-Prologue Part 1

The Doom Patrol were running through the dense forest. Were they being chased? No. Were they chasing something? Perhaps. After running for close to an hour, the Doom Patrol stopped to take a breather, or as much to a breather as 2 minutes can give you.

"Doom Patrol, break time's over, MOVE OUT." Mento's stern voice roused his time up, except for a certain little green boy.

"Mento*pant* I'm so tired*pant* I wanna rest a bit more, PLEEEASE." whined Beastboy.

"No Beastboy, the Brotherhood of Evil will not stop, neither should we, now LET'S GO"


"I wasn't asking Beastboy."

"But sir can't we just fly there", Beastboy responded with a hint of anger in his voice.

"And lose the element of surprise? BEASTBOY HOW DENSE CAN YOU GET?"

"He's just a kid Steve, cut him some slack, besides with your yelling, we might just lose your precious element of surprise" Larry's words silenced Mento, but everyone can still feel the aura of disappointment radiating off him.

Beastboy clenched his fist as tear's began to fall from his eyes. He then felt a hand gently placed on his right shoulder.

"It's okay Garfield, it's almost over, soon the Brotherhood in Evil will be in jail, and we'll be home soon" Rita's words sooth the wounds that Mento had caused.

Then Beastboy felts his whole world shine again. Mento may have been a pain in the ass, but he'd always have his family to fall back on, Larry, Cliff, and Rita. Oh especially Rita, she was the mother-figure that Beastboy longed for. Her selfless devotion and sacrifice was almost enough for him to forget his own biological mother. Almost.

After another 30 minutes of running they finally see a castle perched on a large mountain in the distance. The Doom Patrol observed the castle for a while. It was an impressive looking structure, medieval in every sense of the word, it could have been used for tourism. Too bad they have infiltrate it.

"There's no time to rest, the Brotherhood of Evil's base is inside the castle, we must move NOW"
The Doom Patrol, though exhausted, obeyed his orders without question, even Beastboy. They had no plans to stop as their arch-nemesis-is were just within their grasp. Soon the Doom Patrol climbed the mountain had headed towards an entrance. Their presence has not been detected, at least not yet.

Mento voiced his concern to his team, urging them to take this mission seriously " Inside these walls is the most sinister weapon the Brotherhood of Evil has ever created." Mento used psychic abilities to blow away the door "It MUST be destroyed!" After a pause, Mento then ordered "Doom Patrol, MOVE OUT!" The Doom Patrol defeated the Brotherhood's goons and bypassed several booby-trapped rooms and immensely dangerous "obstacle courses". They finally managed to break through the last door and stumbled upon the infamous weapon. There was a silince, then Mento spoke out,

"This is it, the quantum generator"

Larry hoarsely replied, "You mean that hunk of junk makes black holes?"

"I don't intend to find out" was all Mento could say. With his mental powers, he removed the lid to the battery of the machine.

Without looking at Beastboy, Mento asked him,


"Sir yes sir!" Beastboy was enthusiastic at the chance to impress Mento

"Just like we practised Peregrine falcon NOW!"

Beastboy morphed into the bird and blew towards the battery. Only to intercepted and grabbed by none- other than Monsier Mallah.

Beastboy struggled against Mallah's grip, but to no avail. A platform behind the oversized ape rose, and on it, Brain.

Cliff spoke up "Tell your pet monkey to let the kid go Brain"

The Brain answered back in his classic but lifeless monotone "You are hardly in a position to demand anything, Robotman. In just a few moments, my quatum generator will become fully operational and the Doom Patrol will be its first victims" Brain began to glow green, powering up his machine. He then ordered his ape, "Monsier Mallah, crush him"

"Beastboy CHANGE!"

Beastboy did what Mento told him to do, but no matter what he changed to Mallah's grip was still too tight.

Rita stepped up, pleading to Mento that he needs help.

"He'll have to take care of himself Rita, all of you, take out the generator." Right after he said it, a pink like energy struck the Doom Patrol minus Beastboy.

"Monsieur Mallah, if you please." Mallah unceremoniously dropped Beastboy and obeyed his master and joined him on the platform. "You've been a most agreeable adversary, Mento, farewell." Beastboy was awakened by the grunts of pain coming his team. Mento ordered him

"Beastboy, it's creating a blackhole, DESTROY THAT MACHINE!"

Beastboy was intimidated by the size of the machine. Sure he had training with his powers, but he has never morphed into a creature large enough to destroy that hunk of junk. He responded.

"It-it's too big!"

"You must, DO IT NOW"Just then, a black hole began to materialise.

After taking a glance at his team, Beastboy had to make to one of biggest quick decisions of his life, "Save the team, or destroy the machine." He then made up his mind.

"Think big, think big, think big" for a second new flesh and bone began to form around Beastboy, he morphed into the tyrant lizard, Tyrannosaurus Rex.

He then wobbled towards the machine intending to destroy it. Mallah tried to jump on Beastboy, but he swung his head to the left, hitting Mallah and sending him flying across the vast room. He then proceed to destroy the machine by charging full speed at it. The black hole grew large enough to suck in small cars, but no dinosaurs. Beastboy head-butted the machine causing it to break into pieces.

