HI! Based on the "Fusion" series of whysoserious1985, I bring you Merida vs. Mulan. Two princesses battle to decide who is deadliest!

And nope, don't own neither of them.

"Princess Merida DunBroch"

A mysterious hooded figure removes her cloak to reveal bushy wild hair and bright blue eyes in a pale, freckled face. The blue dress waves in the evening air of the forest as she grasps her bow and carefully readies an arrow.

"Legend of the Scottish Highlands, trained from childhood with bow and sword. At age 16 she has achieved a level of mastery with both weapons unrivaled by even modern-day Olympic athletes. She faced the demon bear Mor´du and freed her mother from a mystical curse."

Sensing movement behind her the girl turns around to face a 10 feet tall black bear with a scar running its left eye, they both face each other and the bear charges forward, without a moment hesitation the girl fires as the arrow hits the camera; cutting the image to black .

"Fa Mulan"

The black haired, thin girl in seen practicing martial art moves in the family dojo. The green traditional outfit barely moves as she lets go three fluid kicks forward.

"She sacrificed herself to save her father. Joined the Chinese imperial army and completed extensive military training; all the while concealing her true identity. She was also the turning point of the war against Shan Yu, as she fired cannon into a mountain; causing an avalanche that all but exterminated the Hun army"

Flashbacks of the movie are played, with Mulan beating Shang in hand to hand, running up a hill with weighted bags over her shoulders and firing the cannon into the snowy peak.




"To find out, our world class fighters are testing these warrior's most lethal techniques."

"Ok, let her rip," Geoff shouted.

"Using 21st century science, we'll see what happens when the two warriors go toe to toe. No rules, no safety, no mercy. It's a duel to the death. To decide who is, the Deadliest Warrior."

"In Los Angeles, California, we've created a bloody battle zone. Brought together a team of scientists and doctors. And in a Deadliest Warrior first, we will be testing the abilities of the combatants, from the warriors themselves.

To find out, we will break down the history of these two women with cutting edge science.

Biomedical Engineer, Geoff Desmoulins, finds out exactly how these weapons hurt.

"To me this is William Wallace versus Sun Tzu. I don´t think we can see anything we haven´t seen before. Of course I could be wrong"

And ER Physician, Armand Dorian, dissects the trauma and reveals the physical and psychological traits behind the action.

"We´ve had matchups using Highlander and Chinese weapons before so I don't think we´ll see anything new, at least not from the weapons themselves; of course by the skills of the warriors these could turn out to be a whole new ball game"

This ground breaking data will be paired with scientific and historic research, and entered into an all new digital combat engine by Max Geiger.

Two warriors will fight to the death, and history will be made. But only one will be crowned…Deadliest Warrior.

The two Disney princesses enter the warehouse to be met by Geoff.

"Girls, thanks for coming" She shook hands with Merida and saluted Mulan with a bowing reverence.

"So, what this is all about?" Mulan asks looking around.

"Well, I thought we had already covered this but we are going to make some tests, save the data and then run a simulation to figure out who would win in a fight without the need of any of you getting killed"

"Then this is a waste of time" The fiery haired princess interrupts "We all know who is going tae win" The thick Scottish accent is easy to notice.

"Yeah, me" Mulan answers, offended.

"Puff. And I thought my brothers had a sense of humor" Both exchange challenging looks.

Sensing the moment to interfere Geoff steps forward "Hmmm, girls?" He says stepping between the two "This way please".

The three hosts look at each other nervously. "Are you ready?"

Princess Merida DunBroch- Born: 988, Age: 16, Height: 5'4", Weight: 115 LBS

A 3D model of the girl is put into screen, then the camera zooms in to reveal her sitting on the studio´s couch.

"Aye am the firstborn of the DunBroch clan" She says a bit uncertain, speaking to a camera for the first time and all "Aye know aye will win this battle, simply because nothing Mulan has faced is comparable tae Mor´du. Et is true mae mom helped us out in the end, but I never backed down and when fighting that ye are going to need all the help ye can get"

To provide a moral boost, her father, King Fergus joins us at the studio.

"My wee girl is all but defenseless. I have seen her stand up tae the monster that took mae leg. She stopped me when I though her mother was actually an evil she-bear and is the best shooter I have seen in all my life"

Fa Mulan- Born: 388, Age: 21, Height: 5'8", Weight: 125LBS

A much-more-confident Mulan appears into camera "Mor´du? That teddy bear? You try seeing a thousand Huns charging towards you and realizing you only have a few seconds to think of a plan before you and your friends are dead. I´m going to win this match up simply because I was trained as a soldier; have superior hand to hand and sword fighting skills"

Then she mutters "And I´m quite sure you backed away on at least one occasion" A flashback of Mor´du pinning a screaming Merida is shown.

On Mulans corner, her husband and previous captain: Li Shang.

"When Mulan joined the army she was hopeless" He states laughing "Then something happened in between, all the fight she had in her surfaced. I can say she is one of the finest, if not THE finest soldier this army has ever trained, she packs a hell of a punch" he sates remembering martial arts sparring "And is also an excellent wife but that´s another story"

"So, guys? Any comments before we begin with the tests?" Geoff asks his co-hosts.

"Well, both of these girls are highly skilled with bow and sword. Though I´d give an edge to Merida with the first one Mulan definitely excels her in hand to hand" Armand starts.

"That and the height and weight difference are really going to tip the balance if it comes down to hand to hand" Max concludes.

"Ok, we agree on that. Anything else?"

They shake their heads "I´m just anxious for this to start already!"

Our experts have weighed their options prior to the testing and established their choices for the battle. The femme fatale fight is set to begin; Fa Mulan, Merida DunBroch: