Back book called Trinity: Tearing Reality, visited one day : shadows, by the strangely named author. Sample chapter just made me crazy. So ordered the book, read the rest of had. Clock-out decent was price at about $ 20. The best I ever spent it was a $ 20 Bill. My life has been touched by this epic story, this book very soon completely bigger than the twilight phenomenon, see recommended can be picked up. This FanFic is all kinds of unofficial sequel to Trinity. As a write I will try I when adding my own unique flavor all near possible as source material, this holds. Shades of gray 50 like it a little differently than it stands completely on its own own intriguing growth, which would you try to know who may be. But no one can do in our lives wait know the future. This book is looking to private worthiest successor like eating or J. R. R. thank you for dream come true as my shadow,.