Time at Jason – Putting Christmas decorations up

Maria was putting the finishing touches on the tree. While Jason was on was lounging on the couch watching Maria and he knew that he fancy her a lot, he had opened up to her about his past and his mother dying of cancer, and how is feels about that and Maria had opened up to him about Lindsay and her ex but she hasn't told him about Lindsay trying to kill herself because she felt it was all her fault and she didn't want to be judged, Jason has being watching Maria putting christmas decorations up, Jason has helped her as well but he had a message from his friend Carl that he had to finish the book, he was writing was about his past and christmas, Which he loved but sometimes he always worked at Christmas because it was when he mother died of cancer, and he hated Christmas until he met Maria. Jason sighed loud Maria stared at him smiling, Jason cursed softly, when he knew that wouldn't never reach the top of his tree, but of course he had people to do that for him but he wanted to spend time with her and he wants to know more about Maria and everything she was about.

"Come and sit with me"

"Fine" and with that Maria sat down next to him and watched him.

"what you doing?"
"Writing in my own book."
"cool, I remember first christmas with Lindsay, she was born almost near christmas and I brought her home, her little face, looked at the christmas lights and she was in shocked and she loves christmas as I do"
"cool, so can I use that in my book" Jason joked

"No, I think it should be about you past and everything"
"really, well I can't think of writing"
"well start by tell them about you "
"yeah maybe"
"you should, because I know I will read it"
"really" Jason looked shocked.

"of course, because I only know some bits about you and I want to know more about you, and what makes you."
And with that Jason pressed a kiss on her cheek which made her blush and smiled.

"Let's go and see Lindsay"
"yeah, let's go" and with that they both left his apartment and went to Danny's where Lindsay would be.

Sorry this bit is really small but I don't know what else could happen because they have only known each other almost a month and I didn't want them to have sex just yet but maybe in the story.