The rain began pouring down in sheets almost instantly and elves ran for cover. In mere moments, there was no one outside. Not one. Except for a one red-haired elf. Head tipped back, drops forming rivulets downs his face; he stood completely still with his eyes tightly closed. With his hair soaking wet and pressed against his bare torso, that was the only indicator that he wasn't just a statue. Anyone watching from a distance would surely think that he was indeed one until his eyes flicked open and his head bowed to rest on his chest. He closed his eyes once more and - without opening them again - dropped to his knees. Thunder rumbled and lightning split the darkness open like a wound; illuminating his pale face and highlighting the droplets that to him felt strangely warm; most unlike the original raindrops that had been cascading down his face. The wind kicked up and whipped his wet hair around, covering his face and blocking his vision.

"Maedhros?" The red-haired elf stood and turned around. He did not say anything, but the message was clear enough in his eyes. 'What do you want?"

The black-haired elf standing behind him sighed deeply and grabbed his brother's arm. "Come on Maedhros. Let's go inside."

Maedhros struggled for a few minutes, but then went limp and allowed his brother to half-drag him inside.

Maglor wrapped his older brother in the cloak that hung from the younger brother's shoulders and led him through the hallways to Maedhros' private rooms.

He quickly dressed his brother in dry clothes then pushed him down onto the bed. Maedhros' eyes shot open and he groped out for something. Maglor sighed and blinked fiercely, then picked up a blue and silver cloth caked with a copper substance and pressed it into his brother's hand. Maedhros' eyes filled with an emotion Maglor couldn't make out - maybe relief or sadness. Shock perhaps or maybe just grim acceptance - and he pulled the blood caked banner tight to his chest and closed his eyes, refusing to let the tears spill again and curling his body to his torso.

Maglor blinked furiously, but unlike his brother, he allowed the salty droplets to spill as he covered Maedhros with a blanket. "Sleep well, Maitimo." He whispered, emotion choking the three-word sentence. "Rest undisturbed." As he left the dark room - having blown out the single candle - he whispered another word, too soft for any ear to hear. "Please."