Drake and Josh: New Life

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Chapter 2

The following day things just got worse. The moment Irina walked in the door all eyes were on her and the whispering started again. She found Xiaoping, Piper and Buffy, all of them were angry.

"Xiaoping?" She was tentative, as he looked at her however his expression softened. "It's her again, Alyssa. She's gone too far this time."

Irina trembled at this and then swallowed.

"What did she do?"

Buffy responded by leading them to an empty classroom before pulling out her laptop and plugging in a memory stick.

"She used this to 'broadcast' what was on it." Buffy explained, "She gave it to Xiaoping and told him to listen to it until he realized the truth."

Buffy then hit the sound file on the memory stick and it played. Irina felt her legs tremble and she nearly fell but Xiaoping caught her. The sound file was slightly muffled at first but then it became clearer. It was the sound of a couple having sex, the girl kept moaning when the guy spoke, he said her name, however his voice clearly wasn't Xiaoping's.

"What the hell?" Irina breathed, hardly daring to believe it. Xiaoping sighed, "I don't believe for a second it's you, I know you'd never do that. But the rest of the school…Well, you saw what they were like."

Irina hung her head.

"I don't believe this, why…why?" She felt the tears pricking the corners of her eyes. Xiaoping hugged her. "I'm sorry Irina but…we've gotta talk to the Principal."

Irina nodded and offered no argument.

They arrived at the Principal's office and once they were there, they told him about what had happened. The Principal called Alyssa to the office and, due to the seriousness of what was happening also called all their parents. Once everybody was present the Principal explained what he had been told, Alyssa immediately cut in.

"You can't believe a word she says, she's lying." She exclaimed, "Why would you believe someone like her anyway. She just doesn't want people to know she's cheating on her boyfriend."

Vladimir and Anya glared at Alyssa but before they could react, Megan did.

"How dare you, I…" The Principal however cut across her, "That's enough, all of you."

Once things had calmed down and Josh and Mindy let go of Piper, who had attempted to throw herself at Alyssa. Drake and Rachel did the same with Buffy before Drake spoke up.

"So what's going to happen?" He asked.

The Principal sighed.

"The problem here is it is simply, one person saying one thing, another person saying another."

Alyssa cut in again.

"No it isn't, the memory stick, it's proof I'm telling the truth."

Buffy reluctantly handed over the memory stick and the Principal listened to it. Once it was finished he looked over at Irina critically.

Vladimir spoke up.

"I'm sorry but, that seems very flimsy to me, for all we know it could be doctored." He stated, Anya agreed before adding, "Our daughter would never do a thing like this, she loves Xiaoping, she's expecting a child, something like this would be completely out of character for her."

The Principal nodded slowly and finally Shaoqi Lin, Xiaoping's father spoke.

"Isn't there any way to prove it's Irina?" He asked, Alyssa scoffed at this but didn't say anything. The Principal turned to Alyssa's parents, "The two of you haven't said anything, what are your thoughts on this matter?"

There was silence for a moment and then Alyssa's father spoke up.

"I agree with Xiaoping and Irina's parents." He stated, "We can't just rely on this alone." Her mother nodded, "Yes, I think it would best if we had an expert determine the authenticity of this sound file."

The others all agreed and so the Principal agreed to call and expert. He also stated that it would be best for Irina and Alyssa to stay away from school until the matter was resolved, it would take at least a week. With that they all left the Principal's office. Alyssa and her parents left immediately, Alyssa looking smug. Irina turned to Xiaoping.

"I'm sorry Xiaoping, I…" He cut her off with a quick kiss before embracing her, "It's alright, I'll call you after school okay. Don't worry about me."

She nodded and left with her parents. Xiaoping turned to the others.

Lin and Megan both looked at him concerned but he reassured them he was fine. He then turned to Josh and Mindy who were lecturing Piper.

"I know you were angry at what she said," Mindy stated, "But that was no excuse. You don't just attack someone, especially in front of the Principal, it doesn't solve anything."

Piper looked indignant, "So what was I supposed to do?" Xiaoping stepped in. "I have to agree with Piper, neither of you said anything while we were in there."

Josh smiled.

"That's because we noticed something, Alyssa's mother, is one of Drake's old girlfriends." He explained, "I'm pretty sure the mother of Alyssa's boyfriend is another one of the old girlfriends."

They all looked at Drake who nodded in confirmation.

"So," Rachel began, "We see if we can talk to any of them?"

Drake nodded again, "Yeah, it'll be awkward but, it's probably better to talk to the boyfriend's parents, he wasn't involved in this little incident in the Principal's office."

Buffy sighed and shook her head. "Why are you planning on talking to them?" Josh was the one who answered, "We want to see what they really think, who knows, one of them might know something that proves Irina's innocent."

Megan agreed, "It's the best we can hope for, you guys just keep your head down okay."

Buffy and Piper shook their heads.

"We can't, we wanna help." Piper exclaimed, Buffy nodded, "Yeah, we have to, we can't let her get away with this."

Their parents reluctantly agreed.

"I'll help too." Xiaoping offered but Megan put her foot down, "No Xiaoping, you're not helping them."

"But mom…" Lin placed a reassuring hand on his son's shoulder, "You've got more important responsibilities to worry about, you'll be father in five months, you need to be ready for it."

Xiaoping sighed and agreed. So their parents left and Xiaoping, Piper and Buffy all headed to class, hoping that somehow, they would be able to clear up this mess.

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