The peaceful-looking castle holds no indication from the outside that a battle for dominance rages within. If you were to enter through the now-unguarded entrance, bodies of both free peoples and of Sauron's forces litter the spiraling pathways and it isn't obvious who is currently winning. A battle roars above and the corpses pile up almost to the middle landing of the twisting staircase. The stench of death emanates over the building as thunder rumbles outside and lightning splits the darkness open like the claws of a Warg raking open the stomach of a brave defender...or offender. It is impossible to tell now who laid claim to the fortress before. Silence echoes suddenly from above and the enemy flees the demolished walls, leaving the free peoples batted, but victorious. The battle is won for now, but how much longer can the crumbling army last? There might be a battle yet that will crush their foundations and leave the forces of the enemy unchallenged. They are victorious, but for how long...?

A/N: I was debating with myself whether or not to tell you this, but the side that wanted to won. So...this particular ficlet is based off of...Lord of the Rings Online. There, I said it. I was bored one day and wandered over to watch my brother who was ironically(no, not really. I just like using that word.) playing on Monster Play. Now, for those of you who don't play LOTRO, Monster Play is a feature that unlocks when you get a player up to level 10(I think) where you basically play as the enemy. One class is free, the rest you have to unlock and they are kind of pricey. Anyway...he was playing as a monster(because when your free person reaches level 75, it's safe to go into the Ettenmors[the place Monster Play takes place in] and fight other people playing as 'Creeps'{monsters. Free people are known as 'Freeps'}) and was at one of the places that can switch hands through Creep or Freep raids(do I really need to explain the concept of a raid to you? If I do, that's sad). The Freeps won[hence the ending] and this little story was born.

PS(for those of you who care) lord of the rings online is now free, so if you want to play, look it up.