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Chapter 1

Perfection is something we can never achieve.. Flaws are gifts we must learn to cherish because they make us who we are.

"Hey, wake up, it's 0700 AM, time to get ready for work!" A familiar voice called.

"Mmmm, one more minute..." Groaned a pink haired beauty.

"No, you're going to be late again, now get up and get dressed sleepy head!" Persisted the responsible sounding business woman.

"Toons don't have to wake up this early... They get all the beauty sleep they need too..." Grumbled the aloof sounding business woman.

"Hahaha, you're not a toon though, and you have enough beauty, so get up!" Replied the already up and going Name Dropper.

"Ugh, fine! I'll get up!" Yelled the sleepy Mingler.

This sleepy Mingler is called Mingler 153-2 or better known by her colleagues as 'Rina'. Rina was much more different than the other Minglers because she was the only Mingler with a factory error. Because of that, she was rejected by most of the other Mingler girls and by some higher and lower level sellbots too. She only has a few friends for that reason. She also didn't mingle as much as the other Minglers, however she did talk to her few friends and to cogs on the phone when they called for the VP.

And the responsible Name Dropper is Name Dropper 129-12, known by her colleagues as 'Cecilia'. Cecilia is Rina's best friend, and always tries to help her in any way she can. Cecilia has plump lips, and purple hair in a bee-hive hairdo. She tends to work mainly inside of Sellbot HQ, she is one of the few cogs that doesn't have to go out for her assignments. Unlike her friend, she wasn't born with a factory error. Cecilia is a hard working Name Dropper and she is very responsible. Cecilia is an ambitious cog who will stop at nothing to be the Vice Presidents right hand woman.

Rina got up, went to her closet and pulled out a clean suit, and went to the restroom to oil her joints and get dressed. She combed her short, silky, pink hair and applied a little magenta colored lipstick, and some purple-pinkish eye shadow. She got out of the restroom carrying her pajamas and folded them neatly and left them on her night stand for tonight. She went to the closet to grab a pair of platform shoes and put them on, and proceeded to do her bed before she left. She looked at the clock in the opposite wall to see if she was late or on-time. "0723 AM, not bad time.." she said to herself.
"Okay Cecilia, I am ready to go." Rina said waiting for Cecilia to come out of the restroom.

They both walked to the Cafeteria together, starving and hoping for some good oil today.
They walked in and grabbed trays from the tray stack and got in line for their breakfast. "So what's today's assignments?" Rina asked Cecilia. "Well today I have to file some reports on this months Mover & Shaker's overall success rate in taking over buildings and deliver some promotion papers to the Vice President, while you have to answer the Vice President's appointments and make calls to the people and places listed on a list you will recieve at the front desk when you punch in . Doesn't sound like too much work, I'm pretty sure we'll finish just in time for lunch or dinner."Cecilia told her friend.
"I hope so, I don't want to go another night without dinner again."Rina said.
They reached the end of the aisle and got their serving of oil and three cookies each, and walked toward the seating area.
Inside the seating area was a long banquet table with the VP sitting at the end of it and a few cold callers in the seats as well. There were mainly , a couple of Two-Faces, a few Minglers, and Telemarketer sitting there as well. Then there were smaller round tables spread out through the room, enough to sit up to 6 people on them.
"Hey Cecilia, Rina, come sit over here!" Called a Two-Face, motioning them to sit at his table near a large window. The two walked toward their friend Two-Face 495-24 or better known as 'Asher'. "Oh hey Asher, how's it going?"Rina asked her two faced friend. "Ehh, it's okay I guess. I got assigned to sadden 20 toons, then come back and open some complaint letters, of course it's lesser work than what I usually have so I'm actually okay with it." Asher said.
"Now don't be too sure Asher, from what I saw earlier this week, the complaints have accumulated, so you have a lot of work to do."Cecilia teasingly told her co-worker.
"What, aww man! And here I thought I would finally take a rest!" Asher complained.
"Take it easy Asher, hehe, I was only pulling you leg! I actually don't know how many complaint letters there are, and I doubt it's many, I mean we have the best Cog Boss remember? He accommodates his workers well, so quit complaining!" She assured him.
"I guess you're right.. Hehe, nice way of scaring me though!"Asher sighed.
"Hey guys, mind if I sit with you? Of course not!" Called 463-42, know by his co-workers as 'Johnny'. He flashed his signature smile at them and took a seat.
"We were going to let you sit next to us anyways."Rina admitted.
"Uhh, excuse me fellas', but do you mind if I sit with you, I mean you don't have to, I understand since you're all higher sellbots than I am..." A Cold Caller mumbled.
"Oh sure, go right ahead!"Rina exclaimed. She gave the little Cold Caller a warm smile. "Oh, thank you!"
"So what's your name if I may ask?" Rina asked.
"Oh, my name is Michael! My serial number is 910-1." He responded.
"Well nice to meet you Michael" Rina began as she shook the Cold Callers hand," These are my friends Asher," "Hey there." Asher greeted. "Johnny," "Pleasure to meet you my boy!" Johnny beamed while flashing him his signature smile. "And this is Cecilia!" Rina finished. "Pleased to make your acquaintance." Cecilia smiled. "Oh and my name is Rina." She added whilst pointing to herself. "Well it's nice to meet you all." Michael ended as he took a gulp of his oil. Michael noticed that many Cold Callers and Telemarketers as well as 's were staring at him. For the remaining breakfast time they talked about recent sales and gave Michael some tips on getting a promotion much faster while increasing his sales.
"Well everyone, it's 0750 AM, time to get to work!" The Vice President boomed. "Now go make those sales!" He exclaimed, and with that, everyone went to their stations.

