*the next morning*

Aomine groaned as he awoke to sun in his eyes. He had the gotten the best sleep of his life and he hadn't planned on letting it go so early. He began to yawn rather nosily when he remembered where he was. Looking down to the peaceful face sleeping on his shoulder, Aomine couldn't help but stare.

Kise was still breathing harder than normal and blushing but his eyes were no longer as puffy as they were last night. The frown was replaced with a rather adorable open-mouthed pout. His hands were also clinging to Aomine's shirt as if his life depended on it. All in all, Aomine thought the sight was quite possibly the cutest thing he had ever seen.

Smiling to himself, Aomine reached up to brush off some of the hair that had found its way into Kise's eyes. Tenderly, he gave the sleeping boys lips a small peck before rapping his arms around him, pulling him close.

About an hour later…

Stirring, Kise opened his eyes, faint memories of his dream coming into his mind. 'That was a really good dream…' He felt his eyes begin to water as he lingered on the word 'dream'. Attempting to pull himself up from the bed, there was something heavy weighting him down. His eyes widened as he felt a very warm body next to him which was slightly snoring. Looking up, he saw Aomine's sleeping face for what would be the first time.

All the lines that polluted Aomine's face were now gone, leaving only a peaceful expression with his mouth slightly agape. What had surprised Kise even more was the fact that Aomine was really here with him. He had stayed here with him through the night, holding him all the while. He had said that he loved me… Kise was now smiling foolishly to himself. Never had he been so happy…

'Wait…' he thought to himself. 'We shared the same bed last night!' he exclaimed in his head, beginning to blush innocently.

Aomine started to chuckle warmly and opened his eyes to see his favorite model in the whole world, blushing so very cutely. He leaned forward to kiss Kise on the nose before purring out a "Good-morning." Aomine was extremely amused to see the pink darken more.



Kise looked down once again while his hands were trapped in between Aomine's chest and his own.

"W-We should get up, it's almost ten…"

Aomine let out a breath before releasing Kise and stating "After you." Kise gave a small smile as he jumped out of bed, eager to calm his heart-rate. He speed into the kitchen not bothering to wait for Aomine. 'Distraction. Distraction…' Kise thought desperately. 'I know, I'll just start breakfast!' He had just began to pull out and assortment of pots and pans when he felt a pair of strong arms rap around him from behind.

Kise gasped when he felt hot breath on the back of his neck. Soft lips pressed against the nape before asking huskily, "What's for breakfast?"

Giving into the temptation to lean into Aomine he signed saying, "Whatever you want Aominecchi."

"Eggs please." Giving him a fleeting kiss on the cheek before going to sit at the table, smiling to himself.

It continued on like that, small kisses and fleeting touches throughout the morning. Neither really said anything about the previous night, but instead going along with the mood and whatever felt right.

It was when Kise was cleaning up the dishes Aomine couldn't help himself once again. He walked up behind Kise and nuzzled his neck lovingly and embracing the smaller boy. Kise just smiled to himself while continuing to wash the dirtied dishes. When he was finished, Aomine had made no move to let go even after Kise had turned off the water.

"U-Umm Aominecchi?" Kise questioned awkwardly. "What are you doing?"

Aomine barely pulled away before spinning Kise around so they were standing face to face. Bringing a large hand to the blonds face and cupping it, he leaned in wordlessly. Kise's eyes fluttered and leaned up to meet the latter's lips. Kise's own personal set of fireworks set off when both lips made contact. It was bliss for Kise.

Grunting lowly, Aomine brought their bodies closer together and attempted to resist the urge to pounce on the adorable blond. However, he couldn't resist one taste. He expertly began to trace his tongue over a plump bottom lip. He vaguely wondered if Kise would pull away. All thoughts deserted Aomine when Kise's mouth opened.

Shyly, Kise brought out his tongue to meet Aomine's. His bravery was short-lived when Aomine's tongue thrust heatedly into his month, immediately dominating over him with ease. Large, calloused hands came under Kise's shirt to rest on his hips. With tongues still dancing, Aomine backed Kise up until there was no room between the counter, Aomine, and Kise.

Kise brought his arms up to encircle Aomine's neck, deepening the kiss further. Control was a thought non-existent within the two boys. All they knew was the intoxicating taste of the other, and the delicious fiction of their bodies moving as one.

Suddenly, Kise jerked his hips forward to grind on the slight bulge in the others pants. They both gave a strangled moan, separating for breath for the first time. Both still panting harshly, their eyes met fiercely. Both Aomine and Kise could see in the other's eyes the passion and lust that was held in them. But it didn't matter. All that mattered was the heat of the moment and the fact that they were both together.

Without waiting another moment, both sets of lips clashed together with bruising force. Kise's jeans were beginning to feel too tight for comfort. The whole kitchen was far too hot for either of their liking. Aomine then decided to take things up a notch. Picking Kise up by the back of his thighs he brought him over to the closest counter away from the sink and resumed their delayed kiss.

Kise brought both his legs behind Aomine and locked them firmly. It wasn't till Aomine bit down on his bottom lip did he let out the first moan.

Relishing the sound, Aomine was eager to hear more. Moving down, he kissed his way to Kise's jaw, then neck. Biting at the skin just below the neck then sucking and licking promptly, Kise began to voice his approval loudly.

"Ahhh…A-Aominecchi…" Kise moaned out.

Moving down Kise's neck, he was forced to stop short because of the offending fabric in his way. Growling, Aomine made short work of it and ripped it up and over his head. Wasting no time, he immediately attacked the pale skin that was laid out in front of him. After a long grown from Kise, Aomine stepped back to look at the wanton beauty in front of him.

Kise was panting harshly and blushing from ear to ear once again as he looked up at Aomine. He had a lustfully possessive look in his eye that made Kise gulp. That's when he noticed the tent in Aomine's basketball shorts.

It was then Kise realized Aomine was huge. It was always an assumption he was sure was correct but even in the confines of his shorts, he hadn't been expecting this. He shifted his eyes back to the larger boys face. They moved together once again.

"Nggghhhh…." Kise moaned loudly.

"Ryota…" Aomine groaned huskily.


Both boys froze.


Aomine glanced at Kise, slightly annoyed.

"Were you expecting someone?" he growled. He was not at all happy about being thoroughly cock-blocked when things were just getting started.

Kise wearily shock his head to say 'no'.

"Oi, Kise! Open up! Kise!" a muffled voice called out. Kise recognized it has Kagami's voice.

Aomine really did let out a growl when he realized it as well. Kise looked to him in surprise and slight fear. Feeling Kise's eyes, he looked back up to the boy haunch on the counter. His eyes softened in an instant.

"Kise-kun, please answer the door. We thought you would like company." an unemotional voice said.

Kise sighed and looked to Aomine solemnly. "You go and fix this," brushing a finger lightly against the tip of a covered erection, "and I'll go get the door."

A strangled moan left Aomine's mouth when he felt Kise's finger against him.

Grabbing his shirt and bounding towards the door, Kise left him. Aomine unwillingly forced his legs to move to the back of the apartment and towards Kise's bedroom door. After shutting it, Aomine thought to himself, 'Today is gonna be a long day.'

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