Pete has always been the funny guy, the one that makes jokes when Clark is in emo mode, the one that makes Chloe smile when she knows she's going to cry. He likes making Chloe smile, because when she smiles he smiles, knowing that he's changed her world for a moment. He wishes he could make her smile all the time, but he can't. She told him once that he makes everything more manageable, makes things seem better when really they're worse than ever. All Pete wants is Chloe, but all she wants is Clark. Clark has powers, he's the one that pulls her out of burning buildings and saves her from her psycho meteor freak boyfriends, but he still makes her cry, with every love-struck glance at Lana, every time he blows her off for the brunette beauty, every time he chooses Chloe's best girlfriend over her. Pete never made Chloe cry.

Once Clark asked Chloe for her opinion on asking Lana to a school dance, the same one Chloe was desperately planning to ask Clark to. She had a dress already picked out, her hair and makeup choices made. She brushed it off, saying she was just playing around, but Pete knew her better than that. He saw the cracks in her perfectly crafted armour, the way her smile seemed a little forced, and her eyes seemed a little too bright.

Pete took Chloe to the dance, passing it off as a 'neither of us have dates so let's go together' kind of thing, although Pete had in fact turned down a few invitations himself. The dance was amazing, the music captivating and the decorations stunning, but Pete only had eyes for Chloe and the way her silky pink dress complemented her golden hair and perfect smile. Chloe would never see Pete as more than a friend, but he was, at least, grateful for that.