"1245 PM, almost time for lunch!" Rina said to herself.
"Just need take these last 5 calls, then call Cashbot HQ back at 1305 PM, and it's lunch time with Ceci!".
The phone rang and she immediately picked it up. "Hello, Sellbot HQ, Mingler no. 153-2 speaking." "Hey Rina it's me Cecilia, how's work?" "Oh doing good, just need to take 5 more calls, then call back Cashbot HQ and that's it." "Oh that's good I'm almost done as well I ju-" "Hold that thought Cec, I got a call on line 4 .."
Rina pressed four and began again "Hello, Sellbot HQ, Mingler no. 153-2 speaking."
"Hello there Mingler 153-2, this is Flunky 923-3, I was calling to see if the VP is available anytime soon, my bos- I mean the CEO would like to make an appointment with him as soon as possible." The Flunky asked. "Hmm, can you give me a moment to check his planner..?" She asked. "Certainly." Rina set the phone aside and opened up the VPs planner on the computer to see an available date. "No, no, no ,no ,no ,no, Ah!" She picked up the phone again.
"Ahh, yes, it appears that the VP is available this Saturday." "Perfect, now I am going to need you to write down the time and place down please so let me know whe you are ready." She clicked on the available space in the computers planner and got ready to type. "Ready." "Okay the Meeting place will be here at Bossbot HQ at 1300PM. Did you get that?" "Yes." "Alrighty then, you have a wonderful day Miss." "You too!"Rina added and with that the Flunky hung up.
Rina pressed the number 3 on the phone and Cecilia was put on the line again.
"Well that was long." Cecilia blurted out. "Yeah, yeah, anyways what were you going to tell me..?" "Oh yeah, while you were on the phone I finished delivering the last batch of promotion papers to the VP, and got started on filing the Mover & Shaker reports. I'm surprised you finished fast today." "Yeah me too. Just need to make 1 final call and that's it." "Well okay then. I gotta go. See you in a little bit!" Cecilia said and hung up before Rina could say bye. The phone rang and Rina swiped it up. "Hello, Sellbot HQ, Mingler 153-2 speaking." "Hello there ma'am, this is Robber Baron 226-15 calling from Cashbot HQ about the appointment. Yeah it seems that the CEO is going to hold a meeting this Saturday at Bossbot Headquarters, so it seems that the CFO would rather not waste the VPs time and would rather meet him over there instead. The VP has gotten the invitation correct?" "Yes, he has." "Perfect, then that is all. Good Bye." The Robber Baron hung up on Rina too. She got her pencil and put 3 more strikes on a post it labeled 'VP calls'. 'Just 2 more calls and that's it' She thought to herself. Rina thought to herself as leaned back on her chair and gave a deep sigh. She closed her eyes and relaxed as she knew that she was basically done with today's work.

_Somewhere on Sleet Street_
"Well it's 1307PM, almost time for lunch!" An Ambulance Chaser said to another. "Good because I am sooo hungry!" The other told. "What do you both think you're doing!? It's almost time for lunch and you guys are slacking off. How many toons have you two saddened?" A Spin Doctor asked the two Ambulance Chasers. "Relax Callum, altogether we have sadden 17 toons." Said the first Ambulance Chaser. "How many do you have to sadden?" Asked the Spin Doctor called 'Callum'. The two Ambulance Chaser's started counting with their fingers and yelled in unison "25 each!"
"You aren't even half way done!? If you guys don't finish your assignments you will both get you second strike." Callum told them trying not to sound worried. "Relax doc" Began the first Ambulance Chaser,"We'll get our work done."
"I hope so. Well in the mean time, do you need any assistance?" Asked the Spin Doctor. "As a matter of fact, we might need some." Responded the second Ambulance Chaser. And so the three got to work.