Author's Note: This is an AU story featuring Paul and Jasper. It starts right after the first training session in Eclipse and will alternate between their points of view. If you don't care for man-on-man action, please don't go any further. :)

Rated M for strong language, adult themes, and M/M love scenes

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On The Rocks

Chapter 1: For The Love Of God, WHY?!

Paul's POV

The trees whipped by in a blur as I ran and left the training field behind. I'd given Sam some half-assed excuse or other for leaving so abruptly. He hadn't believed a word of it, but he'd let it slide because he could tell that I was more agitated than usual. I was very careful not to think about what had me so worked up til I reached a safe distance and was able to phase back to human.

I traveled the last mile to my hideout on foot, letting the cool night air flow around my bare body. The breeze didn't do anything to take the edge off my triple-digit body temperature, but it didn't really need to. Right now, all that mattered was that there were no witnesses for miles and I could take my time. I just needed privacy so I could get my head screwed on straight. Hopefully the rest of the pack wouldn't follow me. The last thing I needed was for any of them to hear about what had just happened, especially Leah. If she got wind of it before I was ready to say anything, she'd tear me a new asshole.

I was pretty sure the mind-reading leech already knew, but he wouldn't breathe a word of it to anyone who didn't need to know. I didn't know how I could trust him to keep such a big secret; I just knew that he would.

The moon was bright enough that I could see clearly and it didn't take long for me to reach my destination. I smiled to myself as I reached my hideout. It was a clearing surrounded by pines on all sides; there was a pond in the northwest corner, fed by a series of small waterfalls stacked in a staircase-like pattern. I'd found it one night during one of my patrols and had been careful to keep the location to myself. It had a calming effect on me; I came here when I was angry, frustrated, or stressed out. And lately I was feeling all three emotions almost constantly.

I sat on the flat rock near the waterfalls and hugged my knees to my chest. Now that I was alone, I could let myself think about the Problem.

How could I imprint on a fucking LEECH? I thought. And not even the sexy blonde girl in the four-inch heels, but her BROTHER?!

I squeezed my eyes shut and shook my head. I still couldn't believe that I'd actually imprinted, much less on a bloodsucker. Hell, the whole pack knew the old stories about imprinting; it was the way we wolves found our mates. But it was supposed to be rare! Three others had gone through it so far. Sam had been first, followed shortly after by Jared, and then Quil had imprinted on Emily's niece a few weeks back. That had surprised everyone. Claire was two and if you didn't know the specifics, it looked a little perverted.

And now I had imprinted on what's-his-name.

What was his name? I knew it started with a 'J'. . . My mind floundered for a moment as I tried to remember. Jason, Jackson, Jazz. . . Jasper! That's his name! I shook my head again, trying to dislodge the loving glow I felt when the bloodsucker's name crossed my mind. I did not want to be having warm fuzzy feelings about a leech! And yet I couldn't stop myself. I could feel the magnetic pull of the imprint, whispering to me to go back to the field. It was all I could do to keep myself sitting here instead of running back so I could stare at him like a lovesick moron.

Good GOD, the pack's gonna skin me alive when they find out. If they don't already know! I slammed one fist onto the rock and winced as a couple of the knuckles cracked. The pain didn't last long; the breaks healed in less time than it took to cuss about it.

And what would the Cullens do when they found out? Alice the fortune-teller wouldn't be happy about it, to say the least. Jasper was her fucking husband, after all; she'd probably tear me apart with her bare hands and I wouldn't lift a paw to stop her.

That was the double-edged logic of the imprint talking. I'd seen how he'd been with her. She was the center of his world, his reason for living. She made him happy, and Jasper's happiness was my main priority now even if he didn't know it yet.

I'd have to tell him soon; otherwise, the pain of separation would weaken me til I died of heartbreak. But I couldn't lead with that. I didn't want Jasper to think that I was trying to trap him. I'd explain the situation, lay out the options, and give him the time and space he needed to make up his mind. Of course, I was assuming that Alice would let me get that far. She'd probably kill me before I finished the first sentence.

Although. . . Edward and Sam might have a once-in-a-lifetime moment of complete trust toward each other and save me the trouble, I thought. That was probably the best-case scenario. Between the two of them, they could explain the situation and defuse any potential landmines that stood in the way of me claiming my mate.

Oh, hell. . . Who the fuck am I fooling? That would take a planet-sized miracle! Sam wouldn't trust the Cullens if they were the only ones who could save his life, and the Cullens certainly had no reason to trust my packmates. The only reason we were working together now was because of that redheaded bloodsucking bitch Victoria. Once she and her army were dealt with, things would go back to the tense cease-fire we'd been in before.

And I'd never get to be with Jasper. That part hurt like hell; it was as if someone had scooped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it.

I sighed and lay back on the rock, staring up at the sky. My brain was starting to hurt from all the heavy thinking. I didn't know how Sam and Jacob managed it; I just hoped that I never found myself in either of their positions. I was agonizing over how to break the news of my imprint. If I couldn't handle that, I'd never have the balls to lead like they could. Not that I wanted to lead; I wasn't the Alpha type.

