Usually holding hands with Annabeth made percy giddy, but while falling into

a terrifying pit ugly evilness, not so much. A million thoughts were running through his head at once (Many of them went like, "AAAAAHH!") .Then it all stopped. Annabeth was here. He pulled her toward him in a tight embrace. Then he screamed bloody murder. Annabeth put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Her intent was clear, shut up seaweedbrain. It worked. Their speed was rapidly increasing, Percy pulled away and flipped them over so he was the closest to the ground and before Annabeth could protest they hit with a sickening crack.


Annabeth laid on Percy's chest while she regained her bearings, then she let out a string of curses so long, even a horse would be impressed. For the most part he had cushioned her fall, but her previously broken ankle was shown little mercy. She sat up slowly to check on him and gasped. A pool of blood had gathered around his head, and his arm was in a VERY unnatural position. His pulse was slow and faint. She scrambled for ambrosia and soon realized her backpack was lost. She checked his pockets and found one mashed up piece. In panic she opened his mouth and forced it down his throat. His eyes fluttered open and he groaned.