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Heart of Darkness

Chapter 8


As the bonds released the would be heroes, each of them slumped over. Barely able to catch themselves with their newly freed hands. All of them were on the verge of losing consciousness as they cast their weary eye sight on the four figures ahead of them. Stella was in worse shape then the rest of them. Not only did she now bare the physical scares from her best friends attack, but also the mental ones.

To see Bloom turn into this monster hurt her severely. She had never seen the fire fairy be this cruel and sadistic, even when Darkar had first took control over her. Memories of when they first met, the times they spent hanging out, and even their tragedies and triumphs flooded her mind.

It was then that she vowed that she wasn't going to lose her best friend; no matter what. Even if she had to descend into darkness herself.


Breathing in ragged breaths, Sky weakly looked around him. He could see all the others in the same if not worse condition then him. Reaching just behind to his left, he found Layla's hand. Finding the strength to comfort her in this dark hour for them. He would be the first to admit that he would of never expected Bloom to have been this severe on them. Even being under Darkar's spell.

Looking just ahead of him where Brandon and Stella still kneeled on the ground. Brandon looked in better shape then he felt, surprisingly considered the two of them got hit with the blunt of the spells. Though he could see him gingerly holding his side where Bloom had kicked him, signaling that she may of cracked, if not broken; a few ribs.

Casting his sigh back towards his current girlfriend, he could see that she was struggling just to stay conscious, but neither of them dared to openly move in fear of the torturing would resume until they passed out or simply died.


Layla fought to keep her eyes open. Her muscles still went into spasms from the bolts of Stormy's lightening she cast moments ago. Feeling Sky grip her hand, it made her somewhat smile at the notion. Though she couldn't help feeling guilty that all of this may have been partially her fault.

If she and Sky and never started seeing each other, maybe Bloom would still be with Sky; and not susceptible to falling under Darkar's control once more. She knew it was because of them that the red haired girl and began distancing herself away from everyone. It didn't help matters when Stella confessed that they all knew, thus creating an even bigger rift among the friends.

She couldn't even begin to speculate when Bloom had first fallen under his control once more. Maybe it was when she started changing her style, or even worse; maybe it started way before then.


Gently holding his side, he glanced at Stella before him. He was worried about her, even more so then Bloom. He could see something forming in her eyes, and he wasn't sure he wanted to know what she was thinking. Gazing down at her hands, he could see that her right hand was tightened into a fist against the ground.

Taking a deep breath, he winced in pain. It had appeared that Blooms kick had broken at least two of his ribs. Although he was relieved that there were no signs that he may of punctured his lung.

Looking forward, he could see Bloom and Darkar opening the portal to Realix once more. They had to stop them and prevent them from taking the Ultimate Power. He then turned his attention behind him, checking to see how the others were. It didn't look good. Musa was unconscious and Flora was in tears.

It seemed only Stella, Layla, Tecna, Sky, himself and the other boys were the only ones still awake. Then he remembered the pixies.


During the torture session, the small pixie finally managed to break from of her icy prison. Though she didn't know how much good it would do. The rest of her pixie friends were still trapped within the magical bubble that Darcy had put around them.

Looking up, she saw that Bloom and Darkar had already finished opening the portal. She knew that they didn't have long if they wanted to stop them, even if it was hopeless. Ignoring Bloom and the others she flew towards the Winx girls and Specialists.

"Come on guys, we have to stop Darkar from getting the Ultimate Power." she pleaded, looking up at Stella and then to Brandon and the others.

Stella cast her eyes towards Darkar and Bloom as she slowly worked her way to her feet. Pushing past her pain. The others began to follow suit, at least those that could.

Darkar entered the portal first, followed by the Trix. Before Bloom entered, she cast a look behind her, seeing them all beginning to get to their feet. Smirking darkly, she entered the portal.

"Lets go." Brandon said as he limped forward, his ribs still giving him a problem. "Even if we can't stop them from summoning it, we can still destroy it before they get it."

Before he could continue any further, Sky placed his hand on his friends shoulder.

"Your in no condition to fight. Stay here with Riven and protect Musa. The rest of us will deal with Darkar."

Not giving him a chance to argue, the remaining Winx and Specialists charged forward, entering the portal before it closed on them. Lockette sneaking in at the last second.

"Good luck." Brandon whispered before leaning back against the table, nursing his ribs as he looked over at Riven and Musa.


Bloom once again took her spot on top of the alter to begin the chant to summon forth the Ultimate Power once more. Meanwhile, Darkar and the Trix formed a protective barrier around the fire fairy. Knowing full well that the foolish heroes still had not given up.

As if on cue, the portal spit out another group of people. Not giving them a chance to gain their bearings. Each of them gasped at the sight before them. Bloom was already well into summoning the Ultimate Power. The whole scene was like deja`vu for them.

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