I put all the heavy stuff aside and just let my mind drift. The stars twinkled as the minutes passed and I couldn't help thinking how beautiful they were. A random thought breezed through my brain: I wonder how long they've been up there. Longer than Jasper, that's for sure.

My mind drifted from that thought to how Jasper had looked tonight: tall, strong, confident in his knowledge and ability. His only concern had been to make sure that his coven and the pack were prepared to take on Victoria's army. The moonlight had hit his face at just the right angle to reveal a bite mark over his left eye, one that looked suspiciously human. I'd noticed several others on his neck and a few that disappeared under his collar; that left me wondering just how many marks he had and how far down his body they went. The thought of finding out sent tingles of heat through my body.

I moved one hand down my body, tracing my muscles as I went. I closed my eyes and pictured me and Jasper. . .

Alone in the field. We were both naked; he was lying on the ground, holding out one hand as if beckoning me to him. I couldn't take my eyes from his gorgeous body; he was slim yet muscular and looked like he'd been chiseled from white marble. I longed to run my hands over his skin, to feel for myself just how hard and smooth it was. His golden eyes were traveling over my body and I felt them pause for a second on my aching boner. The lust in his eyes was unmistakable as he licked his lips. I moaned out loud and leaned down, bracing my hands on either side of his head and kissing him hard. We both groaned as our rods slid together, our slippery juices making the sensations sharper. It felt so good that I reached a hand between our bodies and. . .

Wrapped my hand around my shaft and started stroking it, using my juices to slick it up. I bit my lower lip to stifle my growing moans and bent my legs, spreading them so that my overheated balls could get a good breeze. They just felt so full all of a sudden; I tugged on them with my other hand and was amazed at how taut the skin of my sack was. I sped up my stroke, running my thumb over the tip and smearing my juice around the swollen red knob. Then I reached two fingers behind my balls and. . .

Found Jasper's tight puckered entrance, running my fingertips along the rim. He threw his head back and let loose a keening moan, thrusting down with his hips. My fingers sank into his ass up to the second knuckle, the icy tissues clamping tight around them. The difference in temperature had us both gasping as I started working my fingers in and out, curling them as I tried to find his prostate. He cried out and his cock jumped as I finally tapped it. I kept fingering him, hitting it over and over. I wondered if I could make him cum just from. . .

Fingerfucking myself, scissoring the digits apart and picking up the pace. I loved doing this: feeling something filling me up and stretching me from the inside, making my whole body shake as. . .

I pulled my fingers free and Jasper whined softly from the loss of sensation. I smiled down at him and flicked open the tube of K-Y I'd brought for this. I squeezed a good dollop into my palm and I slicked my cock with it, applying some more to Jasper's hole and working it around til it was just as slippery. We were both panting like dogs by the time I pressed my knob to his hole; he wrapped his pale legs around my waist and squeezed, silently begging me to impale him. I tapped at his entrance a few times, teasing him with the promise of relief until he finally spoke.

"Please, Paul. . .take me. . .as rough as you want," he whispered between gasps, trying to work himself onto my rod. "Fuck me like you'll never get another chance." He squeezed me tighter and I finally gave in. I thrust forward and sank my cock balls-deep in his willing channel, stretching him further than he'd ever experienced. We both cried out at how tight it was; his inner walls hugged me tight, threatening to make me blow before I was ready. When I was sure that I had control of myself, I started moving.

We lost track of how long we made love, my hips working steadily as I jackhammered him with all the strength I had. He pulled me down and kissed me, sliding his tongue into my mouth and I screamed as. . .

I came hard, crying out as I shot my load over my heaving chest and abs. There was some serious pressure behind it; a few drops actually landed on my cheek. My hands kept moving, working my cock and ass on their own. My brain had effectively checked out by this point; all that mattered was that I couldn't stop til every last drop was milked out of my balls.

"Jasper. . ." I whispered, slowing my stroking and finally pulling my fingers out of my well-stretched hole.

After it ended, I lay there panting and staring up at the sky. My legs felt boneless as they sagged to the sides, exposing my groin and ass even more. I lifted my head to take stock of the mess. My chest and stomach were streaked with thin ribbons of white fluid; it looked like someone had flicked a paintbrush over my body.

I lay my head back, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. That was when I noticed a familiar scent: sweet and sharp, with a touch of honeysuckle and peppermint. The last time I'd caught this scent was a few hours ago during the training session, when I'd gotten my first good whiff of. . .

My eyes flew open and I pushed up on my forearms. I swiveled my head from side to side, scanning the whole clearing til I found the source of the scent crouching ten feet away, watching me intently. The golden eyes were glazed over with obvious lust and the honey-colored hair glowed in the moonlight. When I saw the expression on that glorious face, I knew I was in a world of trouble.

Jasper had found me.

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