Danny saw Chin leave the restaurant with Kono who kept her arm around him. The cousins walked with their head down, while the girl whispered something in his ear and Chin nodded without looking up. Kono waved to Danny and he raised a hand in greeting. He sighed and stood leaning against the Camaro, staring into the space in front of him.

Steve was leaving the restaurant after paying when Kono and Chin were going away. Chin looked up at him and Steve, seized with a sudden sense of emptiness, instinctively came up to him and hugged him, as he had done that morning, founding him already in the office after Malia's funeral. He said nothing but felt Chin cling to him and whisper mahalo. Than he watched him go.

"What are we doing still here?" Steve looked up and saw Danny leaning against the car door.

He stopped in front of him, rubbing his face with both hands. Yeah, what were they doing still there? He was tired and the only thought in his head was to go home and sleep, but he didn't want to be alone. He looked up at Danny. He also had the air of one who would gladly have had a close encounter with a bed.

Laying a hand on his shoulder, he met his eyes.

"Do you want to come with me?".

Danny nodded.

In the car they didn't speak, each lost in their own thoughts.

Steve took two beers from the fridge and, after having passed one to Danny, turned and walked out on the lanai, going to sit on one of the chairs facing the ocean.

They stood staring at the darkening horizon, in silence, while the moon peeped among the few clouds. There was not much to say. Both of them felt the same things and there was no need to ask what they were.

At one point, Danny turned to Steve.

"How do you recover from something like that?".

Steve didn't answer immediately, took a sip of beer from the bottle and then sat staring at it, turning it in his hands. Someone had already asked him that question. He answered in the same way.

"You don't" he murmured.

Danny jumped up to his feet and took a few steps toward the ocean. Steve stared at his stiff back for a moment and then followed him.

He put his arm around him and Danny turned to him. The moonlight enabled him to see Steve's features, a face that he couldn't live without.

"Life sucks," he muttered gluing the look in Steve's eyes.

"I know" he whispered.

Then, without thinking too much, he hugged him, holding tightly and Danny, clinging to him, closed his eyes in the dark.