Alber was sound asleep havin an awfull nightmare,


'' you will do as your told '' said the stern man dressed in black , he brouht his hand up high holding a long strip of leather and released the leather on the open skin, the boy gasped in pain.

''ahhhhhhh'' Albert awoke sweat all over his body.

''are you okay'' Laura asked rubbing her eyes

Albert didnt hear her , he was stairring into space he was 10 yrs old and had'nt thought about the orphanage in about four years.

''albert'' Laura probed further , Albert looked up this time.

''yer'' albert said laying back down on the mattress.

'' what was your dream about'' wow albert thought Laura never beat around the bush.

'' I can't remember'' albert was not a good lier , but Laura played along.

''alright then , we should try and get some more sleep theres not much night left''

'' yer okay , nite Laura'' Albert said pretending to stiffle a yawn.

He clossed his eyes but couldn't bring himself to sleep in fear of dreaming of awfull place again.


The whole family was sitting around the table eating breakfast , table albert was sitting between Carrie and Laura thinking about his dream last night , at that moment a wagon could be heard from outside.

'' I wonder who that could be at this time of the morning'' Caroline said while placing eggs onto a plate

Charles got out of his chair and went to see who it was , when Charles sore the man he immediatly knew who it was it was jeremy quinn alberts biological farther.

'' howdy Ingalls '' said jeremy jumping off the buckboard

'' what are you doing here Jeremy'' charles grabbed a hold of jeremys shirt tytley

'' I came to see my boy whatta ya think i came to see you '' Jeremy yanked himself free of charles grip.'


'' time for school children'' Caroline said handing them there lunches

Laura , Carrie and Albert left when they got outside Alberts eyes locked with Jeremys , after a few seconds albert dropped his lunch and ran.
Charles went after him almost instantly.


Charles found Albert sitting on the banks of the Creek , we walked over to nim soflty trying not to disturb the boys thoughts ,"hi" charles asked kneeling down next to him .
"pa" Albert said quiet enough that Charles nearly didn't hear him.

"yer son"

"is he going to try and take me away from you and Ma''

Charles counldn't really answer the question with a 'no of corse not' becouse Jeremy Quinn had all the right to want 'his' son back, Albert looked on the verg of tears Charles just sat there and held him.

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A/N this is not after family tree but instead of the Judge finding Jeremy , Jeremy found Albert and took the Ingalls to court for 'his' son.