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It'd been a while now. He wasn't sure exactly long it had been, but he knew it was a while. Sometimes he still dreamed of escape….sometimes.

"Naruto-kun" her stern voice said all too sweetly causing him to direct his attention towards her. She'd grown quite a bit in the past year or so, much like he himself had.

"Yes master" he simply responded as she seemed to moan at his response.

"I think you've earned a treat" she said while rubbing his back softly, her delicate had lightly rubbing his hard back, "You've been so good, a feel a little too tense. You really need to loosen up".

Not giving a response other than the blank stare he now always adorned, the man watched as the door to the room opened slightly.

"Bring her in!" the woman said as she leaned back into the chair, watching in amusement as a maid walked into the room, a small leash in hand.

"Yes ma'am" the maid said pulling on the leash.

The man watched through tired eyes as his pink haired friend pranced into the room, leash tightly tied around her petite neck. She strode in on all fours, her knees and hands in tight leather. A large fitting ring kept her mouth open, and even from a distance the man could hear her moans. His sense of smell had improved and really keened in the last year.

He couldn't help but take a deep whiff, trying to breath in the smell of the pink hairs musk. If her face wasn't covered by leather he was sure she'd look pretty crazed, after all; she was teased every day, hours on end without release. At least master let him finish…well sometimes.

"You can go" master said beckoning to the maid, who simply nodded and untied the leash from the girl's neck.

After the maid left, Master turned and said, "Sakura sure does look pretty…do you like your present?"

"Yes master" the man said, his eyes never leaving Sakura as she drooled and moaned while slowly wagging her bottom, as if beckoning.

"I want you to make her cum three times before you are allowed to finish" Master said with a chuckled while pushing some of her smooth black hair back, "Do you understand Naruto-kun?"

Slowly nodding, eyes staring straight; the man whispered, "Yes Rie-chan….whatever you say".

"Go get her" Rie said giving her slave a small peck on the cheek. She watched as his muscled form slowly rose itself from its kneeling position; walking down towards his old teammate.

Every step he took slowly tore him apart. He wanted to puke as he looked at his former teammate, her mind completely gone.

Kneeling down in front of her he popped the ring from her mouth.

"Hello Sakura-chan…." He muttered quietly as she dove forward and began rubbing her bare body against his own.

"Naruto-kun….have you come to breed me again?" Sakura asked eagerly as she grinded against him.

Not giving an answer Naruto pushed the girl over and onto her knees.

Quickly becoming excited Sakura began to sway her ass towards the man. He could feel the last remains of his very being leave him as he unconsciously pulled down his pants while watching her wet snatch sway in front of him.

"H-Hurry!" She moaned as she slowly jerked back a little.

Naruto contemplated whether or not he should remove her mask. He quickly decided not to, knowing looking into his ex loves eyes would only kill him more.

He lined himself up to her tightness; knowing she hadn't been used since the last time they'd seen each other. It was a promise from Rie…no pain would come to Sakura-chan…

"YESSSSSSS!" Sakura screamed as Naruto slammed into her, her moans becoming louder and her panting becoming more intense.

Naruto didn't need to look up from Sakura's back to know that Rie was happy to be watching. She loved to watch everything involving her blonde slave. Whether it be surviving, sleeping, fighting, or fucking.

"Wow…" Rie laughed as she watched Sakura moan loudly as her first orgasm hit her in the matter of minutes, "That sure was fast Sakura! You must be really sensitive".

"YES!" Sakura said; eyes rolling under her mask while the man behind her kept thrusting vigorously, "NARUTO-KUN'S COCK IS THE BEST!"

"How would you know?" Rie asked with a smile watching her two pets fuck like dirty animals, "You've never had another?"

"UGH!" Sakura moaned loudly as Naruto hit her sweet spot, "HE IS! NO ONE CAN COMPARE!"

Rie once again chuckled and responded with; "I guess I have to agree" her eyes turning towards Naruto's emotionless face, "Naruto-kun certainly is the best at what he does!"

Naruto gave a small grunt as Sakura's tight box squeezed him once again, another orgasm racking the woman's body, and trying to milk him.

There was once a time he dreamt about this; she and he together like this. Only lovingly…not just for some fucking sick game.

He didn't dream anymore, not once he realized release from this prison was never going to happen, and he was too weak to fight anymore.

He made good on his attempt and tried to escape, but it only infuriated Rie. Something he learned he never wanted to do again. He had learned his lesson…at the life of his best friend.

He could still remember the torture Rie had put him through. Starvation, isolation, deprivation, and more things the princess could think until she found a suitable punishment for his crime.

He could still remember her all too sweet voice, her moans as she rode him, his lust consuming him, as the both watched Sasuki walk into the room.

