Hey, sorry i havent updating in a while but i am getting there slow and i have mixed up lindsay granddad name and he is called Dean and he will be back in this chapter because he still in New york and Lindsay say goodbye at the airport with him and he give her some adivce and Lindsay mum maria talks to Bill`s wife. Bella

-Lindsay grandad Dean is getting ready to leave and go back home to his wife Annabell which he miss her so much and lately he has being thinking his little girl has grown up again and he never gets the father time, now or in the future but he knew that if maria found love again then everythng has changed, he was greatful he had spent time with lindsay and lindsay was his pride and enjoy and he loves lindsay, she was his only grandaughter so which he wanted to keep her safe. he had tried to find a reason he might move to new york but his life was with his wife and his farm which was he life, he has seen new york and recounted everyfootslep and how time was spent, as he sat in his hotel room, he was lost and all alone and he realized that all roads lead him home, Dean knew that Maria has found a boy she was going to married. and he hasnt meet Jason yet but he has seen it in his daugter, and he was putting his things way when he came across and note he writing when Maria was about five

daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.

Dean believed that Maria was happy and he wasnt going to be in the way. and lindsay was safe now, so it was time to say goodbye to them. and he believe that lindsay will grow up here and make a family of her own but she has some issues she need and danny was there which he wouldnt let her get hurt.

Lindsay at the airport with her granddad and she was always like this because she has grown up as she was close to him, she didnt have a dad and her granddad was like a dad,

" hey honey bee, what you thinking about?" dean asked her while lindsay looked sad

" i remember when you tuck me in, turn the light out and brush my hair when mum was busy"
"i remember you crying for you dad"
"you told me that you will always be there for me and dont ever look back"
"yeah, but honey bee, your grown up and i need to get back to grandma"
"yeah, but im going to miss you"
"i know, but i am only a phone call away and i will come back to visit because i still and dont feel afriad to tell people what you are feeling"
"goodbye my honey-bee"
"bye" and with that dean went to get his plane, while lindsay stood there for a bit then went to the car, where she parked her car.

-Maria was at cafe, waiting for Jason to come as he was only in work for abit and he was on his way, so she grab a tea and sat there.

"Hi, bella" maria said, while bella sat the other side of her
"how are you doing?"

"what are you doing, because if bill thinks that his wife can come and speak to me and see if i can change my mind about him seeing lindsay, then he is mostly mistaking"
"what, no i dont know what bill is up to and i havent seen bill since this mornin"
"what do you want, because remember you the one, who was my best friend then you decided to cheat with my husband which i dont care"
bella was going to say something but jason turn up

"hey, can we go"
"sure" and with that jason and maria left, leaving bella alone.

Danny was laying on lindsay bed, while lindsay was sittng on the floor listening to music and they were talking about lindsay birthday meal as she was turning 17, which danny was happy that lindsay and him has spokening about what bother her. and they were on speak terms, but he was shocked how much he has falling for this one girl, who he had only meet a year ago, and they was shocked how much they like each other, and they know they have told each other they love each other but danny feels his love for lindsay was stronger than before all this, but danny was suprise how much lindsay let him in, which he was classed as a bad boy at school before she came and now they are both going to college and start a new chapter together hopefully.

Next chapter is lindsay birthday and a twist in the story at the end of the story, Maria and Jason talk about lindsay and her relationship with danny