I Know I haven't started this new story but I have decided to do this story will be about Lindsay mum and her friend but I will do a chapter on what happened in his apartment and trust me they don't go out yet ! which i point out that he fancy her a lot which I do a chapter when he goes to her work because she has to in view him because he is a billionaire and Lindsay will meet him as well in this story. But first we need Lindsay and her dad

Chapter one new relationship maybe

Lindsay has being starting at the floor remembering a photo that she has in her room at home next to the window and her heart breaks a little more each time that she remembers the memory behide the photo. There is one book on her self that's too hard to read and she doesn't read it because it was the last book that her dad read to her before left. Another part of Lindsay has gone by and she knows her dad hasn't being there and she realised that its time to move on and even though she not ready to say goodbye to that bit but she doesn't want to stay in the past and it will stay with her but it was holding her back,

"Linds" Danny said

"Hey "

"You okay"
"yeah, just my dad came here "



"Talk to him"
"Are you crazy?"
"no but you can have a relationship with him"
" true"
"well maybe he still near the door"
"yeah well I look" Lindsay got up and went and looked outside and he was standing there

"Can you come in and we can talk"
"of course"

Lindsay has being staring at her dad for ten minutes now and she was shocked that he was here, and Danny told her to talk to him.

" I was t four when you left"
"I know, and im so sorry"
" I had my back to my bedroom door, and all I could hear was mum crying because of you"
" you and your selfish mind left and what did you expect?"
"Your mum would forgive me

"Am I your child or was I just someone who mum gave birth to and you didn't want me?"

"Lindsay, you are my daughter and I love you"
"you have a hard way to show that"
"I know and I want you to forgive me"
" its being 13 years since we have last spoke and you left and you cant take it back"
"Lindsay, trust me I know and I made a mistake but I love you so much and you are my daughter and I have missed you so much , Lindsay I really do love you"
"Only so many times, people have said I love you and when you say it, it

Starts to sound like a lie and you don't mean it"

"Lindsay, baby, I do mean it and I want a relationship with you"

"Don't you remember I'm your baby girl? How could you push me out of your world, Lied to your flesh and your blood, Put your hands on the ones that you swore you loved? So young when the pain had begun because you're back and now I am scared to be loved and I used to cut myself because I couldn't deal with any pain."
" I want you to leave "Maria came in the door with Jason and saw bill with Lindsay.

"Mum" Lindsay went up to her and gave her a hug

"bill, I want you to leave now"
" no, I want a relationship with my daughter"
" Lindsay, darling , would you take Jason into the kitchen please "
" Sure" Lindsay and Jason left the room

" Go, now"
" I want to spend time with Lindsay"
"I told you at the park, Lindsay and I never want nothing anything with you or you life"
" please tell her I will come again"
"you come again and I will call the police"
" fine"

"So you my mum new boyfriend?"

"Well I hope so but at the moment, we are still friends"
"so you wanna her to be your girlfriend"

"Sure, I guess but im a billionaire and i need someone in my life to share that with me"
"cool, so if you could take my mum anywhere, where would you go?"
" I would take her a place where she wants to go and of course you could come "
"Funny guy"

" so you excited to spend christmas "
"sure, I got your mum to help me put up my tree, as I usually get people to do it for me but I decided your mum could help me"
" she loves christmas "
"yeah I bet she does"
and with that Lindsay mum comes in and sees Lindsay and Jason getting along.

-Next chapter will be at Jason pad and Maria gets a text saying she has to intview him so any ideas she could ask him.