"This is not a good idea," groaned Sabbath, hurrying to keep up with the other three black cats. Their tails were held up high, as well as their heads. Sabbath huffed and ran to keep up.

"C'mon, Mystery, Emily'd get worried sick if she realised we weren't doing our rightful duty as her day blanket," hissed Sabbath.

"Chill out, Sab," said Miles, dashing playfully ahead before dashing right back. "E's probably having one of her glorious nightmares again, no prob."

"She does love us far more than anyone else," mused NeeChee, his white-striped tail curling as he cocked his head.

Mystery huffed and rolled her eyes. NeeChee, being the schemer, would obviously have read Emily's diary. Miles was far too fidgety to read even the label on their cat food can, and Sabbath probably didn't know how to read. In fact, the other cats preferred to scheme (NeeChee), show off their artistic talent (Miles) or puke on Emily's stuff (Sabbath).

In fact, Mystery really didn't like reading either. She preferred snuggling, or perhaps a bit of dress-chewing, just for fun. Raven the golem was fun, too, albeit quite boring at times. Patti was just... well, normal. And as for that strange other Emily, well she was still Emily, just another Emily.

If that made sense.

"We CAN'T go back in time just so Mystery can see Enigma again!" hissed Sabbath.

"C'mon, I just wanna go!" whined Miles. "Besides, E says that her TimeOut Machine is the COOLEST thing EVER. At least that's what I think she said."

Mystery let the other cats continue to yowl as her thoughts drifted to Enigma. The tail-less tomcat could replace all three of the other cats any day. He had intriguing markings, a mysterious aura and intelligence. The others didn't lack that, but they preferred not to use it.

Besides, Enigma was... an enigma. Unique. Interesting. Slightly odd. Strange.

Strange indeed.