowly shutting the door; locking it behind him.

Naruto just fell to the ground as he said, "So this is it…no Hokage…no gaining everyone's respect" he finished as he laid back and said, "Maybe I'll get lucky and get killed before some asshole tries buying me".

Sakura glared at him and said, "Shut up Naruto…you're not gonna die, and you don't want to. It's true you won't be able to become Hokage or get Konoha's respect, but who cares. I say we do whatever we can before tomorrow".

"But what's the point?" Naruto said looking at his longtime crush, "After tomorrow our lives are over, and we may never see each other again".

Sakura saw Naruto jerk forward and say, "Oh no…Sasuke's right…I might not ever see you again". Sakura gave her friend a sad smile as he put his face in his hands. "I can handle the fact that my dreams are done but…" Naruto looked at Sakura and crawled forward; taking her hands in his, "I can't handle the fact that I may never get to see you again…"

Sakura blushed as she noticed how close their bodies were together and how sweet his words were. "N-Naruto…" she said as he gripped her hands and continued, "Sakura-chan…no matter how far they take you…no matter what I have to do, I promise that I will find you; and I will save you".

Sakura found herself speechless as Naruto gave her the most determined look she'd ever seen. She was sure Naruto could feel her heartbeat through the palms of her hands and she mindlessly brought her face towards his.

Naruto's face heated up as he felt Sakura pushed her lips against his own. "Oh my god" Naruto thought as he pushed his own lips against Sakura's, enjoying the soft, wet feeling. He absolutely had no idea what he was doing but he soon found himself on top of her, his still half naked body rubbing against her own.

"S-Sakura-chan…" he said slowly parting with her for a second, "What's happening?" Sakura gave a blush as she looked up at the boy above her. If she had been told a week before that she would be making out with a shirtless Naruto, she would've called you crazy; but now she couldn't think of anything she'd rather be doing.

She couldn't tell if it was the dim light of the room, or her new found respect for the blonde, but he seemed so much more attractive now. His hair was way wilder than before considering the bandits had stolen all their headbands, allowing his spiked hair to fall in his face.

His large pecks were sticking out perfectly and his tanned skin shinned in the lighting of the room. His blue eyes sparkled as he looked into her own emerald pools. "Naruto" she said reaching around his neck and pulling him back down, "Let's be together tonight, our first and last night together. Let's make it count".

Naruto found himself shocked. He had considered Sakura's and his kiss to be mind blowing; but it didn't even slightly compare to what the girl was now saying. "W-What?" he asked clearly shocked, his brain not even registering what to say.

Sakura couldn't help but blush as Naruto stuttered out a response. She was about to answer until a foot connected with Naruto's skull making him fly off of her. "NARUTO!" Sakura shouted as she tried running to the blonde's aid, only for a large foot to plant it's self right on her abdomen.

"Now, now children; we can't have you fucking. If the girl doesn't remain a virgin she may not sell, and then we'd have to kill her!" The bandit leader said with a big grin as he pushed down on Sakura's chest making her gasp for air.

Naruto slowly shook his head clearing the fogginess the kick had brought. He growled as he looked at the man that stood above his female teammate; and with an animalistic growl he ran forward.

Sasuke ran out of the bathroom in time to see Naruto fly towards the leader, his fist cocked back ready to crush the bandits face.

The man only smiled as he made a quick hand sign causing Naruto to yell out in pain as he landed on the ground with a hard thud.

"Little shit" the man said with a frown, "I just came to give you your whore. Too bad you can't have your pink friend eh?" Naruto's body was still shaking uncontrollably as the man just stood there. Sakura's finally pushed the man's foot away and begged, "PLEASE! YOU HAVE TO STOP! YOU'RE GOING TO KILL HIM!"

The man glared at her as he released the seal, causing Naruto's body to stop shaking as his muscles stopped twitching and he began breathing normally. The leader watched as blood began to slowly slide down the blonde's mouth.

He slowly lowered himself as he looked at Naruto's now motionless body. "Listen kid" he started watching for any sign of movement, "I like what you're trying to do, I really do; but just stop. You're fucked; plain and simple. You might as well just stop fighting, and if you don't; I'm gonna keep your precious Sakura-chan all for myself. Do you understand?"

