A year. It's been a year since the shooting. Emma had had some problems yes but she was making it through, I mean, the Jay thing was defiantly a bump in the road but she cleared that up when she told him he was bad for her during the Dracula play. I mean, clearly the guy didn't really want her.

One: It was JAY HOGART.

Two: He never dumped Alex for her

Three: she was clearly just his new toy

So, a year since that happened too, and they were back to taunting enemies, only Jay teased her with more sexual harassment now, and she played with fire by hitting him where it hurts, Alex had turned lesbian, which was just HILARIOUS.

Things were now all back to normal, it was going to be Emma's last year, a senior! Things were so back to normal that even after Sean had jumped infront of Emma to save her from Rick, even they have went back to being enemies again too. I mean, he's not as harsh as Jay but his looks could kill, but so could her witty out smarting words.

So, Jay was single, but as always, still sleeping around.. Sean was still with Ellie, and Emma, well lately, she has really been into the independent thing, I mean..when wasn't she? I mean there was the new guy Peter, she knew he was cute but she couldn't find the spark, the passion.. what those romantic movies went on about you know?

Maybe it didn't exist.

"It's our last year Em! We need to do something great, something different!" Manny groaned, leaning her body a bit roughly, boredly, onto her locker beside the blonde. She had cut her bangs across, and her long brown hair was even longer, still pretty little Manny.

Emma went through her books and smirked, "Like?" she sighed, putting her new books into the locker. Oh Degrassi, how she did not miss you.

Manny looked like she was in thought, chewing on her cheek, nasty little habit. Emma blinked and glanced at her to see Manny's eyes watch something trail down the hall and she glanced to roll her own eyes.

Craig Mannings.

He had already graduated, but he was here to see Jimmy. Guess Jimmy got pulled back from the days he missed for getting shot. Sometimes, life was a big pain in the fucking ass and not fair.

Emma closed her locker and taunted Manny, "I got an idea, how about something like NOT going for Craig Mannings this year?" she giggled at her own joke.

Emma then bit her tounge watching what entered the school from behind Manny, the 'crew' came in, walking in like they owned it. Even though Alex wasn't with Jay, she still walked beside him like they were King and Queen. That's right! Jay Hogart decided since Spinner got back into Degrassi, why not him? Well, for starters, he was probably going to fail again and skip..so what was the point?

On the other side of Jay, Sean and Towers. Emma watched with Manny as Sean passed, his head phones blaring, he cornered his eyes at them before walking off.

"Talking about ex's." Manny drifts nodding towards Sean, "That's an improvement! He didn't punch a locker, snap at us, or glare!" Manny said happily giving Emma a sarcastic look.

Emma shook her head, Sean would never change.

The bell rang and Emma grabbed her binder, "He has no Ellie this year, wonder when he'll explode." Joked Emma about her exs new 'stable' girl friend who was off to college now.

Miss Ellie Nash.

"I still swear she hada thing for Craig last year, during Spinners band replacement. I wonder if Sean knew what his little girl friend was up to and who he could of had." Manny insisted, knowing Emma would always make a far better girl friend than anyone else.

"I'm over that." Emma rolled her eyes, "And I think it was just a crush, I'm sure she loves Sean." She couldn't help but let out a giggle with Manny, "Anger management, can't graduate, thieving Sean."

The two girls were laughing uncontrollably as the sat near the front of the class. When Emma sat the 'crew' was walking into her very own classroom.

Emma grumbled next to Manny, "They have to be in here?"

"Don't they have a personal class for last years failures?" joked Manny more loudly as a figure behind them popped up in the middle of them when they leaned forward.


"Unfortunately no." He joked, being one of those 'failures'. He waved to the gang, "Guys! Over here."

Jay led his friends, as usual, it was as if he had leader potential, Emma could swear she'd put a pen and pencil infront of him and he probably couldn't figure out the difference. Emma rolled her eyes, maybe she was being too cruel.

"Why would we want to seat over here?" the one and only taunts, smoldering his eyes down at Emma.

He looked the same, though lost those stupid baggy jeans and chain necklace, more ...manly, though Emma didn't like chosing such a grown up word for such an immature person.

"In the front?" Jay goes on and glances at Spinner before back at Emma, "Near..that."

