Blame my friend's creepy park at night *smiles innocently* for it is surely not my fault.

The stars' translucent glow was all Curufin could see. He knew that was all he was going to see in his last moments. He was going to die here...alone...abandoned. He deserved no less, he knew it. And yet...he hoped and wished that someone would come to hold his hand and comfort him in his last moments. He tried to croak out one of his brothers' names, but the words would no come out. Silent sobs wracked his injured body as he felt his vision going hazy. As his eyes slid closed against his wishes - for he knew that if they closed, they would never open again - he saw in the corner of his eyes; the familiar figure of his oldest brother.

Maedhros reached his brother as Curufin's eyes slid shut. "Tell my son..." Maedhros leaned forward to listen, but Curufin was already gone. Maedhros lowered his head onto his brother's still warm chest, but did not cry. Maedhros never cried, none of his brother did. Tears were a sign of weakness. And yet, when Maglor come upon his brother - one dead and one still breathing - Maedhros' body shook with the tears that would not come out.