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Anyway… random drabble idea that I had.

This Doctor is definitely more hands-on, she decides.

It comes almost as a revelation. On New Earth she grabs his arm, and they lie together on his jacket in the applegrass, but that's all normal. There was arm-grabbing with her old Doctor, and plenty of hugs and handholding. He still smiles at her the same way. When Cassandra leaves her body, and she's overcome by dizziness, he catches her, setting her upright and letting go as soon as Cassandra makes a sound, like a teenager caught snogging his girlfriend behind the school bleachers. Oh yes, it's him. Her Doctor.

But there are all those times in the TARDIS, when she'll be talking to him while reading her favorite book, and he'll come behind her and rest his head on her shoulder, or sit down next to her and pull her feet into his lap. Sometimes, just sometimes, he'll snatch her by the waist as she walks by, unceremoniously pulling her into his lap while he's watching some ridiculous alien show.

But she really gets the hint when they meet Queen Victoria. It's just the little things—him standing close to her, the way his hand sneaks down and pinches her hip lightly, then travels to rest at the small of her back, how he almost lifts her entire body to get her away from the wolf when she's frozen.

All those little things, the ones that the Queen wrinkles her nose at, because it's so improper to stand so close to someone of the opposite sex, much less whisper in their ear, or smile at them, or give them a well-meaning hug.

And there are the ones that no one sees. Quiet whispers across a borrowed bed, lips ghosting over a chilly, reddened face, fingers entwining, bodies pressing together at all the curves as one hand glides down and hold her waist close to him while the other softly strokes her face and he tells her that it's going to be okay (and even though so many people have died, and she saw it, she can believe him in that moment).

Yes, she decides, this Doctor is more tactile than the last. And she doesn't mind a bit.