In the hallway, Del pushed the elevator call button, willing the doors to open.

"Come on... Come on..."

Within minutes he was running into the lobby, his heart racing as he searched for any sign of Bob Anderson.

"Damn... Where is he?"

And like an answered prayer, Del spotted him.

"Mr. Anderson?"

Wearing a smug grin, Bob turned to face Del.

"Del Cassidy! Came to discuss more of our business deal, did you? Well don't worry because I can assure you that this deal will make you very rich indeed!"

"Actually Mr. Anderson, there is no deal."

Bob's eyes widened. "What?"

"You heard me!"

"Mr. Cassidy, think about what you're saying! Don't you realize what you'll be giving up?"

Del smiled. "As a matter of fact, I do. And if you ever scare Caroline like that again, I'll kill you with my bare hands, you got that?"

And appallingly, Bob laughed. "Mr. Cassidy I wasn't trying to scare her. I was only trying to-."

"Yeah, I know what you were trying to do. So I'd better not see you around here again!"

"I don't understand."

"You don't? Well here's something you should understand. Caroline Duffy is not, never has and never will be a hooker! She's a cartoonist and a very good one. But I guess you'll never know that!"

Without another word, Del made his way back to Caroline's apartment. As soon as he walked through the door, she raised her head, smiling at him through tear-filled eyes.

"Del, what's going on? Where were you?"

"Sorry. Just had to take care of something." He replied, making his way to the kitchen.

He removed two wine glasses from the cabinet and opened the refrigerator. "Would you like some wine?"


He brought over the wine and glasses and sat down beside her on the sofa, smiling when she took a sip and allowed herself to relax.


"No problem."

"So... did you get all the details straightened out?"

"What details?"

"Come on, Del. I know you went to find that jerk Anderson."

"Yeah, I did."

She sighed deeply. "Del, I know that this deal means a lot to you and you're more than welcome to use the Caroline in the City stuff we talked about, but I don't want to be anywhere near him. He's disgusting!"

He turned to her and smiled.

"Which is why I told him that the deal is off."

Her mouth fell open. "Del, why would you do that? I thought-."

He took her hands in a gentle manner, causing her breath to catch in her throat.

"If I had been here when he was saying those things to you, I would have-."

"You would have what, Del?"

"Well, let's just say that it would be a very long time before he was able to walk again. I mean, who in the hell does he think he is, thinking that you're a-."

Her eyes filled with tears.

"You broke your business deal because of me?"

"Caroline, I couldn't let him treat you like that and-."

She slid closer to him on the sofa and captured his lips with hers, surprised at the memories that flooded her mind.

It had been so long... much too long... and the feeling was incredible. Del must have felt it as well, because he put his arms around her deepening the kisses into something she could have only imagined.

Several seconds passed before they parted, staring into each other's eyes. And all too soon he drew back, running a hand through his hair, clearly embarrassed by what he had done.

"God, Caroline I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. I just... got lost in old memories I guess."

Slowly, she began to unbutton his shirt, smiling when he gasped with pleasure at the kisses she trailed across his collarbone.

"Well... in that case..." She said, placing a tender kiss on his mouth that left her hungry for more. "Perhaps we should make new memories... starting right now."