Maglor followed Fingon's form as it grew closer. "I should have realized he would be the first to come, don't you agree Maitimo?" There was no answer and Maglor shook his fiercely. Maedhros was gone.

"Where's Maitimo?" Fingon's ever-curious voice broke into his thoughts.

Maglor shook his head again. "He's..well..." He paused, unsure how to break the news to his cousin, "You'll see." He finished lamely and led Fingon inside.

Said cousin's eyes narrowed and suspicion and worry, but he thankfully didn't say anything.

"Macalaurë!" Maglor was broken out of his deep thoughts by Fingon shouting his name and someone slamming into him. "Sorry," He muttered to the person.

"Sorry? Sorry! It's not me you should be sorry to."

"Oh," Maglor realized, "Hello Curufin."

"Don't hello me!" His brother snapped and roughly pushed past him, nearly knocking Maglor over. As he did so, he hissed "Traitor!" at Maglor.

Fingon watched him go, confused. Then he turned to face Maglor. "What was that all about? And why did he call you a traitor? What did you do?"

Maglor sighed deeply and rubbed his forehead. "He, apparently, believe to a certain degree that we can trust Morgoth's word. Either that, or he just doesn't want to believe that Mai-" Maglor stopped short, unsure how to tell Fingon what had happened before Fingolfin's host had arrived.

Fingon grabbed Maglor's shoulders, forcing him to look his way. "What were you about to say?"

Maglor drew in a deep breath, then suddenly let it all out. "That Maitimo has been imprisoned by Morgoth for a few years now."

Fingon sunk to the floor. "And why'd he call you a traitor?"

"I choose to not trust Morgoth's word."

"You mean you-"

Maglor spun around and stormed off before Fingon could finish, desperate to not hear the accusing words out of another mouth. But he didn't leave fast enough for he still heard Fingon cry out; "You left Maitimo in the hands of Morgoth?!"