"Y-You will learn slave" Rie had moaned as she bounced atop him, her face now mere inches away from his own, "You're m-mine! Escape will only end in death".

At the time Naruto didn't care if she killed him, but was suddenly taken by surprise when Sasuki dropped to the floor grasping her neck as if she was choking.

"T-There are consequences to your actions Naruto-kun!" Rie groaned as she sped up her thrusts, pushing Naruto's face towards Sasuki.

He watched with a blank face as his friend frantically rolled around the floor, her face becoming discolored as she slowly lost oxygen. He knew too well that if he showed his feeling Rie would only make it worse.

He felt his heart break as Sasuki's black eyes looked into his own, begging for help; pleading for him.

"C-Can you feel it?" Rie said jumping up and down on his cock as hard as she could, bringing herself to bliss, "I own you! You are mine! If you ever try to leave again…"

Naruto's face was jerked to look up, his eyes widening as he looked into Rie's crazed face.

"If you ever try to leave again….I'll kill everything you love!" she finished smashing her mouth against his, her pussy tightening around him almost like a vice.

He felt his cock blow its first strand into her as she moaned and Sasuki finally died, her body going limp.

"NARUTO-KUN!" Sakura screamed as she once again came around his cock, squeezing tightly.

The man slowly came to a stop and let the woman ride out her last orgasm, hoping he could provide a little simple happiness.

"Excellent job baby" Rie said, now behind the man, her small hands roaming over his body, "You can finish now. I want you to really fill her up. I think this pig needs to be impregnated again!"

For the first time Naruto slowly looked up, his hard cock slowly bucking into the pink haired girl. His eyes watched the white ceiling as he pumped; his mind slowly imagining what it would've been like had they not been captured. Would they make a good team? Would they live a long healthy life? Would he actually get to meet his and Sakura's children? Would he actually like living…?

"Do it…" His master's voice whispered quietly, causing his cock to automatically swell and begin shooting into Sakura's pussy.

He couldn't help but feel a shudder run through his body as he gave a soft moan.

"What's wrong?" Rie asked innocently, as she watched the orgasming man grasp the pink haired girl's hips, quickly bucking into her.

"AHHHHH YEA!" Sakura screamed as she felt herself become filled with Naruto's thick sperm, "GIVE ME ANOTHER BABY!"

He couldn't help the tear that fell from his eye as he finished up, his still hard cock popping out of the woman. Rie seemed to notice and quickly had Sakura removed from the room.

"I give you a gift and you cry?" Rie asked kneeling in front of the man, her small hand grabbing the giant head of his cock, "Now why would you do that?"

The man kept his gaze on the white ceiling, wishing for his existence to end as Rie smiled and said, "Did she leave you unsatisfied? I guess I should have seen it coming. How could a pigs pussy make you feel anything; when you've had mine?"

He finally looked down at the small girl who sat in front of him, his body easily towering over her own. She looked into his dead eyes and asked, "Would you like a round with a princess?"

As much as he wanted to say no, to hurt her, to make her suffer, to show her she hadn't won…he couldn't.

He grunted as she pushed him onto his back and began pleasuring him. Another crack in his mind as she said with her fake cute voice, "That pig doesn't deserve you…only I do….and I'll prove it…"

He could now feel tears streaming down his face as she climbed atop him, just another way to show he power over him.

Rie smiled as she watched him suffer, her pussy becoming more wet with each passing moment.

"Would you like me to stop?" Rie asked slyly as she grabbed his big cock and began rubbing his head against her pantied pussy. She knew the answer, but she wanted to hear it from him.

His eyes closing completely, he could see their smiling faces as they left the bridge. It was supposed to be an easy mission. He and Sasuke had fought like always, Sakura had called him an idiot much to his displeasure. His mind quickly flashed to their smiling faces, then the faces of everyone he used to know. Kakashi, Iruka, the old man, his classmates…everyone.

"Naruto?" Rie asked again. Her voice sweetly stealing away his visions of a happy life.

"No master" Naruto said almost automatically, it being programmed into his brain.

"Good boy" she said sliding her panties to the side and letting him pop in with a slight groan.

The familiar feeling of her wrapped around him quickly erased everyone from his past from his memory. He had no friends, no loved ones, no life.

His life was hers to do as she wanted with, no matter what it was.

"Y-You love this" Rie moaned while her ass slowly raised itself up and down, "D-Don't you slave?"

Although tears still streamed down his face, his voice still whispered, "Y…Yes master".

She was right. He was nothing but a simple slave, nothing better than a mat for her to use. He could feel himself grab her hips, his lust once again taking control.

"Good boy" she moaned out as she felt him, her eyes falling on his lifeless pair, "You're the best toy I could ever ask for!"

"Toy..." Naruto though, his mind wandering while he watched the ceiling, "I'm not even good enough for that title..."