Drake and Josh: New Life

Chapter 5 of my Drake and Josh story, enjoy.


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Chapter 5

Xiaoping smiled as he delicately kissed his heavily pregnant girlfriend. Irina smiled, things had completely calmed down, they had both settled into their new home. Just then, before Irina could reply to Xiaoping, she felt it starting. She yelped and Xiaoping leapt back, surprised.

"Xiaoping, it's starting, she's coming..." Irina breathed, "I'm going into labour."

Xiaoping's eyes widened.

"Okay, just hold on...Let's go." He remarked, he was scared but kept his focus.

He helped Irina up and helped her out to his car. Once he got her in the car he drove as quickly as he could to the hospital.

"It's gonna be okay Irina." He stated, "We're nearly there, everything's gonna be fine."

Irina groaned but nodded. They finally arrived at the hospital; Xiaoping helped Irina out and led her inside. Once inside he informed the receptionist and, while Irina was rushed through to the maternity ward he called his parents who told him they would call the others, before heading in to join her. He entered Irina's ward and hurried over to her side and took her hand.

"I called mom and dad." He explained, "They're calling everyone else and then they'll be right here."

"Great." She groaned, she managed a small smile, "This is it, we're gonna be parents."

Xiaoping smiled back and nodded.

Megan and Lin were the first to arrive, Vladimir and Anya also arrived quickly with Piper, Buffy, Drake, Rachel, Josh, Mindy and Tori just behind them.

"Hey guys," Lin greeted, "How are you doing?"

Irina nodded.

"I'm great."

The others all smiled and gathered around her as a contraction hit and she crushed Xiaoping's hand.

"It's okay, you're gonna be fine." He reassured her, ignoring the pain in his hand, he knew Irina's pain was much worse.

Finally, hours later, the midwife came in and announced that Irina was now at ten centimetres and, with Xiaoping accompanying her; she was taken through to the delivery room. The others waited outside; all anxious until finally, a few hours later the midwife stepped out and told them that she had given birth. The others came in and saw Irina sitting upright in bed, holding a blanket wrapped bundle, Xiaoping sat next to her, smiling proudly. They approached and Irina smiled and moved slightly so they could see the baby girl.

"Hey guys, meet Elena." She remarked happily.

The others smiled, the newborn had a small tuft of black hair, inherited from Irina, her facial features were Xiaoping's.

"She's so beautiful." Megan stated happily, Irina nodded happily.

Soon the others left the room so Irina could rest; Xiaoping cradled Elena and smiled proudly at his daughter.

"I've never seen you so proud." Irina stated sleepily, Xiaoping laughed. "Yeah, sorry but...I think Elena's gonna be a Daddy's Girl."

Irina laughed softly before finally settling back and allowing herself to fall asleep. She was happier than ever and so was Xiaoping, they had the greatest responsibility and joy in life, they were finally parents.

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