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Albert was sitting on the edge of the creek swinging his feet in the cool water. Just as he was about to get out and leave he heard a ruffling of leaves behind him. Albert decided to think nothing of it thinking it was probobly just a stray Racoon. Just as Albert was picking up his shoes he felt tough callased hands grip his shoulders tightly "let go of me please''
Albert yelled at the top of his lungs. ''shut up boy if you know whats good for you'' Jeremy sharply coverd his larg hand over Albert's mouth. Albert kept stuggling which was anoying Jeremy to no end. Once Albert had reached Jeremys patience Jeremy mad a fist and punched Albert in the temple. Albert was out like a light.


Susie was sitting quietly at on of the bar tables. It had been four days since that man had assulted her. Susie couldnt help but think it was her fault maybe this was gods way of punishing her for the mistakes she made.

Just as Susie was lost in thought she noticed out of the corner of her eye the man who had slapped her walked through the swinging doors. Susie tried to be inconspicuos but she found that was very hard to do these days.

''mam'' Jeremy called halling Susie from across the room

''Sir if you dont mind I have things to do'' Susie began to turn from Jeremy grasped her upper arm.
Susie got a strang sence of deja vue from a few days before.

''mam I wanted to appologise for the other day. What I did was wrong and ungentalmen like''

Suise was shocked to say the least no man had ever appologised to her for anything. It made her happy something she hadnt been in a while.

''what I wanted to ask you was would you like to join me for dinner at the guilded rose tonight'' Jeremy asked placing a slight kiss on Susoes fingers.

'' I would but...Jeremy I dont think i'd be very well resieved in a place like that'' Susie said sadened by the fact that not to long ago she would have been welcomed with open arms at the guilded rose.

''Susie will you please join me''

Susie looked in to Jeremys eyes. As she looked deeper she felt what she didnt know would be one of her biggest mistakes, she thought she was falling in love...

''yes Jeremy i'd be honored to join you for supper''.

Jeremy smiled knowing he had just tricked Susie into believing he was sorry, he thought she deserved to be slapped.

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