Hi guys! I'm currently writing four separate stories. I think I'm a little in over my head. I have two Pitch Perfect fics and a crossover fic of Pitch Perfect and John Tucker Must Die. Oh, and this story too. I have to admit I completely adore the banter amongst Amber and Shelley. Oh, and did I mention I love Brittany Snow x)

Synopsis: Shelley Ambrose is a 20 year old college student attending Lakeview. She's a gorgeous redhead who's popular, funny, wealthy, and has pretty much everything she has ever needed or wanted. The only problem is that she may have a teensy tiny little crush on Miss Von Tussle, the schools 18 year old hottie. The first time Shelley laid eyes on her, she was literally awestruck. But Amber has a boyfriend and doesn't even know Shelley exists, right? So just how will Shelley get what she wants? That's easy; she's an Ambrose and she always gets what she desires most. Well, most of the time.