Drake and Josh: New Life

Chapter 1 of a new Drake and Josh story, enjoy.

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Chapter 1

There was tension in the air as Irina Spalko was dropped off at school by her parents. The tension wasn't between Irina and her parents, but rather Irina and her concerns over the actions of her fellow students. It had been four months since she had endured the horrific torture and rape at the hands of Otis Walsh. This had been followed with an extended hospital stay while she recovered and then came the news that she was pregnant. This time had been hard on Irina, especially since there was a fifty-fifty chance that the father of her baby was either Otis, or her boyfriend Lin Xiaoping. She had been relieved of her anxiety when it was revealed that Xiaoping was the father. But now she faced a new challenge. She had to face all the trials of pregnancy and being a mom, when she was only sixteen. Her one consolation was that Xiaoping had agreed to take responsibility and he had been true to his word. But now things were more difficult for them at school. Xiaoping was still picked on for his mixed heritage, Irina was still being bullied by a group of bigots who believed that, due to her Ukrainian background, Irina and her family were communists. Worse than all that however, was the people who bullied her because of her pregnancy.

"Irina?" Her mother Anya, looked back at her daughter concerned. Irina managed a tight smile, "I'm fine mom, I'll be okay."

Anya nodded, somewhat reassured and soon Irina, with her father Vladimir's help, was out of the car. She picked up her bag and, with one hand resting on her slightly swollen stomach, she wave goodbye to her parents and walked into school.

Once inside she began to head for her locker when her path was obstructed by a group of girls who she knew from her history class.

"Where do you think you're going slut?" One of them snapped, Irina sighed, every since it became clear she was pregnant she had to put up with this. "To my locker." She replied.

The girl who had spoken, Alyssa, sneered.

"Just get out, nobody wants you hear." She stated, "You think just because you'll spread your legs for anyone they'll do what you want…Well now look at you. Knocked up and claiming your boyfriend is the father."

"Xiaoping is the father of my baby." Irina declared but Alyssa just laughed, "Yeah right, you're just saying that so he'll stay with you. It could be anybody after all."

Irina shook her head.

"I've only had sex with Xiaoping and been raped by that creep." She stated, but Alyssa smirked widely. "That's not what I heard, what about the whole football team, I heard you did all of them, one after the other in the locker room. Then there are all the other guys too, they can't all be lying, I mean come on, that's at least twenty guys. Face it whore, the truth's out."

Irina gasped at this, unable to believe what she was hearing, with tears in her eyes she fled as fast as she could, the girl's laughter ringing in her ears.

As she was running she ran into someone.

"Irina." Her heart soared, it was Xiaoping, she clung to him. "Thank god it's you."

Xiaoping was surprised at this but returned the embrace.

"What's wrong, what's happened?" He asked, Irina managed to sob out the whole story and Xiaoping's face contorted with rage. "Those stuck up bitches, I…"

"No, please." Irina begged, "Don't do anything; you'll just make it worse."

Xiaoping sighed and calmed down.

"Alright, let's go."

With that he led her to her locker and after they gathered their stuff they headed off to class. The day continued with the two of them sticking together, enduring the whispering comments but never being confronted directly. Finally at lunch they got their lunch and sat at their usual table.

"Guys, what is going on, the school is buzzing with rumours."

Buffy Parker and Piper Nichols, Xiaoping's cousins, had arrived and sat down. They told them about what had happened and how people were now spreading rumours to make it seem like Irina had slept with practically every guy in the school.

"Oh really." Piper remarked, Buffy glared. "Well they've just made a big mistake.

Piper agreed.

"Yeah, no one picks on our little cousin and his girlfriend and gets away with it."

"Guys, just be careful, okay." Xiaoping stated; Irina shook her head, "Don't do anything rash, I don't want this to get worse."

"Don't worry Irina." Buffy reassured her. "The only people who are gonna get things worse will be the creeps that started all of this."

The rest of the day passed with the rumours still flying around, by the time school was done Irina and Xiaoping left hurriedly, desperate to escape and return to the safety of their own homes. Before they left however, Piper and Buffy both reassured them that they would expose Alyssa as a liar, they would just have to wait and endure as best as they could.

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