"Attention Sellbots, the 45 minute lunch period has begun, everyone my now head toward the Cafeteria. Enjoy your lunch!" Announced the VP through his office microphone. Immediately the Sellbots began pouring out of their offices and cubicles, into the Cafeteria to get their food.

Rina made her way into the crowd but was suddenly stopped as she came face to face with a . 'Oh god, what does he want now..' She wondered to herself. "Hey there Rina" The began "Long time since we last talked, huh?" "What do you want Martin!? I thought I made it clear to you a while back that I had to interest in talking to you anymore!" She snapped at him. "Oh Rina, I just wanted to say hi, you know. There is no need to give me that sort of attitude." Martin smirked, as he began to move in closer to her causing her to back up on one of the walls. He put his arms on the wall too so she won't escape. "Hey, back off will ya'! I don't feel that way toward you!" She remarked. "Oh, well maybe you will now though..." Martin said as he moved his face closer to hers, puckering his lips. Cecilia happened to be a few feet away from them and saw what was happening. Just then the Name Dropper bolted toward them pushing and shoving different Sellbots out of her way. She made it just in time and grabbed Rina's hand and pulled her out of Martins lock. "Heya Martin, nice to see you, I need to borrow Rina, okay? See ya' later!" Cecilia interrupted, and pulled Rina deep into the crowd of Sellbots with her. "Phew, that was a close one!" Sighed Rina. "Thanks for the save back there, Cec!" Rina added.

They made it to the front of the line and got their lunch- a slice of pizza and a glass of oil. They found Asher, Johnny, and their new friend Michael, waiting for them at a table close to the VP.

Lunch flew by and everyone was sent back into their stations at 1405 PM.

Rina went back to the 'Appointment Desk' and waited for her last two calls.

_Somewhere on Polar Place in the Brrrgh_

"16 down, 9 more to go.." Said the first Ambulance Chaser to his brother, the second Ambulance Chaser, and to Callum. The Twins has defeated their sixteenth toon while the Spin Doctor had defeat his twenty-fifth. They walked into a building with no name on it and took it over, making it the second building the Ambulance Chasers had tooken over, and the third one for the Spin Doctor. They had worked through lunch so they were practically starving. "Caaaaalluuuuuum, can we take a break?"Asked the second twin. "Yeah, we've been working so looooooooooooong!" Groaned the first twin.

"No, breaks, we have to finish our work, now quit complaining you two."

After a long while they finally finished and flew back to their Lawbot HQ, where another assignment was given to them.

Callum was assigned to scout around Lawbot HQ to make sure no intruders were to go to either the CJ or the District Attorney's offices without dealing with him and many other Spin Doctors and Back Stabbers.

Where as, the the first twin was assigned to make phone calls to different cogs regarding jury notices and trial dates, and the second twin was assigned paperwork. ALOT OF PAPERWORK.

The twins were bored out of their minds, until the first twin hatched an idea. He grabbed the phone and dialed to Sellbot HQ. "Hey what are you doing? You don't have any Sellbots on the list of people you have to give a jury notice to.."Questioned the second twin. "Shoosh, it's ringing!"

"Hello, Sellbot HQ, Mingler 153-2 speaking." Greeted the cog on the other side of the phone. "CONGRATULATIONS" Began the first Ambulance Chaser,"You have won the National Cog Associations sweepstakes!"