Emma sent her own firey glare. She wasn't stupid, nor vain, but she knew she made some boys drool since last year when she finally hit the last stage of development, and now, since summer and getting her tan on, she was even more of a fox. Guys could never know how such a nerd got such a hot body and gorgeous features. Blessed!

Emma snapped back at Jay, "Says the biohazard standing infront of me that no one wants to touch." Beside her, Manny smirked, some people around the desk also glanced over and giggled a bit until Jay sent his warning death glare and laid his site back onto Emma, softer now, then smirked himself.

Oh the devilish smirk.

He seemed to take the biohazard comment into thought, and he loudly declared, "Funny since you went down on me in the dirtiest place-"

"Oh my god!" Emma yelled as soon as the teacher started clapping, and pointing at them.

"Hey, hey hey!" yelled Mrs Kwan, not liking the dirty talk.

Emma's mouth was hanging, some students mouths were like hers, or in the shape of oh's and slightly laughing.

Jay happily took his seat behind Emma who continued to scowl at him until turning back to the teacher.

"Lets focus on some real mature hard work!" Mrs Kwan insisted, warning Emma and Jay to shut up.

Alex sat behind Jay as Sean took his seat next to him, Alex couldn't help but admit out loud to Jay, "I know you cheated on me with Cause girl, and I should be mad, but it's just so funny." She kept chuckling.

Even Sean rolled his eyes as the teacher rubbed between her eyes. Highschool was too much!

Out of nowhere, a shadow stepped infront of Alex, and spoke, "Funny because he finally realised butch girls aren't attractive? Or funny because you were too stupid to figure it out?"

Alex glared up and stood as well, trying to look threatening to the new guy, Peter.

Emma slyly smiled, looking over her shoulder, but then gave a hopeless look. There was no point. This gang was like the energy bunny, just kept going and going.

Manny smirked, nudging Emma, clearly liking the fact the cute guy was sticking up for Emma.

"Alright Hero, this is nothing new, back off." Sean insisted, trying to calm the scene down and grabbed Alex's arm, sitting her down.

Peter just snickered and walked to the back, taking his seat as some cheerleaders giggled and eyed him, whispering things.

"She's a bitch." Snapped Alex, still not over the fight with Emma earlier that day. The gang sat behind the dot eating their lunch, smoking and just hanging out.

"She's Greenpeace." Shrugged Jay like it was nothing new. Pretty expecting, and fun.. like it always was for him.

Sean scoffed, "Doesn't it get old?" he taunts them and they both blinked, wondering and then Jay shook his head no.

Teasing Emma Nelson? No way. Priceless.

"Who cares." Spinner spoke up and slapped Jay's arm, "Man, I think I'm going to have a party tonight."

"When don't you have a party Spin?" Sean taunted when Alex finished her smoke and waved, leaving.

Spinner then laughed, "Well remember that time I stopped for a while when you and me got pot that got sprinkled with acid?" Jay and Sean joined in on the laugh, remembering the memory..


"I don't..like mirrors." Sean confirmed, standing in Spinner's bathroom, it was a bit beat up, but he was also a welfare kid.

What'd ya expect?

The music from the party blasted through the closed door as they shared a joint, Jay then rushed in holding his beer and shut the door before smoke got out and put his hand out, wanting some of it.

Spinner was sitting on the toilet smoking it, and got too distracted, and held onto the joint, "I'm with yeah man." He said to Sean who stayed staring at himself infront of the mirror, "So judgemental."

Jay raised an eyebrow amused looking between the two, Sean looked ready to blow, face going red, like it usually did before he and Sean would get into a fight with some random asshole.

"Just wanna..wanna kill the guy looking back at me." Sean said through clenched teeth, eyes blood shot.

Spinner finally passed Jay the joint, but Jay eyed it.. knowing it must have something off inside it. These two were being hilarious but way too out of it!

"Don't be like that.. you're a very beautiful man!" Spinner insisted to Sean

Spinner started giggling like no tomorrow and Jay snorted, putting the joint out and putting it into his pocket. Hey, he was down to party, he loved booze weed and maybe some E! But not whatever they took, not tonight at least. He downed the rest of his beer.