Knowing he wasn't going to get a respond he smiled and stood back up. He was about to walk away until a hand grasped his leg so hard it actually drew blood. He didn't freak out or anything, but instead choose to raise an eyebrow.

"W-What's [cough] your name?" Naruto asked barley able to open his eyes. The man just grinned as he stomped on Naruto's house, but to his surprise the blonde didn't even flinch. "Well" the leader said looking at the younger boy, "Seeing as tomorrow you'll be sold and I'll never see your stupid face again; I guess it couldn't hurt to tell you. My name is Mamoru Koiso".

Naruto's eyes flashed red as he said, "Good…I wanna know who I'm gonna hunt down and murder". Mamoru's eyes widened before he turned around and said, "Yeah, yeah kid. For that little remark I'm taking the whore you and the other boy were gonna get. Too bad, all the girls here are extremely tight".

With that Mamoru walked out of the room, locking it and replacing the seals back on the door. "I fucking hate him…" Sasuke finally said allowing his voice to be heard and letting Sakura know he was there.

She kept her eyes on Naruto who wouldn't take his eyes off the door; slowly cursing to himself.

The next morning

Sasuke looked at himself in the mirror. The bandits had practically broke the door down, demanding they all wake up; before throwing cloths to each member of team 7.

Sakura was given a pink yukata with flower petals on it that hugged her body closely. She was told to put her hair up traditionally, and make sure she smelled well enough. Sasuke was given a dark black and blue yukata that showed his small form.

Both Sakura and himself were not surprised when Naruto ripped the green and orange yukata he was given in half. He simply looked at the bandit and spit on it in anger. The mad was about to attack the blonde but was stopped when Mamoru said, "Don't worry about it Kenko, just let him god shirtless. Maybe he'll get lucky and be bought by a cougar" he finished with a laugh.

Naruto only glared at the man but didn't choose to respond. The three children were pulled from their room and within a few minutes they were being lead towards the center of Fayport.

As they got closed they could see large amounts of people standing around. Some were wearing similar clothing and we being inspected by numerous people. Naruto felt his anger rise as he saw a young girl with red hair being picked up by a large man who threw a couple coins to the owner, before taking her with him. The girl screamed and cried, but her cries fell on deaf ears as the man smiled before he left the area.

"Well, I guess we'll settle here" Mamoru said motioning for the other bandits to set up there stands. A few minutes later Sasuke and Sakura were on top of a platform being displayed for all the people to see. Naruto's hands were bound by a chain to the ground, with another chain going to his collar.

Many people stopped by, examining Sakura and Sasuke, before their attention was drawn towards Naruto. Many people found it interesting that a slave had to be restrained by so much force. Many professional looking characters would ask how much Naruto would cost; only to pale at the response.

"That's outrageous!" A man in a simple suit shouted, clearly angered by the price. Mamoru smiled with a scoff as he said, "Sorry my good sir, but I'm afraid it's 4,000,000 yen for the blonde. As you can tell he's quite fit and can work for a very long time. You'll practically make your money back tenfold".

"Although he seems to be one fit young man, that is still simply too high" the man said as he began to walk away. "Hm, maybe it is a little too high?" Mamoru thought to himself.

"Only 4,000,000 yen eh?" a deep voice asked causing the bandit leader to look to his right. Mamoru's eyes widened as he looked at the man who spoke.

The man didn't look like anything too special. He seemed to be balding, with a big fat belly that hung in front of his pants. He looked quite rich as his cloths were linen and a gold crown adorned his hairless head.

"T-The king of Jiao…" Mamoru muttered as he looked at the man in front of him in shock. The king stepped forward, his stomach bouncing as he laughed and responded, "Yes, it is I; King Yosai. Now I asked again; did you say 4,000,000 yen for the short blonde one?"

Mamoru couldn't respond fast enough with a nod as the king stepped forward, examining the blonde. Naruto didn't even look up as the king approached him. "Careful king" Mamoru said stepping in front of the kind, "He can be a bit of a handful".

