He watched as she interacted with his soldiers, blonde curls bobbing as she spoke and blue eyes shining as she spoke. Anyone who didn't know the real story would think that they were related by blood instead of by circumstance. It started with the blackout and yet he doesn't remember his life before she entered it.

He had never felt love before but he knew that was what he was feeling when he saw that little girl. He found her caked in dirt and mud and her curls clinging to her face. She had been travelling with her mother when they were attacked by a thug in search of food. Her being a child of such a young age all she could do was run and hide, curling herself into a small ball into the hollow of a tree. He helped her out and took her to a stream to wash her, not mentioning the body of her mother to the young girl. He later finds out that her name is Abigail and that she is four years old.

He convinces his friend to take her with them, that she is innocent and doesn't deserve to suffer in the wilderness. He carries her most of the way to his destination.

The one thing on Sebastian Monroe's mind when he and his friend are putting together the Militia and forming the rules is that little girl. He calls her Abbie now and treats her like she is his daughter, hoping that one day she will forget her mother and call him "Dad".

It takes less than a year for that to happen and he decides then that he is never going back and never going to live without her. If anyone tells her that he is not her biological father he will destroy them, all he wants is to keep his little girl safe.

Miles leaves the Monroe Militia a couple of years later and in his upset state he does the one thing that he truly regrets. Abbie is ten by this time and starting to wonder why she only has a dad and doesn't have a mother and he tells her that Miles murdered her mother in cold blood. He was upset at the time and his one big wish is that he could take that back but he can't.

As she grew up she was always considered "pretty" and he has seen the wandering eyes of many of his soldiers but none of them have enough guts to act on their hormones with her being the daughter of their leader.

Abigail Monroe is his little girl and he wouldn't trade her for the world. He doesn't let her in on his work, he doesn't want her to think that he's the monster that everyone else thinks that he is.

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