Author Notes: Well, my first attempt at fanfic writing. I am quite aware that my writing is not as good as i thought it'd be. In the meantime, however, please bear with it.

P/S: the prologue may be a little bit short.

Death Race chapter 1:

In 2050, the world's economy collapsed, leading to the end of many governments, including Japan. Which meant more crime, and prisons became a source for the rich to throw money in for entertainment. One of such prisons was Terminal Prison on Terminal island, not very far from Japan's Honshu, famous for its harsh Death Race participated by those who were death-sentenced.

Somewhere in northern Japan, a young blonde amateur racer named Haruka Tenoh hummed happily as she pulled up in front of her girlfriend's house. "Nothing beats going to your girlfriend's after winning an important race" thought Haruka as she knocked on her girlfriend's door. "Tadaima" she said. No one answered, though; so she knocked once, then twice more. Still, no answer. Frustrated, she fished out her cell and called the girlfriend. No answer either.

"Well, that's weird!" Haruka frowned "Where is she?"

Sensing something bad happened, the blonde took the right and took the spare key from under a potted plant and opened the door herslf, only to regret it almost instantly. In the hallway, everything was a mess, as if a fight had broken out. Haruka began to worry, yet she advanced into the house. Food and other random stuff were scattered all over the place, and some pictures on the wall were knocked down: there must have been a fight. Haruka's heart was beating even faster than when she was racing against her nemesis.

Still, she went on, and was given a shock when she reached the bedroom. There, lying in a pool of blood was her beloved, scrachted and bruised with her throat cut. However, she could not feel anything, as someone hit her on the head from behind, really hard.

Haruka blacked out.

When she came to, the first thing she could hear was the police's siren outside the small suburban house. And before she knew it, two officer had already handcuffed her hand behind her back, not allowing her to register anything.

"Youre under arrest, Tenoh, for the murder of Aino Minako!" one of them said. Haruka confusedly looked at herself. She was still gripping a bloody dagger, and herself was also covered in the crimson blood of her, now, ex-girlfriend.

Obviously, today was full of surprises.