"No worries" Yosai responded with a laugh, "I have about thirty Jiao knights stationed around here just in case". Yosai pushed past the man and stepped in front of Naruto.

"My, oh my" Yosai muttered looked at the blonde with a grin, "Look how strong the young man is! He'd be perfect for any job I could ask" he then turned with a gleam in his eye and said, "Plus Rie is in need of a new toy".

He then turned towards Mamoru pulling out a fat hard sack from his pocket, "Here is exactly 6,000,000 yen. For this I will receive not only the blonde but also the pink haired girl and blacked haired boy. Do we have a deal?"

The bandit's eyes sparkled with glee as he practically threw some forms at the king and caught the sack of money before showing the kind the proper seals to stop the blonde incase he got out of hand. As they shook hands Mamoru couldn't help but ask, "I can guess why you've chosen blondie, but why the other two?"

The king smiled happily as he took the forms and answered, "Well the girl is easy, we could always use another maid around the castle. As for the boy; our scientist at the castle have been testing this new formula, and I'm happy to say that the black haired boy has just the right figure to be in the program".

Mamoru grinned as the king finished and said, "Well I wish the best for you. Make sure to smack the blonde one around for me" and with that he was gone off to find his goons.

Yosai watched the man walked away before turning towards Naruto, who still had his eyes glued to the ground. The king snapped his fingers and suddenly five men appeared next to him.

The men were extremely tall, each massively huge with muscle. They all wore metal suits of armor that glistened in the sunlight. Atop their heads were shiny helmets with the Jiao knight emblem on the sides.

"Cut the poor boy free" Yosai said almost humorously as he watched one of the guards walk forward. He grasped the heavy sword that clung to his side, and in one quick motion had cut the chains around Naruto.

Yosai smiled as the chains hit the ground with a loud thud, showing how heavy they were. He laughed as the boy began pulling himself up, standing full height.

"This is it" Naruto thought to himself as he locked eyes with the older man, who only seemed to be amused. He looked east, the direction Mamoru had gone.

"Boy!" The king said impatiently, "I will ask once more before I grow angry, what is thy name?" Naruto's head snapped at the king, his eyes taking in the man before he answered, "Naruto…Naruto Uzumaki".

The king smiled and said, "Well, I'm not sure if you or your friends know but I am king Yosai. You all now belong to me; but don't fret, I am very generous! I make sure to keep all the slaves well fed and even try my best to make their lives at the castle a little happier. Just know; in my castle there are only two rules in my castle. One: You are to never leave, no matter what. Two is that I and my daughter Rie always come first. If any of you somehow manage to break either of my rules…well; let's just say my Jiao guards will be breaking you!"

Naruto didn't need to give a response as Yosai turned towards Sakura and Sasuke asking, "What are your names?"

The two answered as the guards began to surround the four of them. Naruto couldn't help but wonder what they were doing and he said, "There's no reason to use force…we're all willing to cooperate".

"My dear boy!" the king said with a gleam in his eye, "My knights are simply getting our ride ready; and wise decision. You'd all better learn now, I own this island along with everyone on it. Even if you manage to escape you'll never be able to leave with your lives".

Naruto brought his face back to the ground as Sakura and Sasuke moved back towards him. "K-King Yosai…if you don't mind me asking, what are you going to do with us?" Sakura asked watching as the guard formed a circle and began making hand signs".

The kind kept watching the civilians, waving at some as he answered, "It's quite simple Sakura. You become a maid, attending to all the visitors, my daughter, and myself. Sasuke has been chosen to help some of our scientists with their new project. As for the blond one…" Yosai turned and looked directly at Naruto with a gruel smile and said, "Well…yours is secret!"

Their conversation was brought to a halt as the guards said, "Your most honorable, the portal is ready". Naruto watched as the five of them placed their hands on the ground and a giant swirling purple vortex appeared on the ground.

"Excellent! Please follow me children. We have much to get done" Yosai said before he simple jumped into the portal. Naruto was about to say something before he and his teammates were forcibly pushed into the vortex, each letting out a shocked scream.

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