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The room was dark; the only light came from a rapidly melting candle. The orange and yellow hues from the light of the candle gave the cold dark room and warm glow.

In the room was a small desk and chair, as if made for a child. A small bottle of ink and a stack of papers lay on the desk next to a worn out journal. On top of the journal lay a feathered ink pen…

A small crack of light shone in the room before disappearing…

A figure sat down in the chair and began to write in the worn out journal. The figure wrote for what seemed like hours. Nimble hands moved quickly and elegantly across the pages of the journal.

A small noise caused the figure to look up before shutting the journal…

The small crack of light appeared before disappearing once again.

Time passed…

The same worn out journal now rested precariously in an expansive bookcase

Suddenly the bookcase shook and the journal fell to the ground…

A sudden gust blew through the journal, opening it to a tear stained page

The words were severely faded with time and watermarks…but the words were still legible.

It has been said and proven that darkness cannot exist with light, and that evil cannot exist without good…so I wonder why people always forget that the opposite is also true…

If darkness cannot exist without light then light cannot exist without darkness for the light shines the brightest when it is in darkness…

If evil cannot exist without good then good cannot exist without evil; the good of one shines above the evil of thousands…

They represented the balance of good and evil to me, no that's not it…I think they completed each other.

A kind soul shrouded in darkness and a monster bathed in light.

They were polar opposites yet they were two halves of the same coin. They were the moon and sun; the moon that existed in the darkness and the sun that thrived during the day…

What defines good and evil? What separates a hero from a monster?

Is it the deeds? But does not a hero also kill for the ones he loves just as a monster kills for survival and instinct?

It is the motive? But does not a hero seek glory just as a monster seeks recognition among the people it terrorizes?

Is it the appearance? But does not the greatest of monsters have the most beautiful of faces?

Those questions are never answered fully because they are the grey in the black and white world of the ignorant masses.

One had the aura and reputation of a monster, a demon from Hell…but he was kind and afraid of the world that hated him. It was only for a moment, but I saw the person he could've been if this word wasn't so keen on the idea of only good and only evil.

The other had the appearance of an angel, a light in the darkness…he wasn't cruel, but he knew darkness and knew the truth of this world…and something told me that if someone were to try and sully the kind soul of his companion, he would show that person true Hell.

I wonder…

Did the monster learn how to love in order to become human or did the angel learn how to hate in order to become human…?

Where did we originate from?

Naruto yawned as he glanced up at the blue sky; the breeze carried fresh air along with the faint smell of salt through the open window. Grunting in annoyance, Naruto climbed out of the comfort of his bed and padded along the slightly cold floors to close the window. Glancing around the room, he smiled as he saw Laxus lay in the other bed and Kurama situated near the fireplace. Another breeze blew through the open window, causing Naruto to shiver slightly. As his fingers brushed against the wooden frame another gust of wind blew through the open window; Naruto paused as he sniffed the air and grinned as he smelt the burning ozone. A storm was coming, the perfect time to replenish his energy.

As if in response to his excitement, lightning flashed in the distance, illuminating the darkening sky.

If there was ever a time Laxus questioned the sanity of his new companion, their current predicament erased all doubt from his mind. Currently, the three of them, Naruto, Kurama, and himself were dangling from the edge of a cliff as the harsh winds threatened to blow them away. It never once crossed his mind that he was the only one dangling while Naruto was hanging with Kurama tucked away in the folds of his cape.

"Are you fucking insane?!"

Naruto merely laughed as he swung himself onto a higher position.

"It's fucking storming out here! Do you want to die?!"

"Laxus, Laxus, Laxus…when will you ever learn? Lightning is our source of strength. The more we consume, the better our energy reserves become."

Whatever response Laxus gave was drowned out by the sound of rumbling thunder and howling wind.

Resigning himself to his fate, Laxus gave one small prayer to any god out there to have mercy on his doomed soul.

A hooded figure sat in a candle lit cave and stared out into the storm. The flashes of lightning illuminated his face to show a young and handsome face. The figure let out a sigh before continuing his gazing.

As they made their way back to their room at the inn, Laxus stared at the younger blonde. There was something about the young child that spoke of innocence and wisdom. The bright blue eyes reflected childish joy, but amidst the sparkling innocence there was the slightest glimmer of sorrow and anger so deep and ferocious it was like a storm, ready to sweep a person away with its intensity.

"Laxus? What's wrong?"

Naruto's voice startled the pseudo-lightning slayer from his thoughts. He ruffled Naruto's bright golden locks,

"Nothing, just thinking that's all"

"Don't hurt yourself"

At Kurama's deep growl Laxus let out a growl of his own.

Naruto sighed at the two…

The moon shone brightly in the night sky. Thousands of stars twinkled. The night air was warm and sweet; the air smelled clean after the recent storm. Even though it was late at night, the town was still lively as the people got ready for the lively night-life the town had to offer.

Laxus stood and stretched.

"I'm going out, are you going to stay in or go out?"

Naruto thought for a moment before he also stood. Wrapping his scaled scarf around himself and waiting for Kurama to situate himself comfortably on his shoulders, Naruto exited the room.

"I'm heading out; I heard that there was a play going on and I want to see it"

"Suit yourself"

As the lights dimmed and magic hummed through the air, Naruto situated himself comfortably on the rafters as he turned towards the stage.

"This is a tale of how the Demon Zeref was defeated and sealed away…"

At those words, Naruto found himself paying more attention to the play…

The lights went off and music began to play…

"This is a tale of sadness and sorrow, wrought by evil…"

"In a land of darkness and evil, a demon was birth from the night"

Naruto grit his teeth; Kurama, sensing his partner's irritation turned his attention to the performers…

A poorly dressed man appeared; his clothes were ragged and stained with fake blood. His face was covered by a crude demon mask which had fake red stones for eyes.

"So terrible was his visage that even the night forsook him"

"He feasted on the blood of virgins and devoured the hearts of men"

"The terrible monster and demon, the one the night named Zeref"

Hands clenched into fists with his knuckled whitened, Naruto barely controlled his rage.

"He was never a demon…those people made him into one"

Kurama, hearing Naruto's words, finally made the connection and also began to fell irritation and rage. It seemed humans here were also foolish and ignorant. No wonder Naruto was filled with such sadness and sorrow…

"For hundreds of years he ravaged and killed, death was a blessing in these times"

The actors fell over in dramatic imitations of painful death and released red confetti to imitate blood.

"When the people could suffer no longer, they prayed to the heavens for help"

A group of actors knelt around a fake altar and imitated the act of praying

"Heaven sent an angel that soothed Zeref's rage"

A child ran onto stage; he wore ridiculously fluffy wings and had a halo that was ironically bent.

"But too soon did the angel fall, to the darkness that was Zeref"

Naruto closed his eyes as the memory of a dark burning ball of energy entered his vision…He never blamed Zeref…he never will

"The angel's death, Zeref's sin, the people's cries, were too much for the gods to bear…"

"Zeref's darkness was too strong for the gods so they sent him into an eternal sleep"

"Be warned strangers, for if he were to awaken he would destroy the world as the angels weep"

Not wanting to see anymore, Naruto stood on the rafter, grabbed Kurama, and jumped out a nearby window.

Naruto glared at the building before walking away…

"The true demons were those ignorant people"

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