In the middle of the night, a terrible storm was ravaging the city. Lightning stroke the skies, showing the rage of the upper realms. But where there should be nobody else, light illuminated inside the garden of the Guardians. Everybody was there, awaiting the storm to pass. Everybody, besides Amu…

And then, she entered, slamming open the glass door. She was wet, drops of water dripping from her whole figure. Her heavy breath echoed into the garden, and the slow sound of sobbing could still be felt. Ikuto stood up, but Utau grabbed his hand, piercing him with her eyes.

"What's the matter, Amu?" Kukai asked, looking at her pitiful form. But he already knew, for around her only a glittering form of a chara could be seen, Dia.

"My charas…" she sobbed, holding tight on the doorstep. "They were all crushed… It's only Dia left now…" she said, breaking down slowly. Everybody exchanged looks.

"Too bad!" Tadase stood up, laughing a little. "But if you don't have any strong charas we'll just have to kick you out. Hinamori Amu! From this point onward, you are relieved of your duty."

"What…." Amu looked at him, not believing what she heard.

"That's right. Dia is weak. And if she's so, that means you also are weak. We don't have any use for you of her anymore." Rima said, looking at the table.

"We also think that." Utau said, and Yaya nodded from her right.

Ikuto made a few steps towards her. Tears fell down on her figure, and she fell into despair.

"No!" she yelled, seeing Ikuto try to touch her. "Don't touch me!" she yelled, taking everybody a bit aback. She turned around and dashed into the rain, her tears being the only thing left in the Garden. And these tears shook something in Ikuto's heart.

"It was true… Everything they said was true!" Amu yelled, frustrated, as she ran into the storm, her pink hair becoming a beautiful and cold shade of white, with a single black highlight.

One year passed since then. Many things changed. Many emotions changed. Amu… she left Japan, in an attempt to recover herself. Now being a model known in the whole world, she also discovered her voice, becoming what they call an idol. But she isn't known as Amu. Now… she is Akemi Eclipse, one of the elite in the entertainment world.

"Amu-chan! Do we really have to return there…?" Ran asked, pouting as she sat on Amu's shoulder.

Ran, Amu's first chara, still alive. Technically, they died, were destroyed. But they were given a new form, and were reborn from Amu's new found feelings. She is Amu's Dance side, the burning love of moving gracefully as a butterfly. This wish is also shown into Ran's attire, made of a long sleeved dance outfit, black and red. Her hair was tied into twin buns and she replaced the pompons with a set of colored fans.

"Of course we have to go. It is an important mission after all." Miki explained, smiling from the window. She remained as Amu's artistic part, but these feelings were more intense now, not staying as simple drawing. It became a way to escape stress, and Miki now resembled a princess out of fairy tales, with her long aqua marine hair, not covered by a hat, but by pearls. More like a girl, she wore a dress, a white dress, with blue ribbons.

"I want to go and see everybody…" Su said nostalgically. She was the lady-like side of Amu, carefree and shiny like a green forest in the middle of the summer, with beautiful curls and fluffy white dress.

"Why would you even want something like that? Remember? They hurt our lady." A small girl floating around pinched Su. She was dressed as a goth Lolita and her hair was long and shiny black.

"Rika, don't tease Su. She didn't mean anything by that." Another chara dressed in purple came, grabbing the lolita's hand. In contrast, she had a flowy silver hair, scattering like a waterfall on her back.

"Rika… Yuka… you woke me up…" a small body with shiny eyes murmured, getting out of a handkerchief that replaced a blanket. It was Dia, without any doubt. But even she looked different, at least her outfit was, being replaced by a wedding dress.

Rika and Yuka were born when Amu left Japan, becoming twins. Yuka was Amu's wish to shout to the world her feelings, her wish to sing freely, while Rika was the pain she gathered, wanting to feel happiness for herself and forsake the world, she's became Amu's sadistic and guilty side.

"Don't be upset now. We will have plenty of time to sleep and see everybody as you wish, and even more than this." Amu, with her newly purple eyes giggled, taking Dia in her hand. She then looked around her, smiling to the four persons gathered here and to their charas. "Kate, Lacie, Dylan, Mark and me will enroll to my former academy after all. Isn't it right, everybody?" she asked, receiving smiles.

"That's a given."

"Don't expect me to behave too well though."

"Mark, don't give us trouble on the first day."

"You're one to talk, Dylan."

These four are the very representation of the elements, each of them having sworn to protect Amu.

Lacie, the wind and the sky… Her medium dirty blond hair and chocolate brown eyes gave her a somehow resemblance to an angel. The chara accompanying her was Monado, Lacie's wish to be pure and free. The little chara was like a saint, with her deep blue eyes and light blue hair, dressed in feathered robes.

Kate, the earth and its life… She became the roots of this group. Brown wavy hair and green eyes characterized her. And her chara was Aria, the wish of having somebody to call her own, her own family. Aria looked pretty much like a school girl, dressed in a white uniform that fit with her short green hair.

Dylan, the waters and the calmly waves that can become deadly… Truly the image of water, he had clear blue eyes, with black hair. His wish was that of creating something that will last, an eternal oath… and that was Kirito, with his raven hair, dressed simply with a pair of pants, but adored with golden accessories.

And Mark, the burning fire and deadly flames… Red hair as the flames themselves, but with onyx black eyes. He had only one wish, that of protecting. To protect a single dear person, at least that person… Mamoru, the darkness itself, only the burning red hair saying else.

"We should arrive in a few minutes. I arranged for an house big enough for us somewhere near the academy." Lucy said, looking at the time on her cellphone.

"The Garden was also build. The principal couldn't refuse such a big donation after all." Kate giggled.

"Also, as my research go, these people are still here." Dylan said, looking on the window, a smirk appearing on his face.

"Yosh! Now we can get our revenge on them!" Rika shouted, jumping in the air.

"Rika! Remember what we're here for!" Kirito sighed.

"We're here! We're finally here!" Su announced, her face fixed on the window.

"Welcome to Tokyo, minna-san! We hope that you enjoy your stay here. That goes for our dear audience too." Dia raised, and even Amu stood up, the plane landing.

"Dear readers, we hope from our very hearts that you will enjoy this newly opened story, the tragedy that begun on a stormy night. Here, destiny can be real cruel, so at least you shall enjoy, hehe. Welcome on the stage!"