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Chapter 2

Previously, the captain looked around in alarm and pulled out his gun and pointed it at John at the same time John does.

"Lower your weapon!" Steve demanded.

"I was just about to ask you the same thing," John replied.

Steve squinted his eyes and John just kept a fierce look.

Six stepped forward and broke the silence.

"Enough! We don't need anymore bloodshed!" Six added as the moved closer and whispers, "We need you alive, Four. Now more than ever."

John reluctantly lowered his weapon and stepped away from the Captain. Steve then lowered his weapon and kept it. Steve stepped forward and held out his hand to Four.

Steve then said, "Hi. I'm Steve Rogers. Captain America. No hard feelings?"

Four looked at his hand and back at his face in suspicion. Steve then took back his hand.

"Okay then."

"So... What is a bunch of teenagers doing at headquarters?" Natasha asked.

"They're Project Lorien. They are the key to saving the entire world," Nick Fury replied.

"Them?" Steve and Natasha said in unison. "But they're just kids," Steve added.

"How the hell do you know about us?" Nine demanded.

"They're probably with the government and the government's working with the Mogs, obviously," Four muttered.

"He's right! How do we know that you can be trusted?" Six demanded.

"We don't work for the government or with the Mogadorians. We are highly trained a secret opperative," Fury said.

Right at that moment, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner entered the briefing room.

"Nice of you to join us, Mr Stark," Natasha said, turned her head and nodded at Bruce. "Mr Banner." Bruce nodded, returning the greeting.

"We'll resume this briefing when everyone's accounted for," Fury said as he turned his back and head for the door.

They were all sent to the waiting room. John sat quietly while rubbing his hands together, practicing his legacy, Lumen. Six sat beside him, waiting patiently for his next move. Sarah was sitting quietly next to Bernie Kosar and Ella was sitting on the floor with Marina, Five and Nine. Tony Stark was pacing back and forth which drove Steve mad with annoyance and Bruce was just observing the file.

John looked up and saw that Eight had just teleported back. He looked at him but Eight just shook his head and sat next to Marina. Four dropped his head down. Six reached out and brushed her hands through the back of his hair at the neck. John smiled at her.

"So... What did they bring you here for, Sparky?" Tony asked, breaking the silence.

John just ignored him.

"Don't waste your breath, Stark. He doesn't trust us," Steve said.

"Was I talking to you, huh, Capsicle?"

"I've had enough of you!" Steve exclaimed as he got up and slammed the table.

"Oh boy," was all Bruce said.

Just as the Captain reached out and grabbed Tony by the collar, Four stretches out his arm and froze them with his telekinesis. Steve, Tony and Bruce looked at him in surprise.

"I've had it up to here with you humans! I suggest you pipe down or I swear I'll rip your head off!"

"Four! What the hell is wrong with you?" Nine asked.

Eight then teleported to Four and knocked him unconscious which made him release his grip from them.

Half an hour later, John woke up. There were more people in the room. He panicked and grabbed his diamond dagger from his pocket and pointed it at them.

"John, it's okay. We were wrong. They're the good guys," Six reassures him.

He slowly got up and looked around.

"What happened?"

"I'll tell you what happened. You finally snapped. You completely lost it and threatened them," Nine said.

"I'm.. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone," Four said, facing Tony and Steve.

"Let's call it even," Steve said.

Four just chuckled. The crowd dispersed. He then turned and face Sarah.

"You're awfully quiet today. What's wrong?"

"I was on the brink of death, John. I could've died but you saved me. I just..." She trailed off.

John just reached up and hugged her and said, "It's okay... Everything's gonna be okay..."

Natasha then entered the waiting room with Thor and Hawkeye, Agent Clint Barton. Natasha then hugged Steve. When she pulled away, she said, "Thank god, you're okay. I heard screaming and shouting. I thought Banner lost control, no offense."

"None taken," Bruce said calmly.

"Really? Out of all people, you're worried about Capsicle here?" Tony questioned.

Natasha blushed and then pulled away from the captain's hold.

"Real mature, Stark."

"I'm just saying what my eyes see," Tony raised his arms in surrender.

Thor faced the Garde members.

"My friends, I am Thor Odinson, God of Thunder. What might your names be?"

"It won't work. He doesn't trust us enough to introduce themselves," Steve warned.

After a few moments, John finally spoke up. "My name is Number Four, I am the leader of the Garde. We are your only hope in saving your planet. Yes, I don't trust you but you prove to be a valuable ally. We've been betrayed in so many ways, so I am risking my life to trust you."

To Be Continued...