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I never realized that it could happen. An enemy army occupying American land. Being the son of a military family, I was well aware of the situation of the world. I thought that World War Three would begin in Europe, not Colorado.

Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Jessie Carter. At the time I was a six foot one, black haired senior in high school. I played starting strong side tackle for the Calumet Wolverines.

This is our story.

It was Monday morning, three days after the previous Friday's defeat. Weather through laziness or just to rub it in the school's face, the game's score and tattered streamers had been left up on the field. I stood by my locker, waiting on my friends Matt Eckert and Arturo Mondragon. Matt's older brother Jed was giving them a ride.

"Morning Jessie James," said Matt as he and Aardvark appeared next to me. I'd earned the nickname Jessie James around school for two reasons; I had a fiery temper and practiced shooting on a regular basis. It was a well-known fact that I always had a Thompson Contender in the glove compartment of my truck.

"Morning Matt, Hey Aardvark," I replied, greeting the two. Unlike Matt, I preferred not to show off that I was apart of the football team by wearing a letterman's jacket, rather wearing a tan carhart jacket instead. Although I did have a repetition for throwing people around when it came to me seeing red.

"Ready for history?" asked Aardvark as we began to walk toward the classroom. I grunted in reply, not to terribly pleased that history was my first class of the day, even though I was good at it.

We were studying the Mongols in history. Posters and maps relating to them were pinned up on almost every wall. At the back of the classroom, a line of windows that showed the parking lot and football field served as the wall.

"Now all this killing went on until the young son of the Kahn asked his father that the last creature..," the teacher said before stopping in mid sentence, looking out the windows behind us. A look of puzzlement came over his face as he began to advance through the desks, trying in vain to complete his sentence.

Matt, Aardvark, and I turned and looked out the windows, along with the rest of the class. Paratroopers were landing on the football field and surrounding areas. A magenta colored smoke was billowing up on the field as men on the ground began to race around.

As the teacher left to go and talk to the troopers, the rest of the class clustered near the windows. I had seen paratroopers practicing before my family had moved to Calumet, and something about these troopers set me on edge.

"What do ya think Jess, ROTC guys blow off course?" asked Matt. I shook my head in response, still unsure what was bothering me. Then it hit me like a freight train. The weapons the troopers had, I had seen them before in footage and photos taken during Vietnam. They were weapons of communists.

"They're not American, Matt," I said, putting my hand on his shoulder in an effort to pull him away from the window.

"You sure Jessie?" asked Aardvark. By now we could see the teacher approaching one of the troopers, who was kneeling and watching the school. The trooper leveled his RPK and fired a burst into the teacher, causing the unarmed man to cry out before he felt spread eagle on his back.

I spread my wingspan out and dragged as many others as I could to the floor while the trooper turned his weapon and emptied it through the windows.

"Does that answer your question?" I half shouted as we ran in a crouched position away from the windows and shattering glass. As we exited the classroom, I took notice of one student still leaning against what was once solid glass. No doubt he had been killed before he even realized what was happening.

Screams and panicked students filled the hallways. Matt and Aardvark stuck close to me as we made our way toward the front doors. An RPG suddenly flew from around a corner ahead of us and slammed into a wooden set of double doors. The explosion blew the doors into splinters and set three students sprawling as well as shattering a trophy case that stood nearby.

As Aardvark ran out the door first, one of the troopers appeared around the corner. In true football style, Matt slammed into the trooper, saving Aardvark's life as Matt and the trooper went sprawling. Reaching down, I picked up the AK 47 the trooper had dropped before turning it and firing at two more troopers, emptying the weapon into them.

I dropped the AK again before we took off across the parking lot. The other two split off from me as I ran for my ford, which was parked near the end of the line of cars in the direction of town. Throwing the passenger door open, I opened the glove compartment and pulled my Contender out.

Looking up, I spotted Jed's blue Silverado skidding on the gravel of the parking lot at the far end of the line of cars. Ignoring the RPG that soared overhead, I climbed into the bed of my truck and waved my arms over my head.

"Get in!" Jed shouted as he slowed the truck slightly. Ignoring the risk of falling and breaking my nose, I bounded off my tailgate and into the bed of the Silverado.

"You really do have a pistol in your truck, said a young freshman, Danny. I ignored him as I sat against the back cab window and broke the barrel on the Contender open. Being in a rush, I had forgotten to grab the box of .30-30 rounds I kept under the seat for the pistol.

Downtown Calumet was an honest to God warzone. Steams of black smoke poured into the sky as several cars burned and more troopers began to herd many people together. One trooper, having just finished tucking an M1911 into his belt, stepped out from behind a station wagon and raised his hand as a motion for Jed to stop the truck.

While Jed steered the truck around the trooper, I took an opportunity to flip the bird toward the trooper, leaving him with a bewildered look on his face. Turning, I felt my eyes go wide before I gripped the metal bar in front of me.

"Wire!" I shouted. Jed slammed on the breaks and spun the wheel, causing the truck to slid and turn in order to avoid the barbwire that had been stung across the road.

"Jessie give us a hand here," said Danny as he and the others struggled to keep Aardvark from climbing out of the speeding truck.

"Papa!" Aardvark shouted back up the road, in the direction of a man who looked like an older version of him. In an instant, paratroopers had swarmed Aardvark's father and captured him. But nonetheless, he still struggled to climb out of the truck.

"We can't help him right now," I grunted as I rapped my arm around Aardvark's neck and pulled him back into the truck. I ignored him while he kicked and fought to break free, only releasing him when he had finally calmed down.

By now we were on the road leading out of town and headed for a filling station. One of the guys, Robert, leapt out of the bed of the truck and almost tackled the shop owner, his father.

"Do you have any idea who they are?" asked Robert's father, looking at the rest of us.

"I heard a few of them speaking Spanish," said Danny as he climbed out of the bed. A loud bang filled the air, causing all of us to turn and look back toward town. An orange fireball was rising up over the ridge.

"You boys get in there and get food and sleeping bags, get everything," Robert's father said, causing all of us to pour into the shop. I immediately went behind the counter and brought up a box of .30-30 ammo. Breaking the barrel on my Contender open again, I slid one of the rounds in before closing the barrel with a click.

As I dumped the rest of the rounds into my pocket, I looked up and took notice of a hatchet hanging next to the gun case. Grabbing this, I stuck it through my belt along with my contender before turning and handing the rifles and shotguns over the counter to Daryl and Matt.

Running back outside, we began to pile our supplies into the bed of the Silverado.

"Get down," said Jed, causing all of us to crouch and use the truck as cover as a helicopter soared passed, heading for the town.

"Is it ours?" asked Robert as we looked up.

"A Huey, it might be," I replied before we climbed into the truck. Jed started the truck as Aardvark began to load the lever action deer rifle.

"You boys don't come back here, not for anything," said Robert's father as the truck was put into gear and pulled out of the filling station, beginning our journey to the mountains ahead of us.