11. 33%

Thanks to my friend Aurora, who helped with this prompt! The site where the survey was held doesn't exist anymore, unfortunately, but most of the comments were pretty rude and mostly along the lines of the ones I put.


"Oh, now that is bullshit!"

Sweden poked his head into the living room, one eyebrow raised in confusion. Finland had his arms folded across his chest, glaring at the screen as if it had personally offended him. Perhaps it had.

"Something wrong?" Sweden asked warily, wiping his hands on his apron. Finland snorted, waving a disgusted hand at the screen.

"These fuckers don't know what they're talking about," he snarled. His anger was sort of ruined by the way he folded his arms again, slumped down in his chair and pouted.

"What're they saying?"

"See for yourself!" Finland spluttered, turning the screen around so Sweden could see. Adjusting his glasses, he sat down beside his wife and began to read.

Some of it wasn't exactly pleasant.

Finland is a horrible country, full of racists! I hate living here!

No one should like Finland, fucking shitty country.

Finland is a stupid place, no one helps anyone else!

Sweden scowled and felt a distinct urge to reach through the screen and punch someone. The instinct to defend his wife's honour ran bone-deep.

"Don't bother with them," he said gruffly. Reaching over, he wound an arm around Finland's shoulders and pulled him closer, kissing the side of his head. "Not worth your contempt. I love you."

Finland deflated a bit under Sweden's hold. "I… I just…" He flailed ineffectually for a moment or two before sighing heavily. "Thirty-three per cent, Sve! Thirty-three per cent of my own inhabitants despise me! Look at what they're saying!" He started pouting again, and it looked a lot more sorrowful this time around. "I don't think I'm like that," he added softly.

Sweden let out his own sigh, rubbing Finland's arm comfortingly. "Y'know you're not like that," he said vehemently. "You're wonderful, and 'm not just saying that because 'm in love with you." He smiled triumphantly when he caught Finland's weak chuckle. "They don't know how good they've got it, if y'ask me."

"Oh, so they're lucky to be in Finland, hm?" Finland asked, raising an eyebrow. He seemed to have gotten a spark of his familiar tease back.

"You're going t'make a sexual innuendo, aren't you?"

"You know me so well, Sve!" Finland said with a laugh. He leant over and pulled Sweden into a kiss. "Thanks for cheering me up," he murmured. Sweden hummed happily, reached over and closed the browser, pulling up a photo of Sweden, Sealand, Ladonia and Hanatamago. Just to be thorough, he closed the laptop as well, before leaning in to kiss Finland again.