Previously in deadliest warrior, two femme fatales fight to decide who is the best.

Merida DunBroch, legend of the Highlands versus Fa Mulan, bane of the Huns.

The tests will begin now.

The camera pans out to reveal the test area, a circle of eight ballistic gel dummies. Both warriors and Geoff stand in the middle.

Geoff: "Ok girls, we already know what your weapons can do on their own. But what we are trying to find out now is your striking speed, accuracy and prowess. So what we are doing now is you´ll stand in the middle of this circle and when given the signal you´ll attack the poor things" He points at the dummies "Your target is to strike the 8 dummies and get as many kills in the least time possible, we´ll give you feedback later okay?"

Both nod.

"Well, let's roll. Merida is first"

Mulan and Geoff abandon the battle ground as Merida readies her sword and gets into fighting stance.

"Ok, ready on three…two…one…go!"

Merida begins to strike, the heavy Claymore swings and the first dummies' head is seen flying through the air. In less than a minute the rest are reduced to a bloody pulp as Merida tries to catch her breath in the middle of the circle.

"Time" Geoff shouts while the Doc goes to examine the wounds. Looking at the severed head he smiles "You don't need a doctor to tell you this one´s dead, the strike went right through flesh, vertebra and severed his head, but that´s a no-brainer so let´s see the rest shall we?" He moves to the rest of the ballistic gel figures and examines the wounds that drip artificial "blood". Some have limbs missing.

"All of these guys are dead or will be in a few seconds. They are bleeding out through mayor injuries in arteries and vital organs, there are too many messy details to list but you can trust me, this is a 100% kill ration"

Merida smiles pleased "You did 58 seconds, that´s pretty impressive and combined with the kill ration I think we´ve got a winner for this test"

However Mulan won´t give up that easily, she trusts her time in the Chinese Imperial army will give her the edge in this battle.

Mulan´s face is serious as she steps into the circle.

Geoff: "Starting in three…two…one…go!"

Mulan´s strikes flow fast as lighting and stops without breaking a sweat.

"TIME! 36 seconds!"

The lighter Chinese sword strikes faster, but what about the injuries they cause?

Our medical expert does his job.

"So Armand, what do we have here?"

"Ok, these first three guys aren´t combat effective, they aren´t dead either but won´t be giving you trouble anytime soon, as this guy who is picking up his guts from the floor; all of them will be dead in less than a minute. However these other four, are hurt but can still fight; they only have minor wounds in arms, legs and torso. If you aren´t careful they´re gonna stab you in the back"

The camera moves to Mulan´s disappointed face.

The heavier Claymore gains the edge over the Jian and thus this test goes to princess Merida.

But more are still to come!

Fa Mulan: "I wasn´t focused, I tried to make it faster than her so I didn´t go for the kill in every strike. It won´t happen again" She states.

Merida DunBroch: "Wot can aye say? Aye knew this would happen before et began, that butter knife didn´t stood a chance against mine sword"

Stay tuned in deadliest warrior for the upcoming precision match.

Both Merida and Mulan are seen holding their bows and reading their shots.

Two princesses, four tests left. Who will bedeadliest?