"Uhh, I don't remember entering a sweepstakes, or there being a sweepstakes for that matter." "Oh well, uh, it's real alright.. Anyways you are the lucky winner and you have won $1,000,000 Cogbucks!" Yelled the the first twin in glee. "Oh my god! Where do I pick up my prize!?" Rina yelled excitedly. "Uh, uh, in Toontown Central, on uhh, U.R Fool Boulevard!" Rina opened a cabinet and took out a map of Toontown and searched for U.R. Fool Boulevard. 'U.R Fool Boulevard, I don't see it on the- Wait a minute, U.. R.. Fool. Oh god I've been pranked...She figured out in her head. She heard the other side of her phone snickering. "This is a prank isn't it?" She said with an annoyed tone. She then heard the cog on the phone break out laughing with another cog. She felt like a- a fool! Before long Sellbots started poking their heads out of their cubicles to look at Rina and all the noise coming form the phone. She felt the eyes hit her like a squirt flower shooting water at her. How did that feel anyways, she never went out of the HQ in her cog life. Her face flushed with embarrassment. "Look, I like a good joke, but I am in a er- how do I put this..." She began thinking of how she could explain but she just came out with it. "You, whoever you are, you just embarrassed me, in front of many co-workers and superiors..."She said in a quieter tone. "Oh."The laughing ceased. "Yeah, I like pranks, believe me I DO, but I'm working an important assignment so I think you might not understand..."She confessed. "Oh,uh, I'm sorry about that.. I understand I will hang up now. Sorry, and I hope you have a nice day."He said in a slightly cheerful tone. "Thank you, good bye." And they both hung up. The first twin then straightened himself, and began working on delivering the calls.

_ Sellbot HQ _

Rina put another strike on the post it, and now only needed one more call.

She started thinking about who was on the line with her. She then picked up the phone and checked the call history and saw it was from Lawbot HQ.

'A Lawbot did this? Heh, and here I thought they were so uptight! I should have at least asked him his name.. I wonder what model he was...' She thought to herself. She leaned back and tried to picture a Lawbot who would actually have a sense of humor.

Night time fell and everyone was sent to their rooms. Cecilia and Rina both changed into their mahogany pajamas, plugged themselves into the wall sockets, and laid down on their beds. "Hey Cecilia.." Rina whispered. "Yeah?"

"Have you every heard of Lawbots with a sense of humor?"

"Err, not really.. Why?"

"I got a prank call from Lawbot HQ today.. The cog on the line was really.. Full of spirit! I mean there was Randall, he was nice, but pretty boring.. I tried joking around with him everytime I had the chance but not even a chuckle.."

"Well... There might be 2 cogs I know of.. I mean I have heard from a Mover & Shaker that there were factory error cogs.. To be more exact, a couple of wires got crossed and these 2 Lawbots were full of emotions.."

"Well don't just keep me wondering, who are they!?"Rina exclaimed.

"Hey take it easy there, I don't know everything about everyone ya' know.. Of course I did hear they call themselves the 'Chaser Brothers'. My guess is that they are Ambulance Chasers."The sleepy Name Dropper finished.

"Hmm, that narrows it down.. Thank Ceci."Rina replied in glee.

"You're welcome, anways I'm going tosleep now.. Good Night.."Cecilia yawned.

"Oh but before I sleep, 1 question.."Said the Cecilia before she forgot.

"What is it, Cec?"

"Are you interested in the Ambulance Chaser?"

Rina was silent for a moment and then responded,"I- I really don't know... Maybe." And with that, they both went to sleep.

"Hey wake up sleepy head, it's Friday! Now get dressed before you make us run late!"Cecilia yelled at the sleeping Mingler.

After a few minutes or yelling back and forth, Rina got up, unplugged herself, and stretched before making her way into the restroom. Moments later she came out dressed and ready to go. The morning consisted of the same event from the day before, breakfast, chatting with their friends, and punching in. Rina was assigned at her cubicle today. She sat there stapling some forms together while day dreaming what it would be like to be hit by a pie, or sprayed with a hose. Probably painful, but it still looked kinda fun. The toons life looked fun. They didn't have to staple things all day, or take calls for their boss, even if her boss was the nicest boss on the world, she still wished she could live without a worry in a world. She returned back to earth when her supervisor, Mingler 129-34, 'Michelle', yelled at her to pick up the pace and to quit slacking off before she writes her up. Rina wasn't on good terms with Michelle, the fact that Michelle was a bully to her along with three other Minglers. Rina obviously couldn't defend her herself since she wasn't in the position to do so. She was a factory error, what could she do? All the higher and lower rank/leveled cogs would look down on her. The only person who would stand up for her was Cecilia, her best friend. Asher didn't dare to speak against the Minglers because he would be picking a fight he didn't want to be a part of. Rina sighed and started stapling faster. Still she couldn't help but wonder who the prank caller was. 'I guess that mystery will get solved another time...'

_Be Cecilia_

You are now Cecilia. You are currently working the front desk, multitasking actually. You have been answering and dropping calls all morning, filing write ups, and stamping papers as well. It is 0926AM. It's about to be your five minute break very soon. You are relieved that you have your break soon, since you really need one. You take a few more calls and you begin your break. You go get a drink of water to cool down and return to your desk. You begin thinking about the Lawbots who pranked your friend and get curious. You remember that cogs have access to many files on HQ's and other cogs on the computer. You quickly click on the icon labeled 'Cog Information'. It loads in seconds and requests a password. Password? What kind of password? You think about it for a moment and type in 'Sellbothqadmin'. As you press the enter button, a red 'X' appears on the screen. You type in 'cognation'. The X appears again. Guess that wasn't it either. You think hard and try to think of a possible password. Did this go by region, or was it one password for everyone to share. Then it hit you. You remembered seeing a password a long time ago for something. You type in 'VPaccess'. A large green 'O' appears on the screen and it grants you access. A browser opens up and has four choices, Sellbot HQ, Cashbot HQ, Lawbot HQ, and Bossbot HQ. You click on 'Lawbot HQ' and another 4 choices show up on the screen. This time it is 'Chief Justice, Lawbot cogs, District Attorney's office, and Trials. You move the cursor and click on 'Lawbot cogs'. Another window pops up and requests a password to view the following. You decide to try 'VPaccess' again and it worked. The VP is so cute, he didn't even try to prevent access to anyone else. You click on the 'Ambulance Chaser' cog types and 8 long lists pop up. You don't have time for this. You click on an option that reads 'Factory errors'. The computer takes a few seconds to retrieve the data. Only five Ambulance Chasers are on that list. Three of them deceased, and two of them still active. You click on the active Ambulance Chasers and their information pops up on the screen.

"Damien and Nick are their names? Hmm, hmm, hmmmm..."

You then remember that you only have a five minute break and look at the clock. 0942AM. "Oh crap.."slips out of your mouth as you realize you exceeded your break time. You quickly open up a Notepad and attempt to copy and paste the information. Just then you saw your supervisor, Glad Hander 345-15 walk in your direction. You paste as much information as you can and click the Print option. The large handed cog gives you a puzzled look and becomes suspicious. You quickly stop copy pasting, and printing, and proceed to quickly close the browser.

"Is there a problem Miss Cecilia?" He asks you with a suspicious tone of voice.

"Nothing at all sir, I just remembered I had to finish a task and I was trying hurry up and finish it before the deadline.." You say without making eye contact.

"It looks like you are printing something over there." He tells you as he look at the printer printing.

"It's nothing! It's nothing sir..." You blurt out. "In fact they are unimportant papers so I will go and dispose of them." You grab the papers from the printer and take them to the farthest shredder. You take a quick last glimpse of them before you shred them, and notice something strange.

'Very uncog like behavior in twins...' Cecilia wondered what that meant but didn't have the time to figure it out. She quickly shredded the papers and got back to work.

_That Night_

"Hey Rina, you still awake?"

"Yeah why?" Rina turned to face you.

"That guy pranked called you.. I found out some weird stuff about him.."

"What is it?"

"Well for starters he has a twin brother. Their names are Nick and Damien.."

"What's so weird about that?" Rina chuckled.

"I was on the computer today and got on a site with top secret info about the cogs and the HQs... Those guys have quote 'Very uncog like behavior...' unquote."

"Hmm, interesting..."

After that you both went to sleep..