"WOW!" yelled Jay, jumped back as Spinner stood up too and stared, Sean smashed his fist into the mirror that crashed and his hand was bleeding all over, a piece still stabbed into his hand. He just stared at it.

Until he fainted.

Amy and Alex ran in, hearing the commotion and some other partiers were trying to look in.

"Is he going to be okay?" Spinners eyes were blood shot too, and he actually started to cry, tears pouring down as Jay bent to Sean and put an arm around his shoulder.

"He's fine." Insisted Jay, picking Sean up. Sean wouldn't help at all, just groan, so Jay actually did a honeymoon move and lifted Sean up completely and carried him out.

"You're my best friend, right?" Sean grumbled to Jay who just wanted to punch him out silly but laugh.

Time for the hospital.

"Likes Brothers yo!" Spinner yelled behind them.


"We're going to have to give you a needle. You lost a bit of blood." The doctor said, turning to the nurse who gave a nod and got everything ready.

Jay stood behind them and watched Sean who sat on the table, narrowing his eyes at the needle the nurse held.

Wow. It was big. And sharp, too sharp.

"No." Sean said, and pointed, "Don't you dare."

Jay leaned on the wall and watched the scene with a smirk. When they partied, they partied hard, you can assure that.

"I have to." The nurse told Sean and the Doctor nodded.

"We do have to."

"Yeah, and I have to punch you in the face if you do it." Sean informed the doctor who blinked and stared at him before looking back at Jay.

Jay shrugged and joked about Sean, "Anger problems."

"I See.." drifts the Doctor opening the door and nodding at some security.

"No! Don't!" Sean yelled as they held him down to get the needle, even Jay cringed but he knew he'd make it.

God, such a wimp for a 'bad ass'.


Jay tried to stop laughing, remembering the memory like no tomorrow.

"Shut up!" snapped Sean, trying not to grin and shook his head, "assholes."

"remember how much you begged me not to tell vampire freak?" laughed Jay and Spinner nodded.

"She doesn't like who I am, the rebel side at least." Sean informed.

"You ain't no rebel, you fell in love, that's 'order'. Go to school, fall inlove, get a job, get married, have kids, die." Jay said ever so sarcastically and bitterly, he hated that cliché shit with a passion.

"Everyone falls in love Jay." Sean insisted.

Jay shook his head no, "I'm living prove not everybody does Cam. I will never follow the system of our country."

"You never do." Comments Spinner with another bellowed laugh, lighting up a joint.

"He's just such bad influence." Emma said to Manny, watching Jay with Sean, Spinner lighting up a joint near SCHOOL property.

Manny shrugged, "people make their own choices Em."

"Why them though? Why does he think Jay Hogart is really his friend? Jay would probably sell him out if they were to go to jail together for something."

"I don't know, they got a load in common." Manny smirked, "Both juveniles." She confirmed.

Emma laughed but then just shook her head until the bell rang, she was going to get up and grab her books from her bench table until a pair of feet jumped on and on it.

"Spinner!" Emma hissed.

"PARTY TONIGHT AT MY HOUSE!" Spinner yelled to everyone.

Everyone cheered.

Manny happily grinned to Emma who could only think, Uh oh.

She couldn't help but glance back over to Jay and Sean, Jay was lighting up a smoke and Sean was being his loner looking self, mysteriously looking around until they caught eyes, and they both looked away shaking their heads.

"Lets skip the rest of the day." Jay told Sean, hitting his chest lazily and guiding him over to his orange civic, "We'll get drunk early."

Sean laughed and followed.

Sean could understand why no one would think Jay was a good friend, he lied, cheated, was bad. But, he really was a good friend, he was there when you needed someone to talk to, he didn't necessarily talk, really just told him to shut up and get over it.. but he was there! And when some asshole is trying to pick a fight with Sean, Jay's always happy to jump in and help, just like Sean would do for him. And there is no one, on this planet, that parties as hard as Jay and Sean both do.

The guy was fun, and Sean knew, he would be partying with Jay til the end.

"You wanna meet at the party tonight Em?" Peter Stone had actually just come up to Emma and Manny who were about to go back into school.

Manny smirked waving to Emma and leaving her with the boy with no choice.

Emma couldn't help but blush and smiled, "Sure, fine."

He smiled back.