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The young man rose from his bed, he hadn't been sleeping, no, merely laying there letting his mind wander and his body be drained of stress. It was such a simple and mundane ritual, one he repeated night after night. He never really slept, never gave his mind the time to rest, or his heart the time to heal. He simply avoided any of that, why would he want that when the lack of sleep made him deliriously happy over the simplest of things? He simply chose to be ridiculously and falsely happy, just like he chose to come here, to Phantomhive High. An odd little school from the looks of it with its gothic architecture and dark, weathered brick and mortar walls. He sighed happily noting the tips of the gates were rather sharp and pristine, seemingly polished every day. Walking through the greatly admired and expertly crafted black iron gates he took his time the faintest traces of a shallow smile on his harrowingly pale face.

The grounds were just beautiful! He wandered around as day began to break, catching a beautiful glimpse of scarlet. Turning on his heel abruptly his top hat threatening to topple over and crash to the ground any second. He righted himself with a simple flick of his finger and continued on in the direction he saw this peculiar moment of red. A simple flash and yet he was enthralled. His worn combat boots smacked against the cobbled walkways loudly as he sought out the color of passion that so tugged at him. Finally as the sun rose up slowly, still waking from her slumber, he found that perfect flash of red surround by low bushes of wild, vivid roses. All of the stems weighted down by roses at a perfect stage of blooming, somewhere between bursting with life and wilting with wisdom. The grass seemed to pale in comparison to the beauty of the full and velvety petals brimming with the color of blood. His eyes breezed over the airy colors of the sky dusted with the slowly fading sunrise. He barely noted the clouds or the weeping willow winding around the crimson beauty nestled within the warming green grass, a book in one hand and a golden apple in the other, her lips locked in mid-pucker as she chewed the juicy fruit and a dribble of the sweet liquid fructose danced down from the corner of her mouth to the very tip of her chin, and though her eyes were shielded by the glare of the freshly awoken sunlight he knew she was as enthralled with the story as he found himself with her.

He took her in slowly and came to the conclusion that while the roses were very beautiful, that he'd just stumbled upon the most ethereal sight in his sobering sixteen years of life. Her beautifully bloody hair cascaded around her unruly yet perfectly in place. Her simple glasses the same crimson as her hair, an eerie opaque quality to them almost as though this ethereal beauty had everything in the world to hide and no one worthy enough to share it with. It piqued his curiosity, this girl, she did. So beautiful and notable, but yet so utterly stupid. How could she not—

"Sir, if you plan on ogling me you should at least do it in a less noticeable position. Though I've no idea why you're staring so contentedly and captively at me. There's neither much to look at nor much to know." Her bright springy eyes twinkled with mischief and gleamed with some odd sort of humor.

She was rather satisfied with herself, the bloodied beauty, she'd surprised him. It showed clearly on his face, his deliciously pale face. She blinked the thought away. She simply couldn't. She wasn't the heroine like in her beaten and worn leather bound books. She couldn't let herself be swept amidst a romance or fall completely in love with a total stranger. She, despite popular belief, was needed here at Phantomhive High. Her existence was both required and very necessary to the lives of her classmates. Her presence also a requirement. She never missed a day of school. She simply couldn't. The shocked look flitting off of his features a smirk stitched itself in place.

"Quite the contrary my dear. I believe there is much to look at and even more for your delicious little temptations to tell." Grell rolled her eyes feeling his eyes on her ample lips. She snapped the book closed and took another bite out of the dwindling apple. Her tongue capturing the drops of which tried to escape. Three chews and a swallow, it took about a moments time, but that was all she needed to poise her poisoning words in her usually polite mouth.

"I fear, darling, that I've no time for you or your tasteless and tactless words. I've nothing to explain to you nor anyone. I simply wished to enjoy my morning in these beautiful grounds. It was working quite fantastically before you showed up." She took her last bite chewing calmly and carefully assessing him. His mouth opened in the blink of an eye the core of her sunrise treat was embedded in his disgraceful mouth. Gathering her bag and book she stalked away, confidence clear in her stride, triumph on her face and her heart beating faster from the surprising encounter.

"He's here far too early…"

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