He then saw Mallah carrying Brain trying to escape the castle. He was tempted to go after them, but his team was still in danger. He began to wobble towards them. He morphed back into a human, exhausted, but not unconscious. He then looked up at Mento and the team, who was still in great pain. Mento gave his last orders to Beastboy.

"Beastboy go after the Brain, we'll be fine!"

"But you guys are in pain I want to help!"


Beastboy is once again presented with an opportunity to make Mento proud. He closed his tight, thinking about what to do, then he opened them and revealed a pair of eyes that revealed determination. "The eye or rather eyes of a Tiger."

"I won't let you down, sir" Beastboy then morphed into a Pterosaur, a flew straight through a window in pursuit of Mallah and the Brain.

Mento felt something he had yet to feel for Beastboy, pride, he spoke his last words, not that anyone could hear, "That's my boy." He along with the others drifted into unconsciousness as the intense pain overloaded their brains.

Beastboy flew with an sense of duty and honor, he was took focused on finding Brain that he didn't a group of robots. He was shot right out of the air by a laser. He morphed back into human before landing on a treetop, which he then fell on the ground. As he was getting up a group of robots approached him. Beastboy got a good look at them. The robots were a good 6ft tall, with a pair of "eyes, arms, and legs" though their thick metal plating distinguised them from humans, normal ones at least. They carried blasters in their hands, speaking of which all 400 of them had their blasters aimed at him. Though the most notable feature on the robots was that they bore a skull like emblem on their "chest", they controlled by Brain.

"Do you surrender little green one?"

"Uh no, barf brain, are you gonna surrender?"

If brains in jars could laugh, Brain would have certainly laughed then. Brain then responded to him after his silent laugh

"I knew animals stupid, but you are just a hopeless cause. Eliminate him."
And then they fired. He morphed into hummingbird, this nimble creature was a favourite of Beastboy's, he used to avoid even the most heaviest of gun/laser fire. He flew towards the robots with grace, after all he had training and experience. When he flew over them, he morphed into a T-rex again and landed on the robots. Half of them were destroyed in his landing. He then proceeded to destroy the remaining robots. Beastboy was in pain, great pain. He's morphed more times now than he did in the past, even morphing in a T-rex, twice! Not to mention that the robots were shooting back. While the lasers couldn't pierce the thick reptilian skin it burned it, leaving a scorching black mark in it's place. After dealing with the robots, he set his eyes on the brain in a jar just 50 ft from where he was standing. He made a loud roar and ran towards the vulnerable mastermind. Mallah emerged from the forest and punched the creatures right leg, although the T-rex is larger than Mallah, and oversized gorilla can pack a very strong punch. Beastboy roared in pain, and collasped on his side. He then morphed back into himself and held his now broken right leg.

"Little green one have you forgetten something besides your common sense?"

Beastboy didn't answer, only grunted in pain as he held his broken leg.

"Answer to Master, it is a privilege that you're alive in his presence." replied Mallah

After a short pause, Beastboy responded, "So what you're kill me now huh?"

"No green one, where is the fun in that" Brain glowed blue as a T.V screen rose from the ground revealing the Doom Patrol still being struck by the pink energy, but they aren't making any sound or even moving.

Beastboy then felt as if an elephant was stepping on his stomach, he felt overwhelming guilty as he saw his motion-less team-mates. Beastboy tried to omit words, but only whimpers came out. He then realized the daunting truth, he had left his team to die for the slim chance of him stopping the Brotherhood of Evil. He realized that he made the wrong choice, and now his team, his family were going to die because of it. Another 4 people will soon be added to the list of people he cared, who died under his watch. He then began to do the one thing most 12 year olds do after feeling such guilt, cry.

Beastboy thought to himself,

'Pathetic, one family to another, can I do anything right!'

"Do not worry little green one, they are not dead. The pain has rendered them unconscious but not dead."

" Please Brain, make it stop, stop hurting them, I'll do ANYTHING, just please stop hurting them", he begged and begged, but Brain doesn't care.

"As you wish little green one" Brain then glowed red. Beastboy stared at him with curiosity, until he heard a series of explosions, big explosions.

Beastboy spun his head around and watched in horror as the castle was being destroyed, he then turned to the T.V where he saw part of the castle land on his team, killing them so quickly yet so brutal. The T.V then lost transmission. Eventually the rock under the castle gave way to the explosions and the rubble that was once the castle fell down the mountain side.

"NOOOOO!" Beastboy began to trash around, trying to move towards the disaster site. But with his broken leg he couldn't and decided to stay put.

"Sweet dreams, little green one" Just then Mallah punched Beastboy in the head, knocking him out cold.

-3 hours later-

After waking up, Beastboy felt the urge to run away. Beastboy was running through the woods as a cheetah. He was fleeing the scene of destriction that was the ruined castle, the tomb of the Doom Patrol. If cheetahs could cry, Beastboy certainly was now.

'I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.'

He continued to run towards somewhere, unconsciously awaiting the things that were about to unfold in his troubled